Havana Weather June Averages, Cuba

    • Temperature Temperature 27°C 81°F
    • High Temperature High Temperature 32°C 90°F
    • Low Temperature Low Temperature 22°C 72°F
    • Day Temperature Day Temperature 28°C 82°F
    • Night Temperature Night Temperature 24.9°C 77°F
    • Sunshine Hours Sunshine Hours 10 hours
    • Rainfall Rainfall 80 mm
    • Rainfall Days Rainfall Days 14 days
    • Sea Temperature Sea Temperature 29°C 84°F

    Havana Weather for June 2021

    What's the weather like in Havana in June

    In June, the weather in Havana causes the tourism industry to slow down. This month marks the start of the rainy season in Havana, and across Cuba there is a chance of hurricanes from June through to November.

    However, for visitors who do brave the start of hurricane season there are many discounts at hotels, car rental agencies and tour operators. Given that the chance of a hurricane in June is small, it can be worthwhile to soak up the hot summer days in Havana at a fraction of the price.


    June is the start of rainy season across Cuba, and Havana receives an average 80 mm of precipitation throughout the month. The upcoming month of July normally experiences a smaller amount of rain, at an average of 50 mm, but the rest of the summer will receive an amount of precipitation similar to June.

    Overall, June has an average 14 rainy days throughout the month, which is the highest number of the year. Additionally, the humidity in Havana is high in June, making for sticky mornings and afternoons.

    Sea Temperature

    Havana lies directly on the Gulf of Mexico, and throughout June the sea temperatures reach a hot 29°C (84°F). While warm enough to swim, snorkel and dive without a wet suit, these high water temperatures do not provide much relief from the strong sun and high temperatures of June.


    The air temperature also continues to rise, and the average temperature reaches 27°C (81°F), which will remain the average temperature throughout the summer months of JulyAugust and into September.

    Visitors will want to seek some shade during the peak temperatures of the day, as the average high temperatures peaks at 32°C (88°F). Midday and late afternoon can be particularly warm and stifling for visitors. However, a near constant trade wind blows across Havana to offer some relief to beachgoers and those exploring Old Havana.

    Sunset brings some relief from the strong sun, and it can be a magical time to enjoy a drink along the water. Overnight temperatures similarly dip, with the average low temperature dropping to 22°C (72°F).

    Havana Hotels in June

    The heat of June in Havana can start to drive the sanest visitor mad, and as this is the low season for tourism in Havana, it is a great time to seek a hotel that is certain to provide comforts, such as air conditioning. The Hotel Telegrafo located in central Havana delivers the modern amenities and comforts in a traditional atmosphere. Plus, this 4-star hotel is located on one of Havana's most vibrant intersections at the corner of Paseo de Martí and Neptuno so guests are sure to be close to the sights, restaurants and bars of Havana.

    While casa particulares provide a unique accommodation option in Havana, many visitors today want more privacy than is available or offered in a private home. The Hotel Conde de Villanueva is a wonderful small hotel that provides a bit more privacy with the same touches of culture and personalisation provided by Cuba's bed and breakfasts.  With only 9 guest rooms, this bright and welcoming hotel is able to provide thoughtful service to each guest. As an added benefit, one of Havana's best cigar shops is located in the hotel.

    As the midday heat of June descends, visitors can beat the overbearing heat of June with a stay at Hotel San Miguel. The building is a private mansion turned hotel, and the gorgeous exterior leads to a comfortable and classic interior. Located just off Havana Bay on the outskirts of Old Havana, Hotel San Miguel offers views over Havana amidst its basic but charming guest rooms.

    Havana Beaches for June

    The resort town of Varadero is nearly a two hours' drive from Havana, but the nightlife, and for that matter, day drinking culture (if that is what you are into), at this busy town is worth the trip for a day or even overnight. The hot June weather begs visitors to be near the water, and despite the longer journey and large number of resorts in Varadero, it is a great place to cool off. Often called the Cancun of Cuba, Varadero is accessible from Havana by bus, and it is possible to make the day trip to and from Varadero on public transportation.

    Bars and Restaurants

    The expanding dinning scene in Havana is taking customers away from some traditional restaurants in Old Havana and throughout the city, yet others are still thriving amidst the changing private restaurant revival. El Floridita Restaurant is a traditional Cuban restaurant and supper club, that goes from sit down restaurant to lively dance floor throughout the night. Opened in 1817, El Floridita is a beacon of the traditional fish restaurants and cocktail bars of old-world Havana.

    There are plenty of places to grab a rum or beer in Havana, however many are motivated to visit this historic city to discover the charm of its heyday in the mid-1900's.  To experience the old school nightlife in Havana, head to Tropicana Club. The Tropicana Club is a well-known cabaret and club that first opened in 1939. The rich, famous and talented, such as Nat King Cole have visited and performed here, and today there are still cabaret shows at 9pm Tuesday through to Sunday.  If the June weather cooperates, the shows are held outdoors at the beautiful Salon Bajo Las Estrellas.

    La Bodeguita del Medio is another important bar in the history of Cuba. It is often described as "the place" to get a mojito in Havana, and as that is the drink of choice across Cuba, visitors are basically required to give it a try. Rumor is that this was one of Ernest Hemingway favourite bars, and that alone draws a crowd. A bit touristy and often crowded, a stop in La Bodeguita del Medio is mostly about being able to say you have been there.

    Things to do in Havana in June

    Despite the rising temperatures and high humidity of June in Havana, there are still a number of events and festivals that take place throughout the month. Visitors at any time of year will notice that Cubans love to celebrate, and the summer months are no exception.

    In the month of June you can watch the International Hemingway Fishing Tournament. There are many fishing events all year around but this is the most important of them all. There is also the International Golden Boleros Festival (Boleros de Oro), which celebrates Cuba's musical heritage. There will be a number of songs and dances bolero at Hotel Nacional de Cuba among other venues across Havana.

    Cubans also love to celebrate through music and dance. Visitors can learn to join in by attending a salsa class in Havana. There are a number of academies and dance schools throughout the city, and it should be easy to locate one near your hotel. However, a few to consider in advance are Salsabor a Cuba  - Dance School and Baila Habana, which cater to tourists.

    Fancy some chinese culture? El Barrio Chino is the China Town of Havana, where there are not so many chinese people but fabulous food and an exciting atmosphere. Try some delicious Asian meals for something different on your Cuban travels or just go there to take a look around at the delicate, colourful decorations.

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