Havana Weather October Averages, Cuba

    • Temperature Temperature 25°C 77°F
    • High Temperature High Temperature 30°C 86°F
    • Low Temperature Low Temperature 20°C 68°F
    • Day Temperature Day Temperature 27.6°C 82°F
    • Night Temperature Night Temperature 23.8°C 75°F
    • Sunshine Hours Sunshine Hours 8 hours
    • Rainfall Rainfall 80 mm
    • Rainfall Days Rainfall Days 10 days
    • Sea Temperature Sea Temperature 29°C 84°F

    Havana Weather for October 2021

    What's the weather like in Havana in October

    The Cuban capital, Havana, has a sub-tropic climate characterised by hot temperatures and high humidity all year long. In fact, the average temperature never drops below a warm 21°C (71°F). This can mean uncomfortable heat for some visitors and a lot of sweating for those wanting to thoroughly explore Old Havana or participate in outdoor activities. Despite the little variable in temperature, there can be a huge difference in experience between the rainy season and dry season in Havana. October falls in the rainy season, and therefore experiences more precipitation and higher humidity than some other months.


    Throughout the month of October there is a 60% chance of a rainy day, and along with the month of June, October is one of the wettest months of the year. Historically, an average 80mm of rain occurs over the course of the month. However, while June has an average of 14 wet days during the month, October only sees an average of 10.


    In addition to the possibility of more rain, during the rainy season, which stretches from the beginning of May through November, visitors must also consider the chance of hurricanes. Hurricanes are most likely to hit Havana during September and October, so visitors during the month of October will want to be aware of this possibility.

    Sunshine Hours

    Throughout October the days are becoming shorter in Havana. This means the amount of daily sunshine is also decreasing. Throughout the month, there is an average 8 hours of daily sunshine, compared to summer highs of 11 average hours and even September's average 9 hours daily.

    The amount of daily sunshine will remain consistent through the autumn months of October and November and into the winter month of December due to shorter days but less precipitation and clouds in the upcoming months.


    The average temperature begins to drop from the summer highs, and in October lands at 25°C (77°F). The average high temperature also begins to slide lower on the thermometer during the month to a more comfortable 30°C (86°F). Visitors can also expect the overnight temperatures to begin to dip, with the average low temperature being 20°C (86°F).

    Sea Temperature

    Like the air temperature, the sea temperature in Havana remains relatively consistent throughout the year. In October visitors can still comfortably swim in the Gulf of Mexico, as the average sea temperature is a warm 29°C (84°F).

    Havana Hotels in October

    October is a tricky time to visit Havana. The sub-tropical weather can be temperamental, and many hotels do not offer a full-range of amenities and services. It is a quieter month in the city, but being the last month of low season it can also be a month of great deals on accommodation options. For instance, the Melia Cohiba is often considered one of the best hotels in Havana, and guests during the month of October can stay for a discounted rate.

    The Melia Cohiba is a mere block from the waterfront, for the October days that are bright and sunny, and the on-site amenities mean on blustery and extremely humid afternoons, guests do not have to leave the hotel. The larger hotel boasts 429 guest rooms, of 4 different types and sizes. Additionally, the exclusive "Level" services that are offered on certain floors provide guests with an additional option for luxury and personalised service.

    The prominent exterior of the Armadores de Santander sits on the edge of Old Havana, and welcomes guests and other visitors to the historic neighborhood. The interior is a reflection of Havana's relationship with the sea, and the long-standing maritime history of Cuba. The Armadores de Santander has both a patio and rooftop for sipping cocktails or a morning coffee.

    Another colonial age hotel located in Havana, is Hotel Florida. The old world hotel is located on one of Havana's oldest and most traditional streets, and the atmosphere of the Hotel Florida captures the historic surroundings. The Hotel Florida, once the home of an aristocrat, has been open and operating since 1999. The guest rooms are cosy and carefully decorated, but it is the open courtyard that captures the hearts of visitors to this property.

    Havana Beaches for October

    Located along the long strip of sand known as Playas del Este, the white-sand Santa María del Mar is dotted with resorts, and of the beaches along the 10-kilometre Playas del Este, Santa María del Mar is most frequented by tourists. The beach is a beautiful place to go for a swim or simply relax on the sand, even in the unpredictable month of October.

    Bars and Restaurants

    Dinner at one of Havana's paladares is a must while on holiday in the city. It is the best way to try traditional Cuban cuisine, and in an atmosphere that is frequented by both locals and tourists. However, you will want to avoid the tourist traps that serve bland food and cause many to think rice and beans are the only ingredients of Cuban diet. A romantic alternative is Paladar Los Mercaderes. The food is excellent and imaginative; the live music played by violinists or a band is the perfect accompaniment.

    Despite the imaginative name Hanoi Calle serves traditional Creole food. The name was chosen back in the 1960's in tribute to the Communist capital of Vietnam. However, none of this should put visitors off this restaurant in Plaza del Cristo del Buen Viaje. The neighbourhood is relaxed and not tourist focused, just like the restaurant; and the food is very good.

    El Rum Rum De in Old Havana has quickly become a staple on the Havana food circuit. There are several different rooms that each offer a different dining experience, from Spanish tavern to outdoor patio. The seafood here is excellent, and the rest of the menu imaginative and well presented. Each evening at El Rum Rum De there is live music, as if you needed another reason to dine here!

    Things to do in Havana in October

    The Cuban cigar has become a symbol of the laidback, yet sophisticated, history of the country itself. There are fewer exports more entwined with the place of their origin, and while many visitors to Havana come for other reasons, most find themselves visiting cigar shops while on holiday.

    La Casa del Habano Fabrica de Partagas is one of the most famous cigar shops, housed in an old cigar factory. Paragas rolled and sold cigars on the street until 2012, while major production of this famous cigar brand occurred first in this factory and now a new one. It a popular destination for aficionado's as well as visitors just being introduced to the world of Cuban cigars. Another popular place to purchase cigars is La Casa Habano.

    The former presidential palace in Havana is now the Museum of the Revolution. The museum exhibits provide a chronological history of Cuba, from Cuba's pre-Columbian culture to the present regime under Castro. However, it is the architecture and interior of the museum building that draws many visitors. The former palace was constructed from 1913 until 1920 using funds embezzled by Cuban presidents. The design is opulent and grand, as would be expected from a space designed by Tiffany's of New York.

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