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Altinkum Weather in August, Turkey

Altinkum Averages August


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    13 hours
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August Weather Averages

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What's the weather like in Altinkum in August

Sea Temperature

Beach lovers will be in their element as August rolls around, as this is the month with the warmest sea temperature on average throughout the whole year, which means spending the day splashing around in the sun is the ideal summer activity. Beaches are typically busy at this time, but get there early and you should secure the best space in this wonderful weather. In fact, the sea temperature sits at an average of 25°C throughout the month it's like taking a warm bath, but with much better scenery!


Altinkum is certainly in the hot grips of summer at this time of year, and for those who don't enjoy high temperatures, it's probably a good idea to avoid these months and wait until maybe October, for cooler temperatures and less crowds. If you want full on summer however, this is the time for you, with an average temperature of 25°C, reaching an average high of a wonderful 28°C. Again, just like with July, heat waves are very possible at this time of year, so do be aware of how much sun you're exposing yourself to throughout the day be sensible, sun stroke is not a pleasant affliction.


Evenings are very warm still, and air con in your hotel will certainly be needed if you want to get a good night's sleep. The low only reaches around 21°C on average, which doesn't feel much different from the daytime air temperature! Rain is not a problem, just with the previous month, and the rates are the same, basically non-existent, and not even averaging a millimetre! The official precipitation rate is literally 0mm, affecting 3 days to a basically non-existent rate.

Sunshine Hours

One thing you will notice however is sun, plenty of it! An average of 13 hours of sun per day is your treat for visiting this beautiful Turkish resort during the summer months and with evening lows of a mild 21°C your holiday days will feel gloriously long.

Altinkum Hotels for August

Altinkum has a huge range of hotels on offer, with all board basis' catered for. During August, which is the height of the peak season, you will need to book your accommodation in advance, to ensure you have a comfortable base for your holiday. Tuntas Beach Hotel Altinkum is a very popular choice, and one which is always full. This is quite a grand hotel, situated right on the beach, with a poolside bar offering refreshments in the heat of summer.

If bed and breakfast is your choice then Delta Hotel is a good one. You can go half board if you prefer, but the hotel's location is its real winner, literally 50m from the beach, with shops and nightlife very nearby. The restaurant here also comes very highly recommended.

Maybe you prefer to do a room only choice, in which case you can get out and about a little more. Beach Villas Hotel is a homely base for your holiday, with everything you need. The beach is just a few minutes' walk away, and rooms can sleep up to 8, making it a good choice for larger groups and families.

Altinkum Beaches for August

If you want to escape the crowds on the main beaches during these peak months then heading off to a beautiful, off the beaten track beach is the order of the day. Didim Manastlr Koyu is popular amongst locals and is a very quiet beach, where the kids can run and play to their heart's content. There is plentiful space and the waters are calm and shallow. There are plentiful sun loungers and parasols on offer too.

Bars and Restaurants

An authentic dining experience should definitely be sought for at least one night during your holiday, and for authentic cuisine, check out Hasanaki Et ve Balik Restaurant & Beach Garden. This is a real seafood restaurant, serving that day's fresh catch. You sit on the beach with the waves lapping at your feet, making this a really special choice for your evening meal.

If you have a fussy eater in your group then you won't struggle to find something to suit however, and Dolunay is a good option. Here you will find many international dishes, with fantastic presentation to give it a special edge. The T bone steak here is highly recommended and the desserts are delicious.

The same can be said for Chico's, which is also famed for steaks, and is a family run establishment which welcomes back return guests year after year. 

Things to do in Altinkum in August

Whilst the peak summer months certainly mean that beach time is the order of the day, especially considering that August is the warmest month in terms of sea temperature, sometimes you simply need to do something else, and there is certainly plenty of choice in Altinkum and the surrounding area.

Nearby Didim Aquapark is a great day out, with water rides and slides for the kids, and a large pool for the adults to chill out. Lifeguards are on duty throughout the day, and the park overlooks the beautiful Aegean Sea. Didim is very close to Altinkum, literally a few minutes on the dolmus, so this is an easily accessible day out.

If you don't find the idea of water slides appealing, how about a lazy day cruise? Mermaid Boat Trips are amongst the many boat companies who offer this kind of public boat trip, lasting usually from around 10am to 4pm, including lunch and refreshments. You are generally advised to book well ahead during peak season, however it is possible to wander down to the harbour and find a trip that morning if you get there early enough.

Of course, you don't have to concentrate your daily activities on the water, and maybe you want to get out into nature. In that case, how about a spot of horse riding? Horse Riding Turkey offer many different tours, tailor-made to your needs, and these can also span over a few days on a true adventure. There is plentiful wildlife, wonderful sights, flora and fauna around the resort, and exploring this with the company of a majestic horse is a wonderful experience.