Ko Samui Weather February Averages, Thailand

    • Temperature Temperature 27°C 81°F
    • High Temperature High Temperature 29°C 84°F
    • Low Temperature Low Temperature 25°C 77°F
    • Day Temperature Day Temperature 28.4°C 83°F
    • Night Temperature Night Temperature 26.6°C 80°F
    • Sunshine Hours Sunshine Hours 8 hours
    • Rainfall Rainfall 30 mm
    • Rainfall Days Rainfall Days 5 days
    • Sea Temperature Sea Temperature 27°C 81°F

    Ko Samui Weather for February 2022

    What's the Weather like in Ko Samui in February 


    In Ko Samui, every month has excellent weather with nearly constant temperatures. However, there is some variation in weather types throughout the year. The island receives plenty of visitors all year round and February is no exception. February falls in the middle of the warm dry season and hot temperatures attract plenty of tourists, especially from Europe and North America, as their countries will be in the last month of the winter season.

    In Ko Samui the average temperature in February is 27°C with an average high temperature of 29°C and an average low temperature of 25°C. Those daily highs and lows don't change much in the course of the month. February 1 is the coldest day of the month, while February 28 is the warmest. There's no real difference though, as temperatures rise barely one degree in the course of February.

    Average Sea Temperature

    The sea water is also quite warm and has a comfortable average temperature of 27°C, which is one degree warmer than January.


    Because February falls in the dry season, it is one of the driest months of the year. In fact, it is the second-driest, after March. February only gets a total of 30mm of rainfall in the course of the month, mostly occurring as short and heavy showers. There are only five days of precipitation in February. April has the same number of rainy days, while March has one day less. This means that holiday-makers can enjoy themselves on the beaches without having to worry too much about rain. However, this also means that there won't be much rain to cool off the extremely warm afternoons. The chance of rainfall stays essentially constant throughout the month and varies between 24 and 26%. There is no increase or decrease to speak of. If it does rain, it is most likely to occur in the form of light rain. Light rain occurs on 65% of the days of rainfall. Other types of precipitation are moderate rain and thunderstorms, which can happen, but are unlikely. February does have a significant amount of foggy days: seven. Only March, December and January have more days of fog.


    The humidity in February doesn't change much either throughout February and stays around 85% on average. This is the average humidity from October through March.

    Besides the temperatures, rainfall and humidity, there is a fourth weather factor that remains basically constant in February. The length of the days increases only by 12 minutes in the course of the month. February 1 is the shortest day of the month with 11.43 hours of daylight and February 28 is the longest with 11.56 daylight hours. Holiday-makers will also be treated to plenty of sunshine as Ko Samui receives an average 8 sunshine hours per day in February. This is one hour more than January and the highest number of sunshine hours in the year, a number that is shared with March and April.

    There is one thing that does change significantly in the course of the month though. Cloud cover decreases quite a lot from the beginning of the month towards the end and is the main reason for the increase in sunshine hours. While February 1, the cloudiest day, has 62% of cloud cover, February 28, the clearest day, only has 48%.

    Ko Samui Hotels in February 

    Muang Samui Spa Resort

    One of the best places to stay one the island is Muang Samui Spa Resort. This fabulous five-star accommodation is located right at the beach in Chaweng and overlooks the tropical waters of the Gulf of Thailand. Dotted with palm trees, this resort is all you can ever dream of. It has 63 suites and 14 pool villas. They all have parquet floors and terracotta tiles, air-conditioning, flat-screen TVs, complimentary drinking water, bathroom with rain shower, free Wi-Fi, Jacuzzi and so on. The resort has its own private beach with sunbeds and parasols, fitness room, a mini-Thai boxing facility, bicycle rental, a spa, restaurants and bars.

    Bhundhari Spa Resort & Villas

    Another great choice would be Bhundhari Spa Resort & Villas. Also a five-star accommodation located in Chaweng, this one has 124 villas and luxury rooms. They each have first-class amenities, such as DVD player, flat-screen TV, rain shower, deep bathtub, refrigerator and much more. The resort is located in the heart of town, close to restaurants, bars, the beach and other places of interest. Additional amenities include two pools, fitness centre, a spa, two restaurants, two bars, car rental service and a mini-library. It is a popular place for meetings, conferences and weddings.

