Ayia Napa Weather August Averages, Cyprus

    • Temperature Temperature 27°C 81°F
    • High Temperature High Temperature 32°C 90°F
    • Low Temperature Low Temperature 21°C 70°F
    • Sunshine Hours Sunshine Hours 12 hours
    • Rainfall Rainfall 0 mm
    • Rainfall Days Rainfall Days 1 days
    • Sea Temperature Sea Temperature 28°C 82°F

    Ayia Napa Weather for August 2021

    What's the Weather Like in Ayia Napa in August


    August in Ayia Napa is high tourist season. The nightlife rages by night and the sun blazes by day. The average low temperature is only down to 21°C during this month. The average high temperature is a tropical 32°C. August 1 is the hottest day of the entire year, with an average low of 23°C and an average high temperature of 33°C. Both averages decrease slightly in the course of the month and by August 31 they are 21°C and 32°C respectivelytill extremely warm. The overall average daily temperature in August is 27°C, which is the same as in July and the annual high. It will drop to 25°C in September. In August, about 50% of the days are classified as warm and approximately 35% as hot. All types of water sports can be found on and around the beaches and in the harbour at this time of year. Some of these are independent while others are easily arranged through hotels.

    Sea Temperature

    The average sea temperature is 28°C, which is as warm as the Mediterranean Sea ever getserfect for swimming.


    While the temperatures are at an annual high, the amount of rainfall is at an annual low in August. There is barely one day of rainfall in the entire month and the total amount of precipitation isn't higher than 1mm, which is practically nothing. August 13 is historically the driest day of year, with a probability of rainfall of 1.5%. By the end of the month, that chance has increased to 3%till extremely low. Rainfall barely occurs, but if it does, it happens as thunderstorms or moderate rain.


    Cloud cover is very low throughout the month and doesn't change significantly. While August 1 has a 6% cloud cover, August 31 has 8%, an ignorable increase.

    Dayllight Hours

    The length of the days decreases slightly, from 13.52 daylight hours to 12.55 to hours of daylight.

    Sunshine Hours

    A bit more cloud cover and slightly shorter days result in a one-hour decrease in sunshine hours compare to June and July. The average August day sees 13 hours of sunshine. When taking into account the amount of daylight hours, you can conclude that this means nearly constant sunshine throughout August.

    Ayia Napa Hotels in August

    Christabelle Hotel Apartments

    Located in the heart of the resort, Christabelle Hotel Apartments lies a twenty-minute walk from the Ayia Napa Harbour and some of the beaches. Around the hotel, you can find plenty of bars and nightclubs. Accommodation is offered in the form of apartments and studios, all equipped with kitchenettes, fridges and a balcony or terrace. Amenities include a children's pool, an outdoor pool, a bar with TVs, pool tables and video games.

    Bella Napa Bay Hotel

    Bella Napa Bay Hotel is a popular hotel that offers rooms at low prices that will be ideal for any tourist travelling on a budget. It is also conveniently located just across from the beach.

    Florida Hotel

    The Florida Hotel is another good choice for accommodation. This hotel is much closer to the centre of town, only a five-minute walk, as well as being very close to the beach. Families will be well-suited here thanks to the many activities for children and adults that go on throughout the day. The all-inclusive option means it's also perfect for those that don't want to overspend on their accommodation.

    Ayia Napa Beaches in August

    Nissi Bay

    The resort is surrounded by gorgeous sandy beaches with shallow clear waters. The area around Nissi Bay is without a doubt the most popular area, home to a few of the resort's best beaches. Located in the west of town, the beaches of Nissi Bay include Nissi Beach, Macronissos Beach, Landa Beach and Sandy Beach, all featuring soft sand and safe water to swim in, as well as plenty of facilities, such as water sports equipment rentals, hotels, restaurants and beach bars.

    Bars and Restaurants

    Los Bandidos Mexican Restaurant

    A fun restaurant in Ayia Napa is Los Bandidos Mexican Restaurant. It's one of the very best restaurants of its kind in the resort. Reasonably priced, the menu offers everything from chilli con queso to burritos to enchiladas to tacos. Just looking at the menu makes you hungry!

    Hokkaido Japanese Restaurant

    Another ethnic restaurant is Hokkaido Japanese Restaurant. This one offers an authentic Japanese dining experiencets menu consists of sushi and other typical Japanese food. You can watch as the cooks prepare your food, which creates a unique and fun atmosphere.

    Grabbarna Grus Bar

    After dinner, you might want to go out for some drinks. A great place to do that is Grabbarna Grus Bar, an extremely busy bar that's mostly frequented by Scandinavians. Entertainment includes bar games, competitions and DJs.

    Things to Do in Ayia Napa in August

    Scuba Diving

    Scuba diving is a marvelous way to spend an afternoon in Ayia Napa. The resort is home to many a diving centre where you can learn how to dive, rent equipment and book a diving trip. Olympian Divers is one of those diving centres, located at the Sandy Bay beach. They offer diving lessons, boat excursions and the possibility to get a PADI license. Sunfish Divers is one of the oldest diving centres in the resort. It has a great reputation and is actually a PADI 5-star diving centre and a PADI 5-star training facilityhey offer diving courses and PADI courses and rent out equipment. Lucky Divers Cyprus is yet another excellent diving centre in Ayia Napa. In addition to offering scuba diving courses, they run diving trips to all major diving sites in the area.

    Fantasy Boat Party

    People who want to stay dry might want to join one of the many boat trips that are organised on a daily basis by several tour companies. There are diving trips (as mentioned above), but also dolphin-watching excursions and scenic coastal trips. A particularly popular kind of trip among younger travelers is a party boat cruise. Fantasy Boat Party is a legendary boat party in Ayia Napan excursion that has been going on since 1993. This alcohol-fueled trip includes a dinner at the Black Pearl, and a wild trip on the Mediterranean Sea. There are three decks on the boat. The upper deck is where you'll find the dance floor, DJ and bar; the middle deck is home to a lounge area, an even larger bar and another dance floor; and the lower deck ha showers, changing areas and cabins. This trip features strippers and drinking games as well night of memorable (or is it the opposite?) fun!

    Kandi Submarine Boat Party

    Another popular party boat is the Kandi Submarine Boat Party. This package includes 12 hours of funrom 7pm till 7am, including a two-hour free bar. Food and free VIP entry to a nightclub afterwards are included too. The cruise itself takes place during sunset and lasts about three and a half hours.

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