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Valencia Weather in October, Spain

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What's the weather like in October in Valencia

Valencia is Spain's third largest city, located on the south eastern Costa del Azahar or Orange Blossom Coast. Its Mediterranean climate, with hot dry summers and mild winters, draws tourists to the region all year round.

In October, the summer weather is left behind and autumn is in full swing. The temperatures are cooler than those experienced in the summer, there is slightly less sunshine seen each day and the chance of wet weather increases. 


Despite this, it definitely isn't cold in October. The average daily temperature in Valencia this month is around 18°C, though temperatures can reach an average high of 23°C on warmer days. October evenings in Valencia are cooler, when temperatures drop to lows of around 13°C. Holiday makers planning a trip to the city at this time of the year may need some warmer layers or a light jacket to wear at night.

Sunshine Hours

Although the days are starting to get shorter, October still sees plenty of sunshine. There is a 45% chance of a sunny day and an average of 9 hours of sunshine a day, which leaves enough time to explore all of Valencia's attractions. The month still sees bright, clear skies too, with only an 11% chance of a cloudy day in October.


Visitors to Valencia should be aware that rainfall in October has risen compared with the previous month of September and is the wettest time of the year in Valencia. There is an average rainfall of 89mm expected throughout the month and a 25% chance of rain, so you may want to pack an umbrella, just in case.

However, October is a lovely time of year to visit Valencia, especially if you want to see the area outside of the peak tourism season. The weather is warm and pleasant and any wet weather that does occur usually clears up quickly. 

Valencia Hotels in October

In October, hotel prices in Valencia start to drop as the peak summer season subsides. This means that visitors can get some great deals on accommodation in the city.

For a luxurious stay, the SH Valencia Palace Hotel is highly rated. Conveniently located near the Jardí del Túria and in front of the Palau de la Música in Valencia, the hotel offers four star accommodation and first-class service. Guests can relax by the rooftop pool or dine at the on-site Albufera Restaurant which serves fresh, local cuisine.

On the other end of the budget scale, the Hotel Villacarlos provides holiday makers with a comfortable and affordable place to stay with prices at around £34 per night. The hotel is situated close to the City of Arts and Sciences and is just 0.9 miles to the city centre, with easy access by bus. The simply decorated hotel makes a great base for exploring Valencia.

Valencia Beaches for October

Valencia is privileged to be both a beach and a city destination and many tourists still make time to visit Valencia's beautiful beaches in October. While the weather may prohibit sunbathing on some days, the coast still makes for a great day out with the family. The sea temperatures around Valencia are still relatively pleasant in October. After the hot summer months of JulyAugust and September, the water remains at an average of 22°C which is more than warm enough for swimming.

Valencia has many urban beaches, including La Malvarrosa beach. Sitting between the town of Alboraya and Calle Acequia de la Cadena, just 15 minutes from the centre, this large sandy beach is relatively unspoiled and offers some great views. Visitors can also enjoy the promenade of shops, restaurants and cafés here.

Further afield, there are some more natural beaches within just 10km of Valencia City. Beaches such as El Saler and L'Arbre del Gos beach are surrounded by sand dunes and wild vegetation.

Bars and Restaurants

Unlike some Spanish resorts, Valencia's restaurants, bars and cafés tend to stay open all year round, so there is plenty of choice for eating and drinking in October.

For a true taste of Spanish cuisine, head to Casa Guillermo near Valencia Harbour. The long-standing restaurant has been around for over 50 years and is always packed with locals and tourists, so you may need to book a table. Casa Guillermo is famed for its fabulous seafood dishes as well as its Spanish-style 'bocadillo' sandwiches.

Located in the historic quarter of El Carmen, Refugio offers a unique dining experience for visitors to Valencia. The restaurant blends international flavours, resulting in an interesting menu of rice, fish and meat dishes. The lunch time menu is great value.

Those with a sweet tooth will love Turrones Ramos, a traditional Spanish sweet shop located in the Ciutat Vella. Here you can buy Turrón, a type of nougat that's made in Jijona. It makes a tasty treat on the go or a great souvenir to take home with you.

Things to do in Valencia in October

Although it is outside of the most popular tourist season, there is still lots of fun things to see and do in Valencia in October.

Festival Internacional de Pirotecnia (International Fireworks Festival) is a spectacular event to attend if you're in Valencia at the beginning of the month. The fabulous fireworks display is set to music, creating an amazing atmosphere and fantastical event.

Alternatively, Día de la Comunidad Valenciana (Day of the Valencian Community) is an important cultural event occurring in Valencia in October. Commemorating King Jaime I's victory in 1238 over the occupying Moorish forces, the festival involves an elaborate parade. The event culminates in the Day of Saint Dionisio, a Valencian Valentine's Day where men give their loved ones gifts of marzipan sweets wrapped in a traditional neckerchief.

With falling temperatures and a chance of rain, October is a great time to explore some of Valencia's amazing museums and galleries. The famous City of Arts and Sciences located just outside of the city centre offers visitors a wealth of culture and art, with everything from the Oceanogràfic aquarium to the Príncipe Felipe museum of science. You can also admire some amazing modern architecture by Spanish architects Santiago Calatrava and Felix Candela.

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