Lapland Weather August Averages, Finland

    • High Temperature High Temperature 19°C 66°F
    • Low Temperature Low Temperature 11°C 52°F
    • Chance of Cloudy Day 30 %
    • Chance of Fog Day 19 %
    • Chance of Rain Chance of Rain 51 %
    • Chance of Snow Day 0 %
    • Chance of Sunny Day Chance of Sunny Day 20 %
    • Chance of Windy Day 6 %

    Lapland Weather for August 2022

    Situated in the northernmost area of Finland, bordering Norway and Sweden, Lapland is a vast and rugged landscape known for its unique weather phenomenon. Though sparsely populated, the region is popular with tourists who come to enjoy the magical atmosphere in winter and stunning natural beauty in summer.

    Whats the weather like in Lapland in August 

    As a result of its northern location, Lapland has a somewhat arctic climate.

    However, the flow of the North Atlantic Current has a warming influence on the climate, which means that winters aren't too cold and summers are pleasant and mild.

    August is the season when Lapland says goodbye to its summer and welcomes in the autumn. Temperatures start to gradually drop and days get darker. The average temperature in August is 15°C with highs that reach 19°C. Low temperatures drop at night, but hardly ever drop below 11°C, which still feel quite warm with August's lack of windy weather.

    Like July, August still sees no chance of snow as temperatures are too high. The month does experience some moderately wet weather though, with a 51% chance of rainfall. Visitors would be advised to pack some waterproof clothing if visiting Lapland this month.

    The Midnight Sun phenomenon is over in August, but days are still relatively long and light. August has a 20% chance of a sunny day and there's 13-16 hours of daylight every day much more than other parts of Europe. On average, the sun rises between 4am and 5.45am and sets between 11pm and 9pm.

    August is a great time to visit Lapland; outside of peak season, the resorts and towns are much less busy than the winter months, making it much more peaceful. Additionally, there's still a good chance of warm, sunny weather while holiday makers can also experience the start of Ruksa, when the leaves change colour.

    If you're looking for a place to stay in Lapland in August, Ylläshumina Hotel provides a perfect base for summer adventures. Located at the foot of Ylläs fell on the shores of Lake käslompolojärvi, this peaceful hotel offer a range of accommodation from hotel rooms to holiday lodges. Both options are comfortable and cosy, allowing guests to rest and relax after a busy day.

    Lemmenjoen Lumo Nature Experience and Accommodation is another great choice for nature lovers. This budget-friendly campsite consists of cabins and cottages which are situated in the Lemmenjoki National Park, by the banks of the river with stunning scenery all around. On-site facilities include a café and a sauna as well as barbecue huts where guests can spend summer evenings.

    Whether you're looking for haute cuisine or fast food, Lapland has a huge range of restaurants to suit every taste and budget.

    If you're staying in or visiting Rovaniemi, don't miss out on dinner at Restaurant Nili, one of the best restaurants in the city. Located downtown, this restaurant specialises in authentic dishes from Lapland made with fresh Arctic ingredients. Holiday makers can try traditional Finnish delicacies such as reindeer meat and smoked fish.

    Fine dining can also be found outside of the city if you know where to look. In the village of Saariselkä in the north of Lapland, there's a renowned restaurant called Pirkon Pirtti. The food here is of the highest quality and beautifully presented, with a combination of local specialties and international dishes alongside a selection of Finnish wines.

    Finally, for evening drinks in a cosy setting, head to Uitto Pub in Rovanemi. One of the best rated and most legendary pubs in the area, travellers can relax with a glass of wine or a specialty beer while catching up of the latest sport on the TV screens. A friendly venue with a fun atmosphere.

    Northern Lights in August 

    Besr month to see the Northern lights is August ( towards the end of the month ) - you can see these usually 200 nights per year but August is when you have teh best chance . Best place in Lapland to see them is  as far noth as you can go . Saariselka is a great town to see them from . 

    Summer Husky Rides

    You may think that by visiting Lapland in August you're missing out on all of the fun winter activities such as sledging and husky rides, but that's not the case. Travellers looking for an exhilarating activity can take part in summer husky rides. These fun expeditions take place of a quad bike with a team of 6-8 huskies running up front. Companies such as Hetta Huskies offer these trips and more.

    Ruska and the changing of the leaves 

    Visitors to Lapland in late August may be lucky enough to witness one of the most breath-taking spectacles of the region's nature.

    Ruska begins at this time of year and is the name that locals give to the changing of the leaves. Birch, aspen and mountain trees are transformed into bright shades of yellow and red.

    Hiking is a great wat to get outdoors and see the beauty of Lapland's landscape. Head to one of Lapland's national parks such as Lemmenjoki National Park, the furthest north where the leaves are the brightest. Here, you'll find a range of hiking trails to suit all abilities.

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