flag Alicante, Average Weather May

  • High Temperature
  • Low Temperature
  • Sea Temperature
  • Temperature
  • Rainfall

    32 mm
  • Rainfall Days

    3 days
  • Sunshine Hours

    10 hours

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May daily averages


May daily averages for Alicante

  • 1st
    16 61
  • 2nd
    16 61
  • 3rd
    18 64
  • 4th
    18 64
  • 5th
    18 64
  • 6th
    19 66
  • 7th
    19 66
  • 8th
    20 68
  • 9th
    19 66
  • 10th
    20 68
  • 11th
    19 66
  • 12th
    20 68
  • 13th
    20 68
  • 14th
    21 70
  • 15th
    19 66
  • 16th
    18 64
  • 17th
    19 66
  • 18th
    19 66
  • 19th
    19 66
  • 20th
    18 64
  • 21st
    18 64
  • 22nd
    19 66
  • 23rd
    19 66
  • 24th
    19 66
  • 25th
    21 70
  • 26th
    20 68
  • 27th
    20 68
  • 28th
    21 70
  • 29th
    21 70
  • 30th
    20 68
  • 31st
    21 70

What's The Weather Like in Alicante in May?

May is a lovely time to visit Alicante, with pleasant, warm weather, long, sunny days and relatively little rainfall. While it isn't quite beach weather just yet, it might be possible to do a little sunbathing.

How Warm Is Alicante In May?

With more than nine hours of sunshine each day, the average temperature is a very temperate 18ºC, with highs of 23ºC. It often reaches 30ºC for at least one day a month at this time. 

Can You Swim In The Sea In Alicante in May?

Sea temperatures are also beginning to rise, and reach an average of 19ºC at this time. With relatively high humidity of around 70% year-round, it will feel even warmer. The heat is moderated somewhat by cooling afternoon sea breezes 

Does It Rain In Alicante In May?

May is usually quite dry in Alicante, with rainfall averages of just 32mm over three days. Expect short, light showers in the afternoon every few days, and the occasional weak thunderstorm. The start of the month is generally wetter than the end, with summer rapidly approaching.

Alicante Hotels in May

Hotel Castilla Alicante

The three star Hotel Castilla Alicante is a mid-range establishment, catering more to families than couples. With a large, outdoor children's play area and entertainment program, as well as pleasantly arranged pool area, there's plenty to keep the kids occupied.

Hotel Maya Alicante

The three Hotel Maya Alicante boasts a fantastic, central location and excellent range of very high quality facilities. The café and restaurant serve both Mediterranean and international dishes, the pool area is quite lovely, and guests who prefer a more active holiday will definitely enjoy the tennis court and fitness centre.

Alicante Beach for May

Playa Postiguet, in the heart of the city, is a 900m wide arc of golden sand. Situated at the base of the imposing Monte Benacantil, it's wonderfully positioned for easy access and backed by a palm-shaded promenade where modern bars offer food and refreshments. It is lapped by tranquil waters, making it perfect for swimming, and has consistently been awarded the Blue Flag for cleanliness. Being a local beach, it's likely to be pretty busy year round and heaving with tourists in the summer months.

Bars and Restaurants


Monastrell is one of the more trendy Spanish restaurants in Alicante. The menu is traditional Valencian cuisine with a gourmet twist. The ingredients used are top quality and the chef, Maria Jose San Roman, is well known locally. It's a very popular spot with locals and tourists alike, so book in advance to be sure of getting a table.

El Buen Corner

El Buen Comer is a typical Spanish restaurant, with a lovely Tapas bar. Located in the city centre, behind the Town Hall, it's very convenient and easy to find. The menu offers a choice of meat or seafood, with excellent fresh local specialities like calamari and prawns. The prices are not too steep, and they do incredible speciality menus for religious and festive holidays.

Thigs to do in Alicante in May

The Ayuntamiento de Alicante

The Ayuntamiento de Alicante (Town hall) with its baroque civic architecture is situated just behind La Explanada Park in the downtown area of Alicante. Locally known as Ayuntamiento, inside view the Dali statue, and small metal disc indicating where an instrument stood that used to measure the height above sea level of all other parts of Spain.

Teatro Principal de Alicante

Teatro Principal de Alicante (Alicante Theatre) is an impressive building in the neoclassical style, built between 1846 and 1848. This grand edifice hosts ballet, opera and theatre performances.

The Marina, with its yacht slips and designer shops, is obviously the more upmarket end of Alicante's tourist areas. There are some lovely restaurants and coffee shops, besides the expensive shopping opportunities, and if you'd like to take a boat trip this is the place to book. It's also a lovely place for an evening stroll.

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