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Lake Como Weather in February, Italy

Lake Como Averages February


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    3 hours
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    11 days
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    35 mm

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Lake Como Daily Averages February

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February Weather Averages

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What's The Weather Like In Lake Como In February

Located in Lombardy, Lake Como is part of Italy's Lake District and is surrounded by numerous small towns and villages such as Como and Bellagio that welcome visitors all year round. The area is a popular resort due to its consistently mild temperatures, beautiful natural scenery and peaceful atmosphere. In fact, the area often draws in celebrities wanting to get away from the hustle and bustle of big city life.


February is the end of the winter season in Lake Como though the weather is still pleasant, as the lake prevents temperatures from falling too low in winter. Temperatures in February are similar to those of January with an average daily temperature of around 5°C, reaching highs of about 8°C on some days. As you would expect, the month gets warmer towards the end, so plan your visit accordingly if you prefer warmer temperatures. Like January, temperatures do get quite chilly on a night, with low temperatures of 2°C, so it is recommended to pack some warm layers if you're visiting Lake Como in February.


The main difference between the two winter months of January and February is rainfall; February is actually the driest month of the whole year, with only 35mm of precipitation falling throughout the month. This equates to around 11 wet days a month, so there should be plenty of dry weather during your stay.

Sunshine Hours

As well as a decrease in rainfall, February sees an increase in daily sunshine hours, so it's great news all round. Lake Como has around 8 hours of sun every day in February, giving you plenty of time to enjoy the great outdoors while soaking up some rays.

Outside of peak summer season, February is a great time to visit Lake Como if you're looking for a quiet holiday destination away from the crowds.

Lake Como Hotels In February

Hotel Fioroni

Hotel Fioroni is located just a 10 minute walk or a short drive from the centre of Bellagio and offers stunning panoramic lake views. The hotel is a top choice for visitors to rest their heads after a busy day of sightseeing or walking. Rooms are competitively priced, especially in the winter months and accommodation is comfortable and stylish. Some rooms are even equipped with beautiful old fireplaces, giving a glimpse into the magnificent building's history.

Borgo Antico Hotel

If you're looking for accommodation in the town of Como, Borgo Antico Hotel is a stylish and cosy option. The three star hotel is just a short walk from the centre of Como and the lake's harbour, making it a great base to discover the area. For days when you want to relax, rooms feature air conditioning, flat screen TVs and free Wi-Fi.

Bars And Restaurants

Enoteca Cava Turacciolo

Travellers visiting Bellagio can enjoy a relaxing evening at the dark and romantic Enoteca Cava Turacciolo. This restaurant and wine cellar offers a choice of over 300 wines to choose from as well as a range of antipasti to complement them including traditional Italian prosciutto and cheeses.

Pizzeria Lugano Ristorante

Located on the edge of the town of Menaggio, Pizzeria Lugano Ristorante offers a slice of Italian cuisine in the form of authentic wood-fired pizzas. With an owner from Naples, the home of pizza, this restaurant offers some of the best in the area with budget-friendly prices and a range of toppings to suit every taste. Diners can soak up the ambience inside or eat outside overlooking the amazing mountain views.

Gelato Di Zoe

No visit to Italy would be complete without sampling some sweet gelato and some of the tastiest can be found in the area of Argegno. Gelato Di Zoe is a small shop with a big range of flavours including chocolate and hazelnut. Gelateria del Borgo located in Bellagio is also famed for its interesting varieties.

Things To Do In Lake Como In February

The Greenway

Visitors to Lake Como in February should take advantage of the comfortable temperatures and dry days and explore the area on foot. The Greenway, a 6.5 mile walk between the towns of Colonno and Griante, follows the curves of the lake and provides spectacular views. Taking just 3 or 4 hours to complete, the walk can easily be done in a morning or afternoon and offers a great chance to visit some of the towns along the way.

Como Cathedral

The city of Como is the largest in the lake area and makes a great day trip if you're staying in one of the smaller villages. You can catch a ferry, hire a car or take a bus, depending on where you're staying. There are many sights to see and things to do in the city of Como, including museums, churches, theatres, parks and palaces, but make sure not to miss Como Cathedral. One of the city's most popular attractions and one of the most important buildings in the region, it is often described as the last Gothic cathedral built in Italy. Its most prominent feature is the large green domed roof.


February is an important month in Italy as it is carnival season. This traditional Christian festival marks the beginning of lent and is celebrated in towns and cities around the country, featuring parades, masquerade balls, music and entertainment. If you're visiting Lake Como in February, you may be lucky enough to witness some of these fun festivities.