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Nice Weather in April, France

Nice Averages April


  • What is Average Temperature?
    The average high temperature and the average low temperature for that month, on a daily basis, divided by 2 equals the average temperature for that month


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    High Temperature

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    The sum of high temperatures/low temperatures divided by the number of days in that month, recorded daily

    Low Temperature

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    Average daily sea temperatures and divided by the number of days in the month. Sea Temperatures are taken from buoys, ships and even satellites can calculate sea temperature based on energy that is radiated from the sea's surface

    Sea Temperature

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    Total sunshine hours for the month, divided by the number of days in the month. Sunshine hours are taken with a sunshine recorder, either a Campbell-Stokes recorder or an Eppley Pyreheliometer

    Sunshine Hours

    7 hours
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    Rainfall Days

    11 days
  • What is Average Rainfall?
    The amount of mm in rain for that month divided by the number of days, and the number of days that it rains during that month on average, over a given period of years


    70 mm

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Nice Daily Averages April


April 2024
1 Avg 12º 54º
2 Avg 12º 54º
3 Avg 13º 55º
4 Avg 12º 54º
5 Avg 12º 54º
6 Avg 13º 55º
7 Avg 13º 55º
8 Avg 12º 54º
9 Avg 12º 54º
10 Avg 12º 54º
11 Avg 12º 54º
12 Avg 13º 55º
13 Avg 13º 55º
14 Avg 14º 57º
15 Avg 15º 59º
16 Avg 15º 59º
17 Avg 15º 59º
18 Avg 14º 57º
19 Avg 14º 57º
20 Avg 15º 59º
21 Avg 15º 59º
22 Avg 14º 57º
23 Avg 15º 59º
24 Avg 15º 59º
25 Avg 15º 59º
26 Avg 14º 57º
27 Avg 14º 57º
28 Avg 14º 57º
29 Avg 14º 57º
30 Avg 13º 55º
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April Weather Averages

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What's the weather like in Nice in April

Temperatures begin to rise and the days start to get longer in April in NiceFrance, in the lead up to summer. Holidaymakers begin descending upon the city in search of some early sun and streets bloom with spring flowers. If you're looking for some early summer sunshine and are on the hunt for some culture without the crowds, then April is a great time to visit.


The temperatures are hotting up in April, with the average low temperature rising to double digits - 10°C - and the average high temperature climbing up to a very pleasant 16°C, and even higher in the warmer parts of the day. Overall, you can expect daily temperatures to sit at around 13°C with plenty of sunshine. It's best to pack layers if you are visiting Nice at this time of year as the days can get quite hot before the temperatures cool off in the evenings, helped along by the coastal breeze.

Temperatures rise throughout the month as summer gets nearer. The average high temperature rises from 15°C at the start of the month to 18°C at the close of April, whilst the average low temperature rises from 9°C at the start of the month to 11°C at the end.


April showers are common in Nice, with around 70mm of rain falling over 11 days throughout the month. It's fairly likely you'll see some of the wet stuff on your trip, so slip an umbrella into your suitcase to play it safe. Thanks to the Mediterranean climate, showers pass quickly so they shouldn't impede your exploring too much you can always duck inside one of the many cafes and bars until it blows over.

Sunshine Hours

When it's not raining, you'll see around 11 hours of sunshine per day in Nice throughout April long, languid days that stay light into the evenings, leaving you plenty of time to enjoy all that the city has to offer.

Sea Temperature

The longer hours and rising temperatures don't mean that you can dive straight into the sea, though, as the water temperature is still a chilly 15°C not great for the casual swimmer. In summer, Nice is famous for its busy beaches, but at this time of year the sands are relatively empty, save for a few watersports enthusiasts who take advantage of the choppy waves the coastal breeze creates.

All in all, April in Nice is a lovely time of year. Summer is just around the corner and the temperatures are some of the warmest in Europe at this time of year. Days are long with plenty of sunshine and the city is still relatively quiet plus, the spring blooms are bursting out everywhere providing a colourful backdrop to your trip.

Nice Hotels in April

Hotel Aston

The Hotel Aston is a four-star extravaganza with amazing views across Nice and the waterfront. It's four minutes from the beach and just moments from the rustic Old Town, plus there's a swimming pool on the roof talk about a swim with a view! Located inside an impressive nouveau building, the rooms boast a stylish, minimal design with lots of rich colours and dark-wood panels. Every room has its own large, private balcony with views across the stunning surroundings, free WiFi, and guests can enjoy the delicious food and drinks in the on-site restaurant and lounge bar.

The Hotel Massena

The Hotel Massena is situated in a beautiful nouveau French building from the Belle Epoque in the pedestrianised centre of Nice. It's a mere three minutes from the seafront and is surrounded by a great selection of bars, restaurants, and shops. The rooms are elegantly monochrome with quirky details like splashes of colour and on-trend art pieces adorning the walls. In addition, there is a private beach for guests to enjoy, as well as a bespoke American-style buffet breakfast. For the evenings there's a stylish bar and lounge on the ground floor. 

Le Castel Enchante

For a more intimate accommodation option, check into Le Castel Enchante, a cosy bed and breakfast just ten minutes from the Promenade des Anglais. The villa-style building is tucked behind lush greenery and bright climbing plants, offering a secluded, tropical ambience. Inside, the rooms are chic and rustic, mixing modern details with traditional Mediterranean décor including lots of wicker, flagstone floors, and vintage light fittings. In addition, there's a small pool for guests to enjoy, which is beautifully set amongst the manicured gardens.

Nice Beaches for April

April might be warming up in preparation for summer, but the beaches remain relatively quiet thanks to the sea temperature that is still very chilly. The waters are likely to be free of casual swimmers and sun-seekers, but watersports enthusiasts come out to play in the choppy waves formed by the coastal breeze. If you want to get into the water, try your hand at windsurfing, kitesurfing, and paragliding as you'll get to see the area from a different perspective whilst keeping warm in a wetsuit.

Beaches at this time of year are best for soaking up the spring sun (though with more layers than a bikini), rock pooling, and taking leisurely strolls. Coco Beach is just past the port in Nice and provides a sheer, sheltered backdrop to protect against any wind, plus the large stone wall reflects the sun offering the illusion that it's hotter than it actually is. It's a pebbly beach, but that doesn't mean it's not beautiful! There are several craggy rock formations dotted around the beach and in the shallows which give the scene a surreal, slightly wild look, and the sea here is spectacularly blue with uninterrupted views out to the horizon. This narrow beach is so convenient for reading or enjoying the sun, and the high stone backdrop provides a bit of privacy, too.

Bars and Restaurants

La Favola

You might be in France, but if you're craving some delicious Italian food head to La Favola in the centre of Nice. The stylish monochrome décor with dashes of deep colours provides a classy backdrop that's unusual for a pizzeria, whilst the charming outdoor terrace is the perfect place to soak up the spring sun. The menu boasts a selection of traditional Italian foods, from pizzas and pastas to risottos and fish dishes, and there's numerous wine choices for the perfect accompaniment to your meal.

Voyageur Nissart

Voyageur Nissart is a low-key boutique affair that shies away from following the crowd. It's a family run restaurant that has been around since the early 1900s and offers a charming atmosphere with blue checkered tablecloths and stone walls. The dishes are inspired by the region and the menus change with the seasons, using the freshest ingredients available at the time. There are two set menus available, the Nicois menu and the Voyageur, but there is also an a la carte menu including fish dishes, raviolis, and flavoursome meats. If you can't get enough of the food, there is also an on-site shop where you can pick up some ingredients for yourself.

Restaurant Aphrodite

For an upmarket ambience, book a table at Restaurant Aphrodite, an elegant eatery decked out in a stylish design and serving an extremely experimental menu. Dishes are expertly presented and there is an expansive wine and cava list to add a bit of bubble to your meal. The menus are where it gets good there are a range of set menus including a vegetarian choice and then there's the alternative menu, which serves a weird and wacky selection of dishes like wait for it pan fried foie gras with crusty buckwheat crickets and cod fillet with a powder of mealworms. It's certainly not for the squeamish, but if you're looking to try something with a difference then be sure to check out the Aphrodite.

Things to do in Nice in April

Natural History Museum

When the April showers inevitably hit, take a trip to Nice's Natural History Museum, which has an expansive collection of zoological, geological, and botanical specimens. The exhibitions document the historic living life of the area, as well as some of the more recent finds. You can wander through the weird and wonderful collection of taxidermy animals, ranging from unusual birds to larger animals like wild boar and big cats, look at the collection of quirky rocks, and learn more about the conservation of living life in France.

Stade du Ray

Football fanatics might enjoy visiting the Stade du Ray, Nice's local football stadium that was the home of OGC Nice. Visitors can take a tour around the grounds, checking out the changing rooms, trophy cabinets, and timelines documenting the highs and lows of the team, as well as sit on the player's benches and see the pitch from a player's perspective. If there's a game on, you can join the 18,000 other fans amongst the lively atmosphere.

Terra Amata

With the warmer weather that April brings, you can get out and about more and explore the spectacular scenery that surrounds Nice. On nearby Mount Broom, you can visit Terra Amata, an old archaeological site that was excavated in 1966 and remains a reminder of the expansive Palaeolithic history of the area. Plus, there's a museum on site that can offer a broader insight into the findings that emerged during the excavation and provides information and pictures of what life was like in Nice thousands of years ago.


Take a short trip to Monaco, it's very cheap on the bus at 1.50 euro and doesn't take long at all (approx 45 minutes). If you have a car then it will be even faaster. There are loads of spectacular places to eat out here and views to enjoy at the same time. Monte Carlo Casino is a must visit if you have some cash to splash. The wonderful architecture makes for fabulous photos and walking around is exciting. The pristine streets are very well kept. 

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