January Weather Averages for Menorca

What's the Weather Like in Menorca in January

January falls within the winter season in Menorca, Balearic Islands (Spain), when the Mediterranean climate ensures mild temperatures, plenty of sunshine and a fair amount of rainfall. Despite being the coldest month of the year for Menorca, January on the popular holiday island is significantly warmer, drier and sunnier than January in the UK, making it a great choice if you're in search of some winter sun.


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  • Temperature Temperature 11°C 52°F
  • High Temperature Holiday Weather 14°C 57°F
  • Low Temperature Holiday Weather 8°C 46°F
  • Sunshine Hours Sunshine Hours 5 hrs
  • Rainfall Rainfall 46 mm
  • Rainfall days Rainfall days 13 days
  • Sea Temperature Sea Temperature 15°C 59°F

What's the Weather Like in Menorca in January

January falls within the winter season in MenorcaBalearic Islands (Spain), when the Mediterranean climate ensures mild temperatures, plenty of sunshine and a fair amount of rainfall. Despite being the coldest month of the year for Menorca, January on the popular holiday island is significantly warmer, drier and sunnier than January in the UK, making it a great choice if you're in search of some winter sun.


At this time of the year, the average temperature for the month starts off at 11.5°C on January 1st and steadily drops down to 10.5°C by January 31st. The daily highs and lows change in a similar pattern, falling from 14°C down to 13°C and from 9°C down to 8°C, respectively as the month progresses.

With cool average temperatures like these, you're best off packing trousers, t-shirts and light jumpers for the day, as well as the odd bit of swimming gear and beachwear in case the weather is in your favour. Either way, you'll need warm clothes, including a jacket, if you plan on venturing outside your accommodation on an evening.

Although it only happens on rare occasions, temperatures can sometimes exceed 16°C or fall below 5°C in Menorca during January. The coldest day in January in Menorca ever was January 9th 1985, when temperatures as low as -2.4°C were recorded. Not only is this the coldest day ever recorded in January, but it's also the coldest day ever recorded in Menorca in any month. At the other end of the scale, the hottest day in Menorca in January is January 25th 1995, when temperatures up to 20.2°C were recorded.


Throughout January, Menorca is subject to an average 63mm of rainfall which is divided between 13 rainy days across the month. On average, there is also one snowy day each January in Menorca. With almost 1/2 of the month experiencing at least a drop or two of rain, there is a fairly good chance you'll get some during your holiday. It's always better to be safe than sorry, so make sure you pack some waterproof clothing with you and an umbrella, just in case.

The likelihood of rainfall stays constant throughout the month at 40%. The most common types of precipitation you can expect for Menorca at this time of year are moderate rain, light rain and thunderstorms. Although drizzle and heavy rain are also possible, you'll be pleased to hear that snowfall is unlikely – the greatest number of snowy days ever recorded in Menorca in January is three, which occurred in 2005.

The highest monthly rainfall in January in Menorca is 160.5 l/m2, which occurred in 1972. The highest number of rainy days ever experienced on the island in January is 25, which happened in January 2010. The maximum amount of rainfall which ever fell in a single day in Menorca in January is 66 l/m2, all of which fell on January 14th 1980.

Average Sunshine Hours

The island enjoys an average of seven hours of sunshine each day, giving you plenty of time to get out and explore, even if it is a bit too cold to hit the beach.

Average Sea Temperature

With a chilly average sea water temperature of 16°C, you wouldn't want to venture into the sea anyway.

Daylight Hours

Over the course of January, the length of the day is gradually increasing, with a difference of 44 minutes between the start and the end of the month. The shortest day of the month is January 1st with 9:23 hours of daylight, whilst the longest day of the month is January 31st with 10:07 hours of daylight.  


Thanks to the Mediterranean climate, Menorca stays fairly humid all-year-round. The average daily humidity for any given day in January typically ranges between 64% (mildly humid) and 96% (very humid), almost never falling below 50% (comfortable) or reaching 100% (very humid).


With the nickname The Windy Island, you'd expect Menorca to have fairly strong winds and, for most of the year, this is certainly true. Over the course of January, usual wind speeds vary between 1 m/s (light air) and 7 m/s (moderate breeze), rarely going above 12 m/s (strong breeze).

The highest average wind speed of 5 m/s (gentle breeze) happens around January 1st, when the average daily maximum is 7 m/s. On the other hand, the lowest average wind speed of 4 m/s (gentle breeze) occurs around January 12th, when the average daily maximum is 7 m/s.

Menorca Hotels in January

When it comes to a small and friendly hotel, Hotel Ses Sucreres ticks all the boxes. Here you'll find accommodation in the form of double rooms and suites, both of which sleep two people. There is a handful of services and facilities available onsite, including breakfast, excursion booking, children's playground, bar, free WiFi access throughout and multilingual staff.

For something with a bit more luxury, check out the four-star Hoteles Globales Club Hotel Almirante Farragut. This complex boasts ocean views and gives guests the choice of single rooms and double rooms, both of which are well equipped. Onsite amenities and services are numerous and include buffet restaurants, bars, all-inclusive option, free WiFi access, swimming pools, kids' club and gym.

If a rural retreat sounds like just your thing, consider staying at Hotel Sant Ignasi. This hotel is surrounded by gardens and provides guests with a number of suites, junior suites and double rooms to choose between. There are plenty of services and facilities to enjoy onsite, including restaurant, bar, swimming pools, WiFi access, tennis courts and excursion booking. 

Bars and Restaurants

Situated in Es Castell, Lafosse Bistro is the place to go for a hearty lunch or a sumptuous dinner with family and friends. A small and intimately-run establishment, you can be assured friendly service and a range of dining options which combine local Mediterranean flavours and modern influences. A choice wine list accompanies the food on offer.

Another crowd-pleaser of the Menorca dining scene is El Muelle in Mahon. Situated along the picturesque seafront, this charming and friendly establishment is open throughout the day and serves a varied menu that will satisfy all diners; the seafood and steak dishes are certainly worth sampling. All dishes are cooked with the freshest local ingredients and presented creatively. 

Vegetarian diners will want to pay a visit to Mahon's Clorofila, a small and friendly eatery which serves up an array of nutritious and tasty options. A welcome break from the tapas and pizza-heavy local dining options that abound in the area, Clorofila offers considerable value for money, and their detox juices are particularly recommended as an accompaniment to the food. 

Things to do in Menorca in January

Animal lovers won't want to miss the chance to go horse riding with Cavalls Son Angel during their holiday in Menorca. This riding stable organises a number of different horse riding trails throughout the island, each of which differs in itinerary and duration. There are short one hour trails for beginners, as well as long five-day routes for experienced riders. Whether you're familiar with horse riding or you're a complete novice, Cavalls Son Angel will pair you up with the ideal horse to suit your abilities and guarantee you a fantastic experience.

Menorca is packed with architectural sites just begging to be explored. La Mola is one of the most popular and provides a great day out if the weather is looking a bit iffy. You can wander around the ancient fort yourself, finding out info along the way by reading the various panels, or opt to sign up to visit the tour as part of an excursion, for a more comprehensive experience. In addition to the fort itself, La Mola is also home to a visitor centre, cafes, audiovisual show, picnic areas, bicycle rental station and gift shop.

The Torre d'en Galmes is another architectural site worthy of a visit during your holiday. This Talayotic settlement is one of the biggest architectural sites in the Balearic Islands and is situated on the top of a hill, providing visitors with breathtaking views across the rest of Menorca and even over to the mountains of Mallorca, so make sure you don't forget your camera. The site itself is jam packed with different parts to discover, including sanctuaries, private buildings, halls, columns, water storages and filtration systems. During January, the Torre d'en Galmes is completely free to enter, making it perfect for holidaymakers on a budget.

January events in Menorca

National Holiday

New Year’s Day

1st January 2019

New Year’s Day is celebrated in Menorca by people taking a day off from work to rest from the night before. So expect almost all banks, shops and supermarkets throughout the island to be closed on this national holiday.


Three Kings Day

6th January 2019

Three Kings Day is a huge Christmas celebration held in Maó, Mahon each year. On the night before the day itself, a huge parade passes through the main streets with the Three Kings riding on decorated floats, handing out sweets and small gifts to the children watching. The actual holiday itself is a low-key event with families celebrating privately in their homes.


Processo dels Tres Tocs

17th January 2019

The Processo dels Tres Tocs is held each year in Ciutadella. This important procession marches through the centre of the town and celebrates the 1287 victory of Alfonso III over the Muslims.

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