April Weather Averages for Hanoi

What's the Weather like in Hanoi in April


Hanoi experiences rise in daily temperatures in April. In general, air temperatures range between 21˚C (69.8˚F) and 28˚C (82.4˚F), albeit they could vary to a larger extent. In this regard, daily low temperatures tend to fluctuate from 16˚C (60.8˚F) to 26˚C (78.8˚F), even more on rare occasions. Average daily highs may drop down to 20˚C (68˚F) or rise up to 35˚C (95˚F), even more sometimes. T...

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  • Temperature Temperature 24°C 74°F
  • High Temperature Holiday Weather 26°C 79°F
  • Low Temperature Holiday Weather 21°C 70°F
  • Sunshine Hours Sunshine Hours 6 hrs
  • Rainfall Rainfall 100 mm
  • Rainfall days Rainfall days 18 days

What's the Weather like in Hanoi in April


Hanoi experiences rise in daily temperatures in April. In general, air temperatures range between 21˚C (69.8˚F) and 28˚C (82.4˚F), albeit they could vary to a larger extent. In this regard, daily low temperatures tend to fluctuate from 16˚C (60.8˚F) to 26˚C (78.8˚F), even more on rare occasions. Average daily highs may drop down to 20˚C (68˚F) or rise up to 35˚C (95˚F), even more sometimes. The comparison of average temperatures in April between the capital of Vietnam and Hong Kong reveals that both destinations feature similar temperatures.

If you visit the city this time of year, you should count on warm temperatures from around noon to around 7 pm in the beginning of April. The rest of the day, it should feel comfortable. The interval of warm weather, however, increases as time passes and is between 10 am and 10 pm in the middle of the month. By the end of the month, it tends to be warm the entire day.

Sunshine Hours

April features less clouds over Hanoi, the Vietnamese capital, allowing the increase in average sunshine hours per day between 2 and 3. Yet, the city experiences cloud cover most of the time, with the 83% share of cloudy weather during daylight.


April is a transitional period between dry (winter) and rainy (summer) seasons in this destination. In the course of the month, the received amount of precipitation doubles when compared to March. Hence, this city in Northern Vietnam usually receives between 80 mm/3.15 in and 100 mm/3.94 in of rainfall throughout the month. Still, the number of rainy days is slightly lesser than in the previous month, featuring between 13 and 18 wet days. Drizzle is the most common form of precipitation this time of year.

The tendency of rainfall is on a constant rise from the beginning of the month toward its end. The first half of April features lesser chances of precipitation and, consequently, the city receives a smaller amount of rainfall. In general, days are much more likely to be wet than nights. The city of Hanoi has the highest chances of rainfall around noon during the month, while the smallest probability of such weather is around 8 pm.

Wind Speed

The average speed of wind remains constant for the most of April, being around 3.5 m/s throughout. The windiest time of the day is usually around 4 pm, when the wind develops the speed up to 4.7 m/s (moderate breeze). The quietest time of the day is early in the morning (around 5 am), when the wind decreases its speed to around 2.5 m/s.


The average relative humidity in this Vietnamese destination is around 75% during April, which feels humid for the most part. At the beginning of the month, the likelihood of a muggy, oppressive, even miserable, weather is up to 68%. At the end of April, this probability rises to around 90%.

Sunrise and Sunset

Just like other elaborated parameters, the duration of daylight increases during April in Hanoi, the capital city of Vietnam. On April 1, sunrise takes place at 5:50 am while sunset occurs at 6:11 pm, which provides the city with 12:21 hours of daylight. On April 30, the sun rises at 5:27 am and sets at 6:20 pm. On that day, the duration of daylight is 12:53 hours.

Extraordinary Weather Occurances

Although average precipitation is on the rise during April, this North Vietnamese city still isn't likely to feature inconveniences in this regard. Earthquakes are always a possibility in this area, but not very likely to occur neither. In the last 30 years, only a couple of strong earthquakes took place in the surrounding area, but Hanoi wasn't affected by any of them.

Hanoi Hotels in April

April may turn out to be the best month for visiting this destination. Temperatures and rainfall are not at their maximum and the city features more sunshine hours than during winter. In regard to accommodation providers, this North Vietnamese city has everything from hostels to upscale hotels.

Maison d'Orient

Maison d'Orient is a 2-star boutique hotel, located in Hanoi Old Quarter. All downtown points of interest are a short walk away while the international airport is 25 km/15.5 mi distant. The hotel's guests can make use of free parking. As for the rooms, they dispose of free wireless internet, flat-screen TVs, bathrooms and wardrobes.

Hanoi Old Quarter Hotel

Hanoi Old Quarter Hotel is a 3-star property located in the historic center of Hanoi, the Vietnamese capital. Thanks to its central location, the hotel's guests are within a walking distance to the majority of the popular attractions of the city. Rooms of the hotel are equipped with free Wi-Fi, air-conditioners, tea and coffee makers, minibars and TVs with satellite channels. The business center is available on-site.

La Siesta Hotel & Spa

La Siesta Hotel & Spa is a 4-star establishment placed in the historic Old Quarter. Hence, the guests of the hotel benefit of close proximity to most city's key points of interest. The hotel disposes of rooms and suites featuring minibars, safes, TVs with flat screens and complimentary Wi-Fi. A spa and wellness center, fitness center, bar, restaurant and lounge are additional facilities. Airport is 25 km/15.5 mi away.

Pullman Hanoi

Pullman Hanoi is a high-end hotel located near Hanoi Old Quarter. Air-conditioned accommodation units feature free internet access, tea and coffee makers, safes and cable TVs. Additional facilities are a bar, restaurant, fitness center, sauna, steam bath and an outdoor pool. Room service is among the hotel's amenities, too. Pullman Hanoi's guests also dispose of parking, which needs to be reserved in advance.

Bars and Restaurants

Drinking and dining opportunities in the capital of Vietnam are as diverse as they are imaginative. The local cuisine comprises ingredients that are, more or less, common to many other cuisines throughout the world. Yet, authentic Vietnamese gastronomic scene includes ingredients some people would describe as "strange" or "exotic," such as snake meat. Also, you can order egg coffee  in the city's bars and restaurants, for example. Note that having a certain amount of cash would be useful since not all businesses, including shops and eateries, accept cards.

Always Café

Always Café doesn't appear any more different than other cafés in Hanoi Old Quarter. But when you enter the café and take a closer look, the world of Harry Potter and Hogwarts comes forth. In addition, you can order HP themed drinks, coconut coffee and butter beer among other beverages. Always Café's opening hours are daily from 8 am to 11 pm. 

Cau Go

Cau Go is a mid-range Vietnamese restaurant in the Old Quarter boasting magnificent views of Hoan Kiem Lake. Besides sweeping views that include verdant greenery and a few skyscrapers, you can enjoy typical domestic cuisine characteristic of various regions in Vietnam. Vegetarian options are available in addition to gourmet meals. Cau Go is open every day from 9:30 am to 11 pm.

Home Vietnamese Restaurant

Home Vietnamese Restaurant is an exceptional dining venue, located near the Tran Quoc Pagoda on West Lake. A stylish villa houses the restaurant that prepares traditional North Vietnamese specialties. Home Vietnamese Restaurant serves dishes made of seafood and various types of meat. Besides gourmands, the eatery caters to vegans, as well. The restaurant is open daily from noon to 1:30 pm and between 5 pm and 8 pm.

Green Tangerine

Green Tangerine is a French-style restaurant, located in Hanoi Old Quarter. The restaurant features a beautiful garden that many people find among the most pleasant in this part of the city. In the Green Tangerine's menu you can find dishes based on pork, duck and rabbit meat, and seafood among other meals. Pastas are available, too. The restaurant is open from 11 am to 11 pm on a daily basis.

Things to do in Hanoi in April

Old Quarter

The Old Quarter is a bustling historic neighborhood of the city of Hanoi. Nestled between West Lake and Hoan Kiem Lake, the area abounds with popular tourist attractions and attractive shopping and dining opportunities. Some key points of interest are the Ho Chi Minh's Mausoleum, Hoan Kiem Lake, Ngoc Sun Temple and the Saint Joseph's Cathedral.  The neighborhood is live during the day and sleepless during the night. Daytime markets, nighttime markets, various ceremonies  and parties are a part of everyday life here. Thus, you always have something to see and do here, regardless of the time of day.

Saint Joseph's Cathedral

The aforementioned Saint Joseph's Cathedral  is a neo-Gothic ecclesiastical structure featuring two imposing towers. Besides the towers, pay special attention to the cathedral's stained-glass windows and altar. The overwhelming height of the interior implies closeness to the god. Red and yellow colors, which are present in the cathedral's interior, are associated with good fortune by the Vietnamese. The structure came into existence by the end of the 19th century, shortly after Hanoi, the capital city of Vietnam, fell under the French rule.


While spending time in Vietnam, you may be able to see people wearing old-fashioned clothing which was actual during feudal times. If you do, know that the dress code was strictly regulated back then and that every color identified the wearer's social status. For example, red and purple dresses identified high-ranking dignitaries, such as mandarins, while blue garments were reserved for lower-ranking officials. Kings wore yellow-colored dresses.

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