    Ko Samui Beach for February

    Chaweng Beach

    Chaweng is the busiest and largest town in the resort, located at one of the island's best beaches. Chaweng Beach lies on the east coast and is well-known for its infrastructure, pristine white sandy beach and fantastic nightlife. The beach is usually divided into four sections: North Chaweng, Central Chaweng, South Chaweng and Chaweng Noi. It is seven kilometers long, which makes it the longest beach on the east coast. Its warm green-blue waters are extremely inviting, while the coconut trees that line the beach create an unbeatable tropical feel.

    Chaweng is popular among various types of people. There are budget backpackers, families, international students and honeymooners. The town is home to a huge number of accommodation options, restaurants and bars, more than anywhere else on the island. The famous Green Mango Strip is the town's main street, which is three kilometers long and lined with bars, pubs, and clubs. Chaweng offers a perfect combination of beach, nightlife and relaxation.

    Bars and Restaurants 

    As the resort's centre of nightlife and commerce, Chaweng has a plethora of restaurants, eateries and bars. During the day, you will see many vendors standing or walking on the beach, selling beverages, ice cream, snacks, fruit and local Thai food that is cooked on little portable barbecues. Those vendors are usually incredibly polite, and if you say 'no', they will generally go away. If you're after a beach snack, this is a great and convenient way to get one.

    Tropical Murphy's Irish Pub

    The most popular bar, by far, in Chaweng  is Tropical Murphy's Irish Pub. This excellent pub always offers a great night out. There are loads of beer choices, a pool, pub quizzes, great food, music and a typical Irish pub atmosphere. The pub has lots of seating available, including the live-music venue upstairs, a sports bar downstairs and an outside terrace. During the day it is a child- and family-friendly restaurant; at night it is one of the most popular bars in the entire resort.

    Spirit House

    For a unique Thai experience you should head to the Spirit House. This building was transported from mainland Thailand to Ko Samui several years ago and now serves as accommodation, a spa, a place where you can take cooking classes and wedding venue. It resembles a traditional Thai village with a central temple, courtyards and gardens. The central temple is now a great restaurant, serving Kan-Tok banquet-style food and traditional Thai dishes. They also have a selection of European dishes for people who like more familiar foods.

    Things to do in Ko Samui in February 

    Hin Lad Waterfall Temple

    One of Thailand's biggest attractions is its temples. They can be found almost everywhere in the country and Ko Samui also has its fair share. The Hin Lad Waterfall Temple is as the name suggests located next to the Hin Lad Waterfall a few kilometers south of Nathon Town. Waterfalls, by the way, are another great attraction on the island. The temple is situated in the resort's dense jungle and is a much-visited place by tourists. It lies on the trail towards the waterfall and provides a great place to take a break.

    You can explore the temple and its garden, and see Buddha sculptures and walk on trails leading to meditation spots. This forest monastery is known among the locals as Wat Namtok Hin Lad and is busiest on the weekends, when said locals go there to hang out and picnic at the waterfall. It has long been a place where locals go to get away from their daily troubles, seek spiritual healing and overcome personal challenges. The Hin Lad Waterfall Temple is open year round. The trail to the impressive waterfall is three kilometers long. You can cool off after your hike by jumping in one of the freshwater pools.


    Ko Samui is probably one of the better places in the world to go on a boat trip. Several tour companies offer boat trips of all kinds, from catamarans and water adventure boats to speedboats and yachts. You can charter a fully crewed yacht for yourself if you're made of money, that is or join a tour. Either way, you can explore the surrounded seas and islands, discover hidden bays and secluded beaches, and go swimming. You can choose from boat trips that last a couple of hours to multiple days, depending on your preference or sense of adventure. A multi-day trip is definitely suggested though, as it allows you to island-hop, explore and see much more of the area. Being able to spend more time in each stopping place is always a good thing!

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