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Geneva Weather in December, Switzerland


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Geneva Averages December

  • What is Average Temperature?
    The average high temperature and the average low temperature for that month, on a daily basis, divided by 2 equals the average temperature for that month


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    1 hours
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  • What is Average Rainfall?
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    90 mm

Geneva Daily Averages December

December, 2024

1 Avg 39º
2 Avg 39º
3 Avg 39º
4 Avg 39º
5 Avg 39º
6 Avg 39º
7 Avg 39º
8 Avg 39º
9 Avg 37º
10 Avg 36º
11 Avg 36º
12 Avg 36º
13 Avg 36º
14 Avg 36º
15 Avg 34º
16 Avg 34º
17 Avg 34º
18 Avg 32º
19 Avg 34º
20 Avg 34º
21 Avg 36º
22 Avg 36º
23 Avg 37º
24 Avg 37º
25 Avg 37º
26 Avg 36º
27 Avg 34º
28 Avg 34º
29 Avg 34º
30 Avg 36º
31 Avg 36º
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What's the Weather Like in Geneva in December


In December, average temperatures are near their annual lowest point in the city of Geneva. Daily lows mostly remain around 0C (32F), while daily highs are around 5C (41F) throughout the month. Still, temperature variations are always possible. Hence, minimum temperatures tend to fluctuate between -5C (23F) and 5C (41F), while maximum temperatures may vary from 0C (32F) to 12C (53.6F). In regard to average temperatures, Geneva, Switzerland, is less cold than Prague, the Czech Republic, for a few degrees in December.

According to statistics, air temperatures are above the freezing point most of the day. Only during the night these tend to drop below 0C (32F).

Sunshine Hours

The sunlight breaches cloud cover over Geneva only occasionally in the course of December. On average, the city receives no more than 2 hours of sunshine per day, if that. In most cases, this parameter remains between 1 and 1:30 hours, which is approx. 17% of daylight.


The amount of precipitation this destination receives in the course of December is approximately the same as during November. The usual accumulation of rainfall and snowfall combined is somewhere between 75 mm/2.95 in and 90 mm/3.54 in. During the last month of the year, you can have rain, sleet and snow in the Swiss city of Geneva. The average number of wet days during this period is 10.

The chances of wet weather are essentially between 31% and 34% from the statistical point of view. Nights are more likely to be rainy or snowy than days this time of year.

Wind speed

The average speed of the wind is essentially around 2.7 m/s (light breeze) during the month of December. Early afternoon is typically the windiest time of the day (up to 3.1 m/s), while late afternoon (down to 2.4 m/s) is the calmest.


Ville de Genève is a dry destination in December in regard to typical humidity levels. The average relative humidity is 81%, which feels dry 100% of the time.

Sunrise and sunset

The duration of daylight decreases until December 21, when it starts to increase. On December 1, the sun rises at 7:57 am and sets 8:54 hours later, at 4:51 pm. On December 21, sunrise occurs at 8:14 am, while sunset takes place at 4:51 pm, 8:37 hours later. December 31 features 8:40 hours of daylight, from 8:18 am to 4:58 pm.

Extraordinary weather occurrences

In addition to average air temperatures, you might have either uncharacteristically low or high temperatures in Geneva in winter. The latter are the outcome of mild influences coming from the Atlantic, in which case high temperatures may rise over 10C (50F). Cold air masses, coming from Russia, have the opposite effect. When those reach Switzerland, daily highs remain below the freezing point.

Geneva Hotels in December

As Christmas and New Year approach, hotel rates in Geneva, Switzerland, and other travel-related expenses rise. If you plan to visit this Swiss city this time of year, make necessary reservations several months in advance. While here, tourists make use of the free Geneva Transport Card, which grants using buses, boats and trains free of charge.

Hotel Longemale

Hotel Longemale is a 3-star property located in the downtown area. Its rooms and apartments feature free wireless internet, flat-screen TVs, minibars and telephones. Other facilities of the hotel are a restaurant, conference and meeting rooms, and a lounge area. 

La Cour des Augustins

La Cour des Augustins is a 4-star hotel located in the Latin Quarter. Some amenities available in rooms and suites are free Wi-Fi, a Nespresso machines and TVs with satellite channels and flat screens. Room service and free access to fitness and wellness facilities are additional amenities guests of the hotel enjoy.

Hotel Cornavin

4-star Hotel Cornavin is an establishment located in the downtown of the Swiss city of Geneva. It has rooms and suites on offer. Main features of the accommodation units are sound isolation, free internet access, bathroom with daylight, air-conditioning, a minibar and room service. A sauna and fitness center are additional on-site facilities.

Hotel Metropole Geneve

Hotel Metropole Geneve is a luxury, 5-star hotel boasting views of Geneva Lake. Rooms and suites dispose of coffee machines, complimentary high-speed internet, bathroom amenities and smartphones among other equipment. Other on-site facilities are a restaurant, a few bars, a fitness room and business facilities.

Bars and restaurants

The multi-cultural city of Geneva has a varied culinary offer that spans various regions around the world. Every renowned cuisine (French, Chinese, Thai) is introduced by a restaurant or bar in this cosmopolitan city of Switzerland. What you should note about dining here is that prices are usually higher than many people anticipate. Hence, plan your budget for eating accordingly. Most dining venues accept credit cards as the payment method.

Royal Karoma

Royal Karoma is a pleasant café that serves a variety of coffee beverages. Inventions such as coffee cocktails are and classics like espresso are among more or less common alternatives. Frozen drinks, gelatos, fresh juices and Italian snacks complement the café's offer. Opening hours on workdays are from 7:30 am to 8 pm (11 pm on Thursday and Friday). On weekends, Royal Karoma's hours of operation are from 7:30 am (8 am on Sunday) to 6 pm.


Al-Amir is a Lebanese restaurant located in the downtown area of the city of Geneva. Their prices are affordable as far as these get in the city and Switzerland. They have menus suitable for gourmands and vegetarians that range from 15 CHF to 20 CHF. Falafel, couscous and kebab are some dishes you can order here.

Chez Gregoire

Chez Gregoire is a mid-range eatery serving specialties of Swiss cuisine. More so, the house has a selection of wines that match the dishes. Besides for gourmands, Chez Gregoire has food for vegetarians. The restaurant is open from Tuesday to Saturday. On workdays, its opening hours are from noon to 2:30 pm and from 6 pm to midnight. On Saturday, the eatery is open between 6 pm to midnight.

Bistrot Dumas

Bistrot Dumas is a restaurant preparing selected French dishes such as foie grass, rillettes and salmon. The selection of wines is also available. While you dine, you will listen to jazz music.

Things to do in Geneva in December

Christmas in Geneva, Switzerland

The multi-cultural city of Geneva is always in vogue, but especially during Christmas. On the occasion, the city boasts the appealing decoration that some people describe as the best in Switzerland. Besides Christmas lights illuminating streets and squares, you can enjoy festive events and celebrations. Also, tour shops to see imaginative ornamentation of Xmas windows. These may prove to be the best decorations in ville de Genève.

Christmas Markets

Don't miss the Christmas market set between Lake Geneva and the Old Town. In accordance with the culinary offer the city prides on, you will see many stalls offering a wide range of international foods. Among other specialties, you can eat hot dogs, burgers and cakes. If you are in need to warm, hot wine will do very nicely. Furthermore, the diverse offer of decorations, jewelry, garments and toys will overwhelm you.

Christmas Circus

In December, the Christmas Circus takes place at Plaine de Plainpalais. There, enjoy performances staged by rope walkers, pole dancers, acrobats, magicians and other performers. Don't be surprised if trained cats win "the performers of the day" title.

Park La Grange

Park La Grange is a verdant oasis next to Lake Geneva in Ville de Genève. It boasts a magnificent garden featuring around 200 rose varieties. More so, the garden won the Award of Garden excellence, granted by the World Federation of Roses Societies. Park La Grange also has a children's playground, beautiful manor house, fountains, a few theatres and Wi-Fi hotspots.