Averages for Paphos in March

What's the weather like in Paphos in March


Temperatures begin to climb during March in Paphos, but the sea temperatures off the nearby coast are at their lowest at this time of year, and moderate the temperatures, and thus March is still one of the least warm months of the year. There is an average daytime maximum temperature of 18.5°C and an average minimum ...

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  • Temperature Temperature 14°C 56°F
  • High Temperature Holiday Weather 19°C 65°F
  • Low Temperature Holiday Weather 9°C 48°F
  • Sunshine Hours Sunshine Hours 7 hrs
  • Rainfall Rainfall 34 mm
  • Rainfall days Rainfall days 5.5 days
  • Sea Temperature Sea Temperature 17°C 63°F

Daily averages for Paphos

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°C 14 16 15 15 15 15 15 15 15 15 15 16 16 15 16 14 14 14 14 15 14 16 15 15 15 16 17 16 15 15 16
°F 57 61 59 59 59 59 59 59 59 59 59 61 61 59 61 57 57 57 57 59 57 61 59 59 59 61 63 61 59 59 61

What's the weather like in Paphos in March


Temperatures begin to climb during March in Paphos, but the sea temperatures off the nearby coast are at their lowest at this time of year, and moderate the temperatures, and thus March is still one of the least warm months of the year. There is an average daytime maximum temperature of 18.5°C and an average minimum of 9°C overnight. Frosts are rare although an average March will feature one ground frost.


March is generally quite a dry month, with a mean precipitation total of 34mm, spread over an average of 8 wet days per month. Depending on the track of the jet stream and associated low pressure systems from the Atlantic Ocean, March rainfall can be very variable. During the period 1991-2005, the driest March had a mere 0.4mm of rain, while the wettest had 75mm. Thus, dry weather is not reliable during March but most lengthy March holidays to Paphos should feature significant dry spells.

Average Sunshine Hours

Sunshine is reliable during March with a long-term mean of 245 hours per March, which equates to 7.9 hours per day. Even when wet spells arrive, the rain is often heavy and over with quickly, allowing the sun to shine for significant periods in between.

Humidity and Sea Temperature

The mean relative humidity falls a little during March, with an average of 70%. The average sea temperature is at its lowest during February and March, with a long-term average is 17°C, which is rather cool for swimming in.

Paphos Hotels in March

There are many good hotels around Paphos, with choices to cater for most tastes. The Helios Bay Hotel at P.O. Box 60423, Paphos is a good beach hotel close to the sea with 4-star accommodation, and includes wheelchair access, a restaurant and a pool, among other attractions. Those after a traditional bed and breakfast can stay at the Pergell Bed & Breakfast, located at 1 Mesolonghiou st. Killi Village, PO Box 62323. For romantic occasions, the Amathus Beach Hotel Paphos, located at Poseidon Avenue, has sea view rooms and a wide range of facilities, including extensive spa facilities.

Those on a limited budget are well catered for too, and one good cheap option is the Queen's Bay Hotel at Coral Bay Road, PO Box 60416, which offers 3-star accommodation, and has a range of good facilities. Self-catering options include renting holiday homes/villas such as the Royal Seacrest, 500 metres from the Tomb of the Kings road.

Paphos Beach for March

March is not one of the best times of year for swimming or diving, but the beaches can be pleasant during fine spells, particularly as tourists tend not to be numerous at this time of year. Coral Bay is a popular beach for water sports and lies next to numerous attractions and restaurants.

The Lara Bay Turtle Conservation Station at Akamas is a secluded beach featuring turtles that are specially conserved, most notably the Chelonia mydas species, which is in danger of extinction. The south-eastern bay contains a sandy beach.

Bars and Restaurants

There are many good taverns at Paphos, including the Farmhouse Tavern at 51 Tomb of the Kings Road, which is particularly well-regarded for its lamb kleftiko. There are also many good Asian restaurants, and Wabi Sabi at 33 Coral Bay Road, Paphos is an attractive sushi restaurant and the restaurant sometimes broadcasts Tepanaki shows.

O'Neill's Irish Bar, at Tomb of the Kings Road, serves pub food during the daytime and offers sports coverage via TV screens. It also has live music on stage on every weekend, though not usually on weekdays at this time of year. Those who fancy an evening trip to see some theatre can consider trying the Ancient Odeon, a 2nd century theatre which often serves as the main base for theatrical performances at Paphos.

Things to do in Paphos in March

With reliable but not particularly hot weather, April is quite a good time of year to go for walks and seek out various beautiful scenic attractions in and around Paphos. The Akamas Peninsula is a good place to go for a wide range of unusual wildlife. There are pine, juniper and maquis forests, gorges, sand dunes and cliffs in the area.

A wide range of rare flora and fauna live in the area, and out of 128 endemic plant species of Cyprus, a total of 39 are found in this area alone. It is a good area to go for a walk or hike while surveying the scenery, and there are opportunities to sunbathe along the coastline too. The beaches are also the home of some turtles, including the endangered Green Turtle species.

Daktari Jeep Safari specialises in off-road trips to locations on the island that would normally be difficult to access. There are two main trips offered, to the Akamas Peninsula or to the Troodos Mountains. In the case of the Akamas trip, visitors are shown various attractions in the area, including visits to Lara Bay (the main turtle conservation spot), Akamas caves, and are then taken to have a lunch at a small village, before getting the opportunity to go swimming at Laitchi Bay. Visitors have a significant choice in which routes are used, and can focus on using main roads or off-road/dirt tracks depending on personal preference.

Dates for the diary

March features the Paphos Marathon and half