Averages for Zante in March

What's the Weather Like in Zante in March


The island weather for March in Zante, Greece, is still cool, with temperatures close to the previous month. The average temperatures are 13Cº (55Fº) with an average high of 16Cº (61Fº) and average low of 9Cº (48Fº). The March dew point, a better measure of comfort per person, is dry and comfortable. In the beginning of the month, the days feel like 9Cº (49Fº) but rising to...

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  • Temperature Temperature 13°C 55°F
  • High Temperature Holiday Weather 16°C 61°F
  • Low Temperature Holiday Weather 9°C 48°F
  • Sunshine Hours Sunshine Hours 6 hrs
  • Rainfall Rainfall 90 mm
  • Rainfall days Rainfall days 10 days

What's the Weather Like in Zante in March


The island weather for March in Zante, Greece, is still cool, with temperatures close to the previous month. The average temperatures are 13Cº (55Fº) with an average high of 16Cº (61Fº) and average low of 9Cº (48Fº). The March dew point, a better measure of comfort per person, is dry and comfortable. In the beginning of the month, the days feel like 9Cº (49Fº) but rising to 11Cº (52Fº) and the low feels like  5.5Cº (42Fº).


The relative humidity is unchanged from the previous month, with a high of 92% and a low of 66%, then declining to a low of 60% by the end of the month, so there is no discomfort due to heat and humidity. The record high for March was 18Cº (64Fº) in 1998 record low was 0.3Cº (37Fº) in 2003.


The Mediterranean weather pattern is consistent. There is an average of 10 days of rainfall for a total of 4½ inches, 1½ inches less from the previous month. 42% of the rainfall is considered light, with about 25% labeled moderate. Thunderstorms occur less than 10% of the time.


The winds begin to decrease significantly in March with speed averaging 5mph, defined as a light breeze, and varies from zero to a high of 10mph, considered a gentle breeze. Most of the wind direction is from the north (32%), the southeast (28%), the south (15%), and the northwest (5%) but much of the month records no wind.

Average Sunshine Hours

The average day of sunshine hours remains improves to 6 with visible daylight improving from 10 hours at the beginning of the month, to 12 by the end.

Average Sea Temperature

The March average sea temperature is the coldest of the year at 15Cº (59Fº), making swimming feasible, but still a little chilly.

Cloud Coverage

The median cloud cover begins the at 60% but decreases slightly to 58% by the end. The cloud cover types stays steady from  50% mostly clear days, 40% partly cloudy, decreasing to 38% by the end of the month; 25% mostly cloudy,  and overcast, less than 10%.

Zante Hotels in March

The Villa San Andreas apartments, located near Laganas town and beach, comprise seven appartments which are ideal for families (the property has it's own play area for children and a garden), or groups of four to five people. Each unit has its own balcony plus a kitchenette with electric kettle, stove and free WiFi. Taverns, restaurants, and shops are all within walking distance.

Ktima Kourou, in Tragaki, features a lobby which showcases local objects from the last century plus a collection of old Zakynthian books belonging to the owners, the Kouros family. The lodgings are a series of villas, including a three-bedroom house of fine wood and marble. It's set in an estate surrounded by a stone wall enclosing a garden of jasmine, begonias, granducos, and roses. 

The Plaza Hotel and  Apartments, centrally located in Zakynthos across from the Agia Triada beach, is within easy walking distance of Solomos Square with its museums, famous library and nightlife. Recently renovated, the hotel consists of single, double, and triple rooms plus family suites. A full breakfast buffet is featured; you can also order from the menu. 

Zante Beach for March

The beach at Agios Sostis, located 6 miles southwest of Zakynthos, offers a view of Agios Sostis island, which is accessible by a small, wooden bridge. The water is shallow, making it suitable for children. The beach has a small resort feel with traditional tavernas and bars located nearby. The area boasts pine trees, rock formations, and caves. Rent a boat and explore the shore.

Kalamaki beach is a sandy beach with warm, shallow waters and views of Laganas Bay. It is near several beachfront hotels, restaurants, and tavernas, but a short walk takes you to isolated and tranquil areas. This beach is a protected nesting ground for the endangered Caretta-Caretta sea turtle, so it is closed after dark until the morning sunrise.

Bars and Restaurants

Next to the Zante Park Hotel in Laganas is the Kohili Fish Taverna, a refreshing change from other restaurants in the town. Its inconspicuous facade makes it easy to miss but it ranks as one of the island's best tavernas. Greek food connoisseurs will delight in the fava, spinach and chickpea balls, prawns with garlic and ouzo, and octopus stifado. Greek music is featured, too.

The Fidelio Restaurant is located at the Alykes Crossroads in Alykes. It serves a traditional Greek menu from breakfast through late night plus offers delivery for those staying in town. Greek yogurt, honey, cases, juice and coffee are popular breakfast options. It is great for families with children, large groups, special occasions, and even those dining on a budget. It tends to get busy, so get there early or make reservations.

Popolaros Taverna in  Ampelokipoi, Zante, prepares traditional Zakynkthian recipes using local ingredients. Homemade bread is made from the wheat they grow and baked in a traditional wood burning oven. Meats are raised on the farm and vegetables that are served are harvested every day from their own garden. Listen to Kantades, which are island folk songs performed by local musicians. 

Gelato Cafe should be the first port of call for those looking to satiate their sweet tooth. This small and friendly Tsilivi establishment serves a range of mouth-watering treats such as crepes, waffles and Italian ice creams. The portions are generous, and it's a great place to round off a lunchtime or evening meal. 

Things to do in Zante in March

While the March weather begins to moderate in Zante, Greece, rain and coolness still dictate indoor activities. One idea is a visit to the many churches which populate the island. Zante Town is an example of the Venetian influenced architecture (the Venetian Empire ruled the island for over 300 years). St. Dionisios Church is the largest on the island with it's bell tower standing guard over the port. It was named for the Patron Saint of island, St. Dennis, who was born in Zante to privilege, but chose to serve those of lesser means.

The Church of St. Nicholas of Mole is located at Solomos Square, near the waterfront of the Zante port. Built in 1561, it is the only Venetian style church to have survived the earthquake of 1953 and is one of the oldest buildings on the island. The robes of St. Dionisios, who served here, are here.

St. Markos Catholic Church is located next to the Solomos and Kalvos Museum in St. Markos Square. It was rebuilt after the earthquake and, although smaller than the original, is known for its beautiful interior. It is the only Catholic church on the island.

March events in Zante


Forty Saints Day

9th March 2018

Forty Saints Day is an annual public feast celebrated in Zante in the Spring season at the Analipsi church in Zakynthos town, where a public feast is held. Zakynthos town itself is a beautiful picturesque town which is locations towards the middle of the Easten Coast of Zakynthos.

Public Holidays

Greek Independence Day

25th March 2018

On the 25th locals celebrate the Greek revolt in 1821 against the Turkish occupants. The celebrations start with military parades in Athens which occurs at the same time as the Feast of Annunciation. As this is a public holiday most small businesses and shops will be closed on this day.


Annunciation of Virgin Mary

25th March 2018

Zante celebrates the Annunciation of Virgin Mary with another fantastic public feast to taking place in Gerakari village. The feast commemorates the announcement by the Archangel Gabriel to the Virgin Mary that Jesus Christ, would become incarnate and enter into this world through her womb. Gerakari Village itself is a picturesque, peaceful small village located on the top of a hill around 13km north-western from the town of Zykanthos.

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