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Borneo Weather in August, Indonesia


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Borneo Averages August

  • What is Average Temperature?
    The average high temperature and the average low temperature for that month, on a daily basis, divided by 2 equals the average temperature for that month


  • What is Average High Low Temperature?
    The sum of high temperatures/low temperatures divided by the number of days in that month, recorded daily

    High Temperature

  • What is Average High Low Temperature?
    The sum of high temperatures/low temperatures divided by the number of days in that month, recorded daily

    Low Temperature

  • What are Average Daily Sunshine Hours?
    Total sunshine hours for the month, divided by the number of days in the month. Sunshine hours are taken with a sunshine recorder, either a Campbell-Stokes recorder or an Eppley Pyreheliometer

    Sunshine Hours

    9 hours
  • What is Average Rainfall?
    The amount of mm in rain for that month divided by the number of days, and the number of days that it rains during that month on average, over a given period of years


    241 mm

Borneo Daily Averages August

August, 2024

1 Avg 26º 79º
2 Avg 26º 79º
3 Avg 27º 81º
4 Avg 27º 81º
5 Avg 27º 81º
6 Avg 26º 79º
7 Avg 25º 77º
8 Avg 26º 79º
9 Avg 27º 81º
10 Avg 26º 79º
11 Avg 27º 81º
12 Avg 26º 79º
13 Avg 27º 81º
14 Avg 27º 81º
15 Avg 27º 81º
16 Avg 27º 81º
17 Avg 26º 79º
18 Avg 25º 77º
19 Avg 26º 79º
20 Avg 25º 77º
21 Avg 26º 79º
22 Avg 27º 81º
23 Avg 26º 79º
24 Avg 27º 81º
25 Avg 26º 79º
26 Avg 26º 79º
27 Avg 27º 81º
28 Avg 27º 81º
29 Avg 26º 79º
30 Avg 25º 77º
31 Avg 27º 81º
Avg Historical Daily Average

What's The Weather Like In Borneo In August

Home to UNESCO World Heritage-listed volcanoes, unique wildlife, breathtaking coral reefs, a variety of ancient cultures as well as downright spectacular sand beaches, Borneo has everything one could possibly be looking for in a tropical holiday destination. It offers world-class hiking, diving, and unforgettable cuisine and culture. Moreover, the weather is extraordinary, too. While it might occasionally get quite wet, the island of Borneo has a surprisingly stable climate.


August falls in the dry season, one of the island's two seasons, and is a brilliant month to holiday in Borneo. As daytime temperatures rise up to 34°C on average, you should make sure to pack plenty of sun screen and drink lots of water while out and about during your trip. Even at night, the average low temperature is 24°C, which might make sleeping difficult if you don't have air-conditioning in your hotel room or apartment.

The overall average temperature in August is 29°C, which makes this the second hottest month of the year after July.


Even though Borneo is well-known for its rain showers, August remains primarily dryhis is the dry season. However, there is still a total amount of rainfall of 241mm, which mainly falls during guaranteed thunderstorms.

Thunderstorms occur 68% of the time when it rains in August. The chance that you will experience any type of rainfall in August is quite high throughout the entire month and rises in the course of the month, from 63% to 68%. If you keep an eye on the weather forecast for approaching thunderstorms, you will be absolutely fine during your holiday.

Sunshine Hours

In August, there are 9 hours of sunshine per day on average, making this the third sunniest month of the year, after the three previous months and together with March and September. Considering that there are about 12 daylight hours per day in Borneo, it can be concluded that this is a mainly sunny destination.

Borneo Hotels In August

Le Grandeur Balikpapan

Le Grandeur Balikpapan offers everything you could possibly need during your August holiday in Kalimantan, the Indonesian part of Borneo. This superb and popular hotel is a smoke-free hotel, featuring its own private beach, an outdoor pool, a gym and a spa. There is free Wi-Fi in public areas. Guests can refuel and wind down after a day of exploring and sightseeing at the Palm Café, which serves Indonesian and international cuisine. Room service is available as well.

Whiz Prime Hotel Balikpapan

When looking for a hotel in Balikpapan, you are encouraged to also check out Whiz Prime Hotel Balikpapan. This hotel has meeting and business facilities, free Wi-Fi, a restaurant, free parking and well-appointed rooms. All major attractions in the city lie within easy reach.

Zurich Hotel Balikpapan

Zurich Hotel Balikpapan is yet another suggested place to stay in Balikpapan. Located a 15-minute drive from the heart of the city, this hotel features rooms equipped with TVs, air-conditioning, a sitting area, a fridge and a bathrooms. Rooms offer fine views of the city and the sea.

Borneo Beaches For August

Palm Beach

Located about 17 kilometres from the Singkawang city centre in West Kalimantan, Palm Beach is an ideal place to enjoy the 9 sunshine hours each day and/or to find refuge from the 34°C-warm afternoons. The beach is approximately 2 kilometres long and made up of white sand. An ideal beach for families, it is home to a children's playground, a café, a restaurant and even a swimming pool. 

Bars And Restaurants

Ocean's Resto

One of the most popular seafood restaurants in Kalimantan is Ocean's Resto in Balikpapan. Its menu features a wide selection of Indonesian and Chinese fish and seafood dishes, as well as many beers, wines and fruit juices. The restaurant is located along the waterfront.

Kepiting Dandito

Another recommended restaurant in Balikpapan is Kepiting Dandito, a popular and well-rated eatery famous for its crab dishes.

Mesra's Resto's Open House

Also definitely try out Mesra's Resto's Open House in Balikpapan. Set atop a hill, this scenic restaurant offers amazing views of Balikpapan and the ocean beyond. It serves delicious Mediterranean food in an eclectic interior and lush tropical gardens. A recommended place for both lunch and dinner.

Things To Do In Borneo In August

Borneo Tour Gigant

Both the west and east side of the island offer plenty of activities to enjoy. Kick things off with a trip on the East Kalimantan, where you can visit the underrated but breathtakingly beautiful Kutai National Park, where, as well as orangutans and other animals, you will get the chance to spot colourful exotic birds. Consider booking a visit with a tour company such as Borneo Tour Gigant.

Derawan Islands archipelago

Another popular tourist attraction in East Kalimantan is the Derawan Islands archipelago. This phenomenal destination is a must-visit during your holiday in August, a place home to stunning white sand beaches, crystal-clear blue water, countless palm trees and beautiful coral reefs. This is one of the world's best dive destinationshe waters are home to giant green and hawksbill turtles, dolphins, manta ray, jellyfish, barracudas and, occasionally, whales.

Independence Day

On August 17, Indonesia celebrates its Independence Day, so you can enjoy many festivities on the island, including boat races along the Sungai Martapura River and various parties all over the country, including, of course, Kalimantan.