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Tallinn Weather in December, Estonia


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Tallinn Averages December

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    33 mm

Tallinn Daily Averages December

December, 2024

1 Avg -3º 27º
2 Avg -2º 28º
3 Avg 36º
4 Avg 34º
5 Avg 34º
6 Avg 36º
7 Avg 34º
8 Avg 32º
9 Avg 32º
10 Avg -1º 30º
11 Avg 34º
12 Avg 32º
13 Avg 32º
14 Avg -1º 30º
15 Avg -1º 30º
16 Avg 34º
17 Avg 32º
18 Avg 32º
19 Avg 32º
20 Avg 34º
21 Avg 34º
22 Avg 32º
23 Avg 32º
24 Avg 32º
25 Avg 32º
26 Avg 34º
27 Avg 34º
28 Avg 32º
29 Avg -1º 30º
30 Avg 32º
31 Avg 34º
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December Weather Averages

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Weather lowdown

December is the first month of winter in the capital of Estonia. This festive holiday month is a wonderful time of year to visit Tallinnhe streets are lit up by Christmas lights and Christmas markets dot the cozy squares in the charming Old Town.

It's cold, though, but luckily you can dress against that cold. Bring a warm winter jacket, gloves and a hat and you'll be just fine. The average temperature in December is -2°C, making it the third coldest month of the year, after January and February. At night, the thermometer indicates an average low temperature of -5°C. During the day, the average high temperature is merely 1°C. Those two averages tend to decrease by about 4 degrees each in the course of the month.

December is the darkest month of them all. The days are at their shortest and cloud cover at its highest. December 21 is the shortest day of the year and has only 6.05 hours of daylight. The other days of the month aren't that much longer. Cloud cover also happens to peak on December 21t's 98% then, the annual high. You should expect very cloudy skies this time of year. Luckily, however, the abundance of Christmas lights makes sure that you won't even notice the lack of sunshine.

Precipitation is average in December and totals 33mm, which falls down over 15 days. Most of the precipitation in December is snowfall. The chance that you will experience precipitation ranges from 77% to 82% this month, which are percentages that are among the highest of the entire year. Snowfall is observed on 63% of the days with precipitation, while moderate rain occurs on 23% of those days and light rain on only 11%. The chance that you will see snowflakes increases from 42% to 57% in the course of December.

If you're visiting Tallinn in the near future, make sure the check out our detailed weather forecast to find out which clothes you should pack.

Where to stay

One of the greatest places to stay during your December trip to Tallinn is the Baltic Hotel Imperial, a four-star hotel in the middle of the picturesque Old Town. You will be minutes from the atmospheric Christmas market when staying there, as well as from other main attractions in this UNESCO World Heritage Site. A section of the medieval city walls that surround the Old Town is actually incorporated into the hotel. Facilities are excellent and include the imperial pub, a spa and conference spaces.

If you want a more private place to stay, consider staying at Kuninga Apartments. These elegant and comfortable apartments are right in the Old Town and housed in historic buildings. Apartments range from studios to multi-bedroom complexesne even has a basement with sauna. All of them have kitchens, which gives you the opportunity to cook your own food and keep your budget under control in this month of present-buying.

More apartments can be booked at Classic Apartments, who operate several apartments located all over Estonia's capital. There's a wide choice of apartments available and services are interesting as well, including free airport transfers, free Wi-Fi, secure car parking and guided excursions.

Eating and drinking out

A hugely popular restaurant among the people of Tallinn and tourists alike is Rataskaevu 16. This inviting and atmospheric restaurant serves everything from starters over main meals to desserts. A strongly recommended place to have dinner, Rataskaevu 16 should definitely be on your itinerary.

Moon Restaurant is more like a café than a restaurant, its menu not as extensive as many other eateries and focused on Russian cuisine, but that makes it no less worth of a visit. In fact, if you're after a quick bite or a drink, this is a downright great place to go. The food there is considered to be exquisiteometimes it's even necessary to get reservations before going there.

For traditional Estonian cuisine, something that you really should try during your visit, head to Vanaema Juures. This establishment is housed in a stone cellar and is filled with old furniture and artifacts, creating a magnificent atmosphere. Its menu is varied and well-filled, offering something delicious for everyone.

Things to do

In December, Tallinn is covered with a pretty blanket of snow and hosts a fabulous Christmas market. Although the Old Town has a plethora of attractions, this time of year, it's that Christmas market that attracts the most visitorst's arguably one of the most enchanting markets in this part of Europe, its setting amid charming medieval architecture only adding to the winter holiday atmosphere.

The Tallinn Christmas Market takes place from the end of November through the first week of January at the gorgeous Town Hall Square, which, incidentally, has been the focal point of this historic city for about 800 years. Organised around a huge Christmas tree in the centre of the square, dozens of stalls sells everything from glühwein and gingerbread to hot soup and sausages, and from locally made handicrafts to Christmas decorations. The entire market is lit up by thousands of tiny, flickering lights, while the carpet of snow and the jingles of Christmas carols complete the fairy tale-like atmosphere.