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Altinkum Weather in May, Turkey

Altinkum Averages May


  • What is Average Temperature?
    The average high temperature and the average low temperature for that month, on a daily basis, divided by 2 equals the average temperature for that month


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    The sum of high temperatures/low temperatures divided by the number of days in that month, recorded daily

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  • What are Average Daily Sunshine Hours?
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    Sunshine Hours

    12 hours
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    Rainfall Days

    5 days
  • What is Average Rainfall?
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    19 mm

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May Weather Averages

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What's the weather like in Altinkum in May

Sunshine Hours

Whilst May is classed as still in the spring category, the weather by the end of the month certainly feels much more in the summer bracket, with a huge 12 hours of sunshine per day on average! Clouds disappear, skies become endlessly blue, and the resort feels much more like a holiday resort.


Altinkum is generally closed during the off season, but from now on is when things start to hot up again in terms of temperature and crowds; despite this, it is still a good time to grab a cheap deal, and also to experience early summer without major heat, yet still fantastic weather.  

The average monthly temperature is a wonderfully mild 17°C, however on those warmer days, the mercury can rise into the 20s for the first time all year, averaging up to 21°C on average. The other major difference is that the evenings are getting slightly warmer too, and although you will still need a jacket, you won't be requiring a thick coat! You can expect an average low temperature of around 12°C during the evenings, which is a major jump up in temperature.


Another huge difference is the amount of rain which generally falls throughout the month. You can only expect around 19mm of rain on average, which is completely unnoticeable a lot of the time, and only affects around 5 days to some degree or another. You're unlikely to need an umbrella at all from now until September, so it can be packed away!

Sea Temperature

By the end of the month you will notice that the beaches in the resort begin to be populated, when before they were quite empty. This is no doubt because with the increase in air temperature comes a big increase in the water temperature, and the Aegean now sits at a very mild 19°C on average throughout the month; this means that swimming and water-sports are possible, and you will find good deals on the latter in the early season.

Altinkum Hotels for May

Summer is now in full swing in terms of the summer season in Altinkum, and visitors have plentiful choice of where to stay. If you're wanting to find a cheap deal, this is a good time to visit, and there are many hotels and apartments which offer a budget base, whilst also being comfortable and offering many facilities. Burak Hotel is one of those hotels, offering a B&B or half board choice, and located right on the main road, so you don't have too far to go in any direction.

Alternatively, Mutlu Apartments offer a self-catering option for your holiday in a one bedroom apartment, which is again close to everything you will ever need.

If however you don't want to make your own breakfast, Panormos Hotel is for you. You can go half board or just B&B, with many facilities to make your holiday run smoothly. This particular hotel feels homely, and is located perfectly.

Altinkum Beaches for May

Altinkum's main beach is packed during the height of summer season, but May is the ideal time to enjoy the space, before the crowds arrive in their droves.

The town's main beach is crescent-shaped and has golden sand, with acres of space to roam. The beach is the focus of daily life during the summer months, and there are water-sports on offer for a cool down, as well as glass-bottom boats heading from the jetty. The restaurants which line the promenade are also perfect for a cool, refreshing drink. 

Bars and Restaurants

Many restaurants in Altinkum receive return visitors year after year, which is certainly the gold standard to follow. Topkapi Restaurant is one of those establishments which sees visitors returning time and time again, and it's understandable when you see its location, right on the beach. There is also a vibrant atmosphere during the summer months, with dancing and great food.

My Eden Restaurant & Bar is another popular option, and is quite famous for its steaks. Cocktails here are great too, and the owner promises a memorable dining experience for all the right reasons the number of people who go back proves that claim.

Shooting Star Restaurant, Café & Bar offers a fun pub vibe, which is ideal for a family holiday, or for groups who want a fun start to a night out. They serve international food with plentiful entertainment too. 

Things to do in Altinkum in May

The warm evenings which May brings are perfect for exploring the region, and the night market at Mavisehir, a small town on the outskirts of the main resort, is a big favourite. There are countless stalls and street food vendors, and you can shop for interesting souvenirs, including small glass candle holders, in all manner of colourful hues. Haggle a little if you're buying multiple items in particular, and see if you can get a discount. Don't forget some Turkish delight! The market is easy to reach by local bus, however if you prefer you will be able to find excursions there too.

If you want a full day out and a true adventure then head to Dalyan and the famous mud baths. This is a tiring day but certainly a fun one, which is ideal to do before the major heat arrives. The baths are said to have healing properties, and once you have wallowed in mud and had your photo taken, you will shower it off and soak in a sulphur bath, which although a little smelly, does wonders for your skin. From there you will head off down the Dalyan River, past the Lycian King's Tombs, and on towards Turtle Beach, which is a breeding ground for the endangered loggerhead turtle. You will generally have free time on the beach before heading back to the resort. Tiring but worth it!

If you feel the need for a little adrenaline, then kitesurfing could be for you. Whether you're an expert, intermediate, or you've never even stepped onto a board before in your life, you can learn with Radical Kitesurf, offering lessons for every ability. This is a great and fun activity for cooling down in the increasing temperatures.