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La gomera Weather in May, Spain

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May, 2024

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5 Avg 19º 66º
6 Avg 20º 68º
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8 Avg 21º 70º
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La Gomera is an island in the Canary Island group located south of Spain and just off the coast of Africa. Smaller and quieter than many of the other Canary Islands, La Gomera has a different vibe to its neighbours. Instead of mass tourism, guests here will find rugged mountain scenery, secluded beaches and beautiful nature.

What's The Weather Like In La Gomera In May

As a result of its location the climate in La Gomera is great all year round, with hot and sunny summers and mild, sub-tropical winters. In May, spring starts to slowly turn into summer. Temperatures continue to rise and each day gets longer and sunnier.

Sunshine Hours

The island enjoys an average of 11 hours of sunshine each day throughout the month of May with a 47% chance of a sunny day.


In terms of temperature, the average daily temperature in La Gomera in May is a pleasant 20°C, making for warm days without the excessive heat. Highs can rise up to 23°C though, so travelers should take care at the hottest times of the day. La Gomera can experience a drop in temperature during the evenings, with lows of 16°C.

Sea Temperature

Those who want to take a dip in the Atlantic during their holiday to La Gomera will be pleased to hear the water is beginning to warm up in May. The average sea temperature is around 21°C, making it comfortable to swim in.


With summer on the horizon, rainfall begins to slow in May. The month still sees 12 wet days, the same as April, but rainfall is much lighter with only 132mm of precipitation falling. This results in just a 3% chance of a rainy day in La Gomera, meaning that your holiday shouldn't be ruined by rain.

May is a wonderful time to visit La Gomera. Before peak summer temperatures arrive, the weather is warm but not sweltering, making conditions ideal for exploring the island.

La Gomera Hotels In May

Tamahuche Rural Hotel

Run by a local family, the Tamahuche Rural Hotel strives to make every guest feel like a family member. Like many of the other adventure traveler-friendly hotels, this resort will cater to your needs while you plan and even recover from your hikes on the island. Best of all, this resort is very budget-friendly despite the extremely hands-on level of care you'll get from the owners. They'll even prepare lunches for you while you walk around the island - for a small cost.

Laurisilva Apartments

For those wishing to stay in Valle Gran Rey, Laurisilva Apartments are a great value option. The complex's 150 fully furnished apartments each feature a balcony, a separate living area and a kitchen, offering convenience for families or those who want to holiday on a budget. Guests here can enjoy the on-site swimming pool during the day and the bar and restaurant on an evening.

La Gomera Beaches For May

Unlike many beaches in the Canary Islands, the beaches on the coast of La Gomera are generally quiet and undeveloped. Secluded coves and peaceful stretches of black sand are the perfect place to relax, soak up the sun or cool off in the ocean.

Playa de San Sebastian

One of the most popular beaches on the island both with locals and tourists is in the west, in San Sebastian. Playa de San Sebastian is just a few minutes from the centre of town and is protected by a jetty, preventing high swells in the water. This makes it a great beach for families and children to visit. There's even a playground to keep kids entertained.

Bars And Restaurants

Gomeran cuisine is typically similar to the rest of the Canary Islands and is influenced by Spanish cuisine. Visitors to the island should be sure to sample some authentic Canarian cuisine which includes fresh fish and seafood, tapas and meat dishes.

La Tasca

Located in San Sebastian, La Tasca is a great choice if you're looking for traditional Mediterranean cuisine such as Spanish tortilla and cuttlefish. Each dish is freshly homemade for the best flavour. The prices here are reasonable too perfect for those who want to eat out on a budget.

Bar Victoria

For a taste of the country, visitors to La Gomera should make Bar Victoria their first stop. Located off the beaten track, this little bar can be found in the hills of El Cercado. The food here is definitely worth the trek, with fresh, local dishes that can be washed down with a choice of Canarian wines. 

Restaurante El Baifo

Although traditional fare is the staple of La Gomera, other cuisines can be discovered. For a change of pace, check out Restaurante El Baifo in Valle Gran Rey. This contemporary restaurant serves a fusion of French and Asian cuisine with an array of rice and noodle dishes which are perfect if you've had your fill of Spanish flavours. 

Things To Do In La Gomera In May

Like much of Europe, the Canary Islands celebrate Mother's Day during the month of May. If you're traveling with your mother, your children or the mother of your children at this time, be sure to make dinner reservations for a special evening in La Gomera.

Canarian Day

During May, Canarians also celebrate a special event known as 'Canarian Day'. Held on May 30th, this day celebrates the history and culture of these islands, both before and after Spanish influence. Traditional meals and performances are put on all across the islands by locals and tourists can witness these fun events.

Alto de Garajonay

Many travelers visit La Gomera to take advantage of its stunning scenery and mountainous terrain by walking and hiking around the island. One of the tallest peaks on the island, the Alto de Garajonay is a spectacular mountain you can climb via hiking trails. If you brave the hike up to the summit, you'll be able to view beyond La Gomera to the ocean and other Canary Islands in the distance.