Nerja Weather August Averages, Spain

    • Temperature Temperature 25°C 77°F
    • High Temperature High Temperature 31°C 88°F
    • Low Temperature Low Temperature 21°C 70°F
    • Sunshine Hours Sunshine Hours 10 hours
    • Rainfall Rainfall 3 mm
    • Rainfall Days Rainfall Days 3 days
    • Sea Temperature Sea Temperature 24°C 75°F

    Nerja Weather for August 2022

    Weather lowdown

    Summer in Nerja certainly doesn't muck about and in August, much as in July, you can expect absolutely perfect beach going weather. The sun is intense, the sand glistening and the waters off the Mediterranean coast are sublime to say the least. Whoever invented the idea of the epitome 'beach holiday destination' must have surely had Nerja in August in mind. Having said this, the sun can also get a little too fierce, the sand has the ability to burn the soles of your feet and the sea, although ideal, can add to the risk of sunburn. Do take care if holidaying in Nerja during summer and pack plenty of SPF in your suitcase.

    The average daily temperature for August is 25°C, with highs which can reach 31°C and lows which can plummet to 21°C. Do note that it is not uncommon to still experience days in the high 30s and even low 40s during the first two weeks of the month, so ensure you hotel room or rental apartment is fitted with an air conditioning unit. If you're holidaying here during the last 10 days of the month you may notice a very subtle change in temps, usually only in the evenings.

    Considering the fact that the average sea temperature in August is 24°C the biggest challenge you'll face in Nerja is dragging yourself out of the sea. Soaking for hours on end is one of the most pleasurable things to do in here so remember to don a hat and sunnies so you can indulge without risking heat-stroke.

    Rainfall will certainly not offer respite from the heat, as the average amount of rain this month is only 3 mm, spread over 3 days. Oh, never mind, if there were ever a time of year to enjoy stupendous weather in Nerja, this is definitely it! Indulge in 13 hours of sunshine every day of your Nerja holiday and you'll be taking home some unforgettable memories along with the perfect suntan.

    Where to stay & how to find the best deals

    August is still high season on the Costa del Sol, so it's advisable to book your accommodation way ahead. However, this does not mean you won't find a last minute deal. After all...the accommodations options here and in all nearby towns, like Maro, are rather plentiful.

    It may seem a little daunting to choose accommodation if you have never been to Nerja before, so it is in this case that we urge you to spend a little time researching past guest reviews. The most popular choices have a massive online presence and that's why no matter where you search, you'll always find tried and tested gems like the Hotel Balcon de Europa, the Parador de Nerja and the Marinas de Nerja Aparthotel at the forefront of every list. Although all three options are indeed excellent, don't let this deter you from checking out some more obscure options, as sometimes this is how you find those hidden treasures.

    Take the Hostal Bronce or the Apartamentos Andalucia for example. Both boast great locations and offer all the amenities one would ever need on a beach vacation yet both have only a mild internet presence. This may be because the owners of both establishments spend less on advertising, but this usually translates to fantastic value for money for their guests in the shape of much cheaper room rates. Want to get the most out of your holiday pounds? Then channel your inner Watson and go in search of fab little places which may have not yet hit the mainstream market. Moreover, pay close attention to the reviews and keep tabs on recurring complaints to ascertain whether something is indeed an issue or if it just happened to be unsuitable to one specific individual. 

    Eating & drinking out

    Although Nerja is home to a vast array of exceptional eateries and bars, your most memorable wining & dining experiences will probably arise from the simplest moments. Sipping a glass of sangria and picking on tapas from a nondescript little food hut along Burriana Beach at sunset, is one of the loveliest ways to spend an evening. As is going food shopping crazy at the markets in the morning, preparing a delectable home-cooked meal in your rental apartment...and savouring the fruits of your labour along with a stunning sunset from the privacy of your own beach terrace. Extravagant or simple, affordable or expensive...Nerja has it all.

    Seafood and fresh vegetables are the ideal epicurean delights to enjoy on the Costa del Sol and both can be endlessly savoured by indulging in tapas or even better, raciones. Tapas are, of course, little bite-sized morsels of delicacies and raciones are their larger cousins, suitable for 3 or 4 people. Unlike tapas, which come complementary with drinks in most bars, raciones are bona fide meals and should be ordered separately. Communal eating and drinking is very much 'the Spanish way' so take advantage of this most sociable of habits and get a few new friends together to share a glorious Spanish feast.

    When ordering drinks along with your meals, it helps to know the basics: vino de la casa (house wine), vino tinto (red wine), vino blanco (white wine), cerveza (beer) tinto de verano (utterly delicious mix of red wine & lemonade) and of course, sangria, are the most commonly found drinks in bars, cafes and restaurants in Nerja.

    For a detailed list of the most mouth-watering local specialties go ahead and check out our June guide, where we detail all the gastronomic delights you ought not to miss.

    Things to do be a beach bum!

    Unsurprisingly, you can expect to share Nerja's gorgeous beaches with the biggest crowd of the year, but never fear! The town is home to no less than 10 stunning swimming coves; some which are best suited to families, others more remote and harder to reach. Finding your own spot of heaven here is never too hard, even in the midst of the summer craze on Spain's Costa del Sol.

    Burriana Beach is Nerja's premier swimming and sunbathing spot, thanks to it being centrally located, brimming with bars and eateries and being easy to access. Beach umbrellas, sun-loungers and pedalos can be rented and you'll also find plenty of agencies offering sailing, kayaking, windsurfing and scuba diving trips to nearby sites. Children play areas are the newest addition to this beach so book your accommodation nearby if travelling with kids and you'll have the best of Nerja beach life right at your fingertips.

    Torrecilla Beach comes a close second as far as convenience is concerned, with just as many facilities and activities on offer. Moreover, as the beach has been artificially widened, you'll find the shallows just perfect for younger children to frolic in.

    El SalonCalahondaCarabeillo and Caletilla Beaches are likewise central, yet much more secluded than the former two. To reach them one must either negotiate a steep set of stairs or scramble down cobbled pathways. This is where you should head to if you'd like a little more peace and quiet on your holiday.

    Playa El Playazo is the longest beach in Nerja and also its most rugged. If you enjoy early morning walks or jogs then you should consider booking your accommodation towards the western end of town and you could indulge in your hobby along this striking 2km stretch of pristine beach.

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