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Meloneras Weather in May, Spain

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What's the Weather Like in Meloneras in May


The weather is certainly heating up in May, with an average daily temperature of 20°C. Meloneras is starting to see hotter weather just ahead of the summer months, which bring with them a dry season and long, sunny days.

Average highs can go up as far as 22°C, with lows only falling to 17°C the average temperature that you would have seen in February, meaning there has been a rapid upswing in heat over the last few months.

Sea Temperature

The average sea temperature also rises up to 20°C, providing a very nice excuse to head to the beach and take a dip. It is sure to be a pleasant one, with lovely warm waters.


11 hours of sunshine will beam down every day, which contributes to the rising temperature and also gives you plenty of time to enjoy the resort. You can explore to your heart's content during the long days, or simply sit by the pool and soak up rays for hours on end. Make sure that you keep an eye on the weather forecast to understand how regularly you should be applying sunscreen, as it can get hotter without you realising it when you are relaxing.


Don't worry about rainfall though, as only around 2mm of rain will come down this month, spread across 3 days. You will barely even notice it! This allows you to enjoy the sunshine pretty much uninterrupted throughout the whole of your stay.

You can easily visit other resorts in the area for a day trip without expecting to see a weather change. For example, Arguineguin, just up the coast, sees very similar temperatures and the same amount of sunshine during the day. This consistency means you can enjoy a day out just about anywhere without having to worry about dressing differently.

Hotels in Meloneras in May

Villa Eden

The Villa Eden residence was completely refurbished in 2015 and now offers plenty more ways to enjoy the May weather. It's close by to local restaurants and shops and just a minute from the local bus stop, but if you don't want to go out you can always rest on Balinese hammocks in the communal garden. There is also a pool which is open year-round.

Dunaoasis Maspaloas Apartments

You could rent a villa at Dunaoasis Maspalomas Apartments, where you get access to a fully fitted kitchen as well as heading right out onto the beach whenever you want to. The picturesque area has plenty to offer, including shopping malls and restaurants. Be sure to book here if you want to get out and explore.

El Capricho Apartementos

For a similar experience, try El Capricho Apartamentos. It's located right on the beach and can offer full or half board if you do not want to cater for yourself. Each apartment has two beds, a full kitchen, a terrace or balcony, and direct access to the beach as well as a beautiful sea view.

Hit the Beach

Playa Amadores

Around 40 minutes from Meloneras is a beach that you will certainly want to visit if you have rented a car. The average sea temperature is at around 20°C, so swimming in the water is a great plan of action for this month, and with the weather being great you can have a fantastic day out.

Playa Amadores is a man-made beach, created when the nearby resort of Puerto Rico started running out of space thanks to the large amount of holidaymakers flying in each year. It is created with white, gravel-like sand in a circular shape, providing relatively safe waters to swim in up to a catch point so that it can still flow out to sea. You can rent sun loungers and chairs, and there is a VIP area up at one side where you can really enjoy a luxury beach experience. For families, this beach is perfect, particularly owing to the grouping of shops and restaurants along the edge of the sand. Everything you need or may have forgotten to pack can be found there.

Bars and Restaurants

Restaurante Grill Faro

Try the Restaurante Grill Faro for seafood in a classic, traditional environment. It feels very homely and not at all like the modern, expensive restaurants of the area, so this could make a welcome change. Their specialities include dishes like roast suckling pig, Caesar salad, prawn cocktail, mussels in white wine, and goat's milk cheese from local suppliers.


Sorrento is another restaurant close to the beach, and you can perhaps guess from the name that it serves Italian food. Pasta, pizza, and steak dishes form the large part of their menu. They are family friendly, and are also close by to some local shops where you can do a bit of browsing either before or after you eat.

La Bodega

La Bodega is another Italian restaurant there are a lot of them here in Gran Canaria! Enjoy fresh fish, pizza of various flavours, cured ham and other tapas dishes, salads, chips, Spanish omelettes, and more all at low prices. Look out for the offer of the day, which adds a new great value dish to the menu.

Things to Do in Meloneras in May

Electric Bike Tours Gran Canaria

The weather is warm enough in May to go and explore the great outdoors, so make sure that you do. You could try Electric Bike Tours Gran Canaria, which are exactly what they sound like! All of the fun of the tour but half of the work this is ideal for casual cyclists who are not as fit as professionals, especially as the temperatures get hotter!

Calypso Dive Center

You can also head to the Calypso Dive Center to try something new. They have a range of dive sites as well as courses so that you can learn how to dive and even get qualified. You can rent all of your equipment as part of the dive, so do not worry about needing to bring anything special.

Sense spa and wellness centre

To just relax, try the Sense spa and wellness centre. Here you can order a range of treatments such as massages and beauty treatments. They also do manicures, hair styling, eyelash extension, pedicures, and hair extensions, so book in with them if you have a big occasion to celebrate while you are on holiday and want to look your best.