Averages for Marrakesh in March

Weather lowdown

March sees temperatures continue to rise in Marrakesh and the weather is mild enough to enjoy everything the city has to offer in comfort. It is still not quite the busy tourist season but the weather will be a welcome reprieve from rainy March in northern Europe.

The temperature in Marrakesh in March has a reasonable range from 11 degrees Celsius up to 23 degrees. The average of these temperatures to...

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Averages for Marrakesh in March

  Temperature 17°C


Low Temperature 11°C


  High Temperature 25°C


  Sunshine Hours 8 hrs
  Chance of Sunny Day 32 %
  Rainfall 38mm
  Rainfall days 7.5 days
  Chance of Rain 17 %
  Chance of Cloudy Day 9 %
Chance of Windy Day 3 %
Daily averages for March

Daily averages for March

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Averages for Marrakesh in March

Weather lowdown

March sees temperatures continue to rise in Marrakesh and the weather is mild enough to enjoy everything the city has to offer in comfort. It is still not quite the busy tourist season but the weather will be a welcome reprieve from rainy March in northern Europe.

The temperature in Marrakesh in March has a reasonable range from 11 degrees Celsius up to 23 degrees. The average of these temperatures to expect on any given day is 17 degrees. Due to the considerable swing in temperatures, it is best to pack layers when traveling to this landlocked city. Nights can be quite chilly but days will feel like mid-summer in northern Europe. The average hours of sunshine that bask the area grow to twelve per day. And the region only sees around 40 millimetres of precipitation throughout the month of March but it falls primarily over the course of six days.

Where to stay

Ranked as one of the most luxurious hotels in the city, the Riad Dar Anika will please even the most discerning tastes. With splendid interior decorations including serene pools with sculptures and traditional architecture, this hotel packs a lot of value into a small hotel. If you are traveling to Marrakesh and want to enjoy luxury without blowing your budget, you could book a trip for some of your nights at this hotel before transferring to a more affordable option.

The Maison MK is one of the most modern and luxurious hotels in the city. Housing one of Marrakesh’s most progressive restaurants, this hotel seeks to combine modern comfort and amenities with traditional décor and architecture. Each room has a small balcony that you can enjoy a view of the city from as well as enjoy a provided meal or room service on. Better yet, this hotel has some entertaining programs available to guests including taking cooking classes in its gourmet restaurant, Gastro MK.

Marrakesh might not be a traditional family destination but the Zamzam Riad makes families feel welcome. Extremely accommodating to parents traveling with children of all ages, this hotel has won recognition from Trip Advisor for its service.

The Riad Slawi is a great value for Moroccan accommodations. Held in high-regard by former guests, the management and staff of this riad are attentive and conscientious. As the hotel can be hard to find, don’t hesitate to take their offer on escort from the train station.

Exquisite and lavish, the Riad de la Belle Epoque is a natural choice for the fashionable traveller. With only seven rooms, each of them has a special name including Coco Chanel, Mata Hari, Josephine Baker and Isadora Duncan to name a few. The former home has been transformed with art deco furniture and décor.

Art Deco furniture at Raid de la Belle Epoque Marrakesh

Raid de la Belle Epoque, a Moroccan take on art deco décor

Dates for the diary

One of the more unique festivals that occur in Marrakesh is held during March – the International Magic Festival usually in the third week of the month but sometimes it can fall in April. During this time, the city supports several international magicians and they perform throughout the city along with local performers. If you do not want to book tickets to see a magic show, there are numerous street performers who perform illusions for tips. Of course, with any street performance and busy foot traffic, keep your wallet and purses close at hand. These situations where you may be distracted are ideal for pickpockets.

Another popular event in the month of March is the Classic Motor Rally, which also occurs around the third week in March. Starting in Casablanca, this 2,000 kilometres road race zips through numerous notable Moroccan cities before finishing in Marrakesh. If you are a fan of motorsports or flashy cars, this event will be one you’ll never forget.

International Magic Festival Marrakesh

The International Magic Festival in March, Marrakesh

Things to do

Due to the quieter season, you can wander around Marrakesh's excellent museums without being disturbed. Formerly a royal palace, the Museum of Marrakech contains many exhibits of traditional paintings and ceramics, but is also a beautiful building and a typical grand home. With an inner courtyard, the building itself is an attraction. Each exhibit will be captioned in Arabic and French so you may want to bring a pocket dictionary or spring for the audio companion for these exhibits.

The Dar Si Said Museum, also known as the Museum of Moroccan Arts, is also situated in a former Royal palace. There is a huge array of historical exhibits, including pottery, jewellery, musical instruments and carpets that date back centuries. Many tourists adore this museum because of its combination of a low admissions price, stunning architecture and abundant exhibits. Located within a short walking distance of many other notable attractions, this museum is easily able to fit into a busy schedule as needed.

Marrakesh Museum

Ceramics at the Museum of Marrakesh

If you would rather be busy and active while on holiday, there are certainly numerous adventure excursions designed with you in mind. The Rough Tours Company offers many of those excursions. Staffed with experienced and certified guides, Rough Tours takes travellers on true adventures and helps expand their horizons while on holiday. If you visit their website, you can choose from a number of different trips from Marrakesh that vary in length, from two days up to eight days. Some trips include excursions to natural wonders as well as heritage sites to learn about local culture.

Things to eat & drink

It is hard to visit Marrakesh and not see the French colonial influence on local culture and particularly the food. L’Annexe is a fine example of French cuisine lingering on and winning fans in this independent nation. Also considered one of the best restaurants in the city, this eatery has quintessentially classic French dishes like duck confit, rabbit terrine and others that are bound to please you and your party. The French menu makes this a lovely restaurant to have a date or quiet night with loved ones.

If you would rather try something a little bit more adventurous, make reservations at the Amaia Restaurant, which has a menu foodies will love. This eatery has fusion dishes with influences from across Asia, Mediterranean Europe and beyond all made with Moroccan ingredients. If you are not particularly brave when looking at a menu, fret not. Not everything is terribly challenging but all of the menu prices are affordable. So feel free to order a few plates to share and see what items you like best.

L'Annexe duck confit.

Duck confit at L'Annexe restaurant, Marrakesh

March events in Marrakesh


Daily Tour

1st March 2016 to 31st March 2016

Marrakesh is home to some of the most beautiful places that you can visit to get a real taste of the culture when visiting. The lowest temperature in January is 7 degrees C so some places to visit that are indoors in the warm would be ideal.




Transmarocaine, Raid multisports

11th March 2016

The 10th edition of the Marrakech Transmarocaine is to be held in Marrakech. This rally is split up into 6 sections therefore section is done each day with a briefing afterwards then dinner at the hotel.



Rallye des Gazelles

18th March 2016 to 22nd March 2016

The Rallye Aïcha des Gazelles in held in Morocco and is the only Rally Raid 100% female. It has ben around since 1990 and brings together woman of all ages from 18-65 in the Moroccan desert.



Rallye Maroc Classic

24th March 2016 to 26th March 2016

This rally has been organized since 1993. This is an opportunity for classic car enthusiasts and prestige to discover Morocco in a unique way and live a week of automotive passion. It is set up of 7 different sections in which 1 section is completed a day. The sections are each 300 kilometres long. It departs from Casablanca and finishes in Marrakesh in time for the Grand Prix. Date has not been confirmed yet.




Global Marketer week

24th March 2016 to 26th March 2016

This is the first time that this meeting has been held in Marrakesh. The whole idea of this week is to address key problems facing advertisers from around the world and to inspire the marketers by taking about the success of other brands.



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