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Altinkum Weather in July, Turkey

Altinkum Averages July


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Altinkum Daily Averages July


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July Weather Averages

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What's the weather like in Altinkum in July

Sunshine Hours

If you wanted to sum up summer in one word then 'July' would be it. Altinkum is hot, hot, hot, now the peak months have arrived, and this is not only the hottest month of the year on average, but also the month when the sun shines the most, averaging around 14 hours per day of bright, hot sunshine.

For anyone who loves heat and wants the best tan imaginable, this is the time to visit this sun-drenched part of Turkey, with fantastic weather on offer.


You can expect an average temperature of 25°C throughout this wonderfully sunny month, however during hotter periods, this can shoot up to 28°C as an average high. Heatwaves are not uncommon at this time, so always be aware of sun safety, and make sure you stay hydrated with plenty of water, especially if you are out on one of the many boat trips which operate at this time of year.

Sea Temperature

Anything water-related is a great way to cool down in this heat, and an average sea temperature of 24°C means swimming and water-sports are fantastic activities to enjoy. The optimum month for water temperature is still to come, so you can understand why everything at this time tends to be beach-related.


One thing you won't experience is rain, as during the summer months you are unlikely to see any considerable rain at all. The average precipitation rate for this month is literally 0mm, and if there is the tiniest sprinkling of water from the sky, it will only be experienced over 3 days, which won't even be noticed. Don't worry, there will be no need for rain days or umbrellas for a good few months yet!

Those who don't enjoy high temperatures would be best to avoid this particular month and the coming two, however if you want the epitome of summer fun, then now is your time!

Altinkum Hotels in July

Now the higher temperatures are certainly here to stay for a few months at least, it's a good idea to choose a hotel which is centrally located, so you don't have to travel too far to get to the action and back again. July is the hottest month, so a central base is a must. Saadet Hotel is only 500m from the main road, so it is easy to find public transport, however everything is walkable, especially the beach.

Garden of Sun Hotel is yet another central hotel, also offering a very luxurious all-inclusive base for your holiday. Particularly great for families, this hotel has many activities and facilities on offer, including a Turkish bath. Located just 400m from the beach, you can easily head to where most of the resort's action is based during the day. Alternatively, Hotel Esra Family Suites offers another all-inclusive choice, just 250m from the beach, giving you a modern base with a very large swimming pool for summer cool downs.

Altinkum Beaches for July

Altinkum's Third Beach is perfect for families, because the waters are shallow and calm, and it is slightly hidden away. Whilst there might be slightly less in the way of facilities compared to the town's main beach, it is ideal for a fun day out with the kids, splashing in the sea and enjoying the sun, of which there is plenty!  You will need to jump on the dolmus to reach the beach, however it is only a five minutes' bus ride away.

Bars and Restaurants

Summer nights in Altinkum are bright affairs, and the choice of bars and restaurants is plentiful now the season is in full swing. Ambiance is a very popular choice of restaurant, with lively entertainment on offer every night. The steaks are very popular here, and the staff can't do enough for you.

Alternatively, if you want a more chilled out affair, with less in the way of bright entertainment, check out Golf Pub & Restaurant, where you will find mainly British food in very large portions, and a laid-back atmosphere.

If you want your evening to be filled with a beautiful view, try Nigel's. Food is here is delicious, portions are large, and the view of the whole resort before you is enough to keep you there for the entire night. 

Things to do in Altinkum in July

The hot temperatures which July brings means you need to keep as cool as possible, and a day trip to Turkey's biggest waterpark is the ideal way to do just that. Aqua Fantasy is a fantastic and fun day out for all the family, with themed rides and a separate area for toddlers, with a pirate backdrop. Older kids will love Black Thunder, a scary water slide, and there are countless restaurants to enjoy a refreshment. There is also an adult pool for chilling out, with a swim up bar and jacuzzi.

A private charter gulet cruise is the ideal way to enjoy a spot of luxury on the open water, the glittering Aegean your backdrop. Aegean Blue Cruise offer great value private cruises, taking you around the coastline and stopping for swim breaks. You also get lunch as part of your day trip, and the more of you there are, obviously the cheaper it will be if you split the cost between you. Heading out onto the open water is one of the best ways to truly appreciate the beauty of the area, and a seriously relaxing day out.

Of course, visiting this region of Turkey means that you are very close to the Greek island of Kos, and it is easy to take a day trip from the nearby city of Bodrum via ferry. You can organise this with a travel agency, who will deal with the paperwork side of things, or you can simply book your ticket with the port ferry itself, remembering to take your passport with you of course!  Kos is a beautiful and historic island to explore, and you will have a full day to check out the sights, and relax, perhaps having lunch at a traditional Greek taverna.