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Funchal Weather in September, Portugal

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September, 2024

1 Avg 23º 73º
2 Avg 23º 73º
3 Avg 23º 73º
4 Avg 23º 73º
5 Avg 23º 73º
6 Avg 23º 73º
7 Avg 22º 72º
8 Avg 22º 72º
9 Avg 22º 72º
10 Avg 22º 72º
11 Avg 23º 73º
12 Avg 23º 73º
13 Avg 23º 73º
14 Avg 23º 73º
15 Avg 23º 73º
16 Avg 23º 73º
17 Avg 22º 72º
18 Avg 22º 72º
19 Avg 22º 72º
20 Avg 22º 72º
21 Avg 23º 73º
22 Avg 23º 73º
23 Avg 23º 73º
24 Avg 22º 72º
25 Avg 23º 73º
26 Avg 22º 72º
27 Avg 22º 72º
28 Avg 22º 72º
29 Avg 23º 73º
30 Avg 23º 73º
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What's the Weather like in Funchal in September

September remains warm in FunchalMadeira, providing high temperatures and plenty of sunshine. The rainfall begins to increase from the summer months as the town heads towards winter and the rainy season. September is a great time to visit Funchal if you want to experience the great weather of the summer without the crowds.


Average high temperatures are around 25°C, but it often gets hotter than this in the afternoons. At night the temperatures rarely fall below 20°C, meaning that September has consistently warm weather. On average, you can expect daily temperatures of around 23°C pleasantly hot for this time of year. It's best to pack layers if you're visiting Funchal in September, with t-shirts, shorts, and swimwear sufficient for the daytimes and thin cardigans and jumpers perfect for when the air cools down in the evening. Remember to pack some suncream, too, as the Mediterranean sun is very strong at this time of year.


As Funchal nears winter, the rainfall starts to increase, with around 40mm falling over an average of 9 days in September. There's a chance you might get caught in some showers, so pack an umbrella and some waterproofs to stay on the safe side. The good thing about Funchal's Mediterranean climate is that rain tends to pass quickly, leaving sunshine and blue skies in its wake.

Sunshine Hours

Because of its location close to North Africa, Funchal doesn't see much variation in the amount of daily sunshine throughout the year. In September you can expect to see around 4-5 hours of sunshine per day, which doesn't seem like a lot but provides plenty of time to get out and explore everything that the town has to offer.

September is the perfect time to visit Funchal to enjoy the tail-end of the summer weather without the crowds and before the high rainfall sets in for winter.

If you're looking for a weather forecast for Funchal, you are advised to visit this page.

Funchal Hotels in September

Regency Cliff Hotel

The Regency Cliff Hotel is a beautifully elegant hotel that overlooks the bay in Funchal. From its elevated position in the surrounding foothills it offers spectacular views of the nearby scenery. The rooms are spacious, modern and bright, with large balconies and terraces that enjoy the views, as well as contemporary furniture in vibrant colours. Guests can enjoy the spa and wellness facilities, including an in-house Turkish bath, heated indoor and outdoor swimming pools, and a well-equipped gym. In addition, the Regency Cliff boasts an upmarket restaurant and a stylish bar.

The Vine

The Vine is a boutique, design hotel with soul. It's the brainchild of Nini Andrade Silva, an internationally renowned interior designer who hails from Funchal, and Ricardo Bofill, a famous Catalan architect. The rooms are everything you'd expect of a leading design hotel, with sleek, modern fixtures and fittings and elegant colour palettes. The wall-to-wall windows in each room provide amazing views out across the area, plus there is an in-house spa, a quirky outdoor swimming pool, and a delicious restaurant.

Vidamar Resort

Vidamar Resort is a five-star hotel complex with all the facilities you need for an all-inclusive stay. The rooms are large and bright with muted colours and spacious private balconies overlooking the spectacular scenery. There is also a relaxing spa that looks out across the bay as well as three outdoor swimming pools, a Kids Club, five restaurants including a sushi restaurant, an Italian, and a Mediterranean eatery, and a cocktail and piano bar.

Funchal Beaches for September


Prainha is a natural, volcanic sand beach that is about 25 minute by car from Funchal. It's worth the journey, though, to bask in the late summer sun in the secluded cove. The stretch of sand is flanked by large cliff faces providing peace and quiet, and the water is beautifully clear perfect for splashing around in the shallows. There is an on-site restaurant and snack bar with toilet and shower facilities, providing everything you need to spend a day at the beach.

Bars and Restaurants

Casa do Vizinho

Casa do Vizinho is a traditional Portuguese and Mediterranean restaurant with a cosy and intimate atmosphere. The décor features rich reds and oranges with plenty of dark wood furniture and greenery dotted around. There is a secluded outside terrace area perfect for enjoying the balmy evenings in, which is filled with trickling fountains, statues, and tall, exotic trees. The food is beautifully presented, offering classic tastes of the Mediterranean, like fillet of scabbard fish, octopus, duck leg confit, and grilled black pork.

Marina Terrace Restaurant

The Marina Terrace Restaurant is in an ideal location right next to the town harbour. Here, the outdoor seating area provides a great view of the beautiful harbour and its surroundings. The décor is simple and modern and the menu boasts a delicious selection of freshly caught fish dishes and traditional Mediterranean cuisine. You can try some of the succulent, juicy prawns, or opt for a mixed fish grill to share, or tuck into a tender steak on a stone. The Marina Terrace Restaurant prides itself on its use of fresh, seasonal ingredients which easily shines through in every dish.

Things to do in Funchal in September

Quinta Vigia

Quinta Vigia, also known as the Presidential Gardens, offers a great place to soak up the late summer sun in Funchal. It is only a small space, but it is packed full of tropical and unusual plant and flower species that are connected via a series of walkways and paths. The elevated position of the gardens mean there are great views of Funchal to enjoy, as well as numerous spaces to kick back and relax with a picnic or a book.

Igreja de Sao Pedro

The Igreja de Sao Pedro is a beautiful church in the heart of Funchal. From the outside it looks fairly plain with traditional detailing and white-washed walls, but inside the church comes alive with colourful mosaics, impressive stained glass windows, and large murals that adorn the walls. All four corners glisten with gold and the sparkle of the chandeliers offer a dash of elegance to the experience. Even if you're not religious, the beauty of this church will overwhelm you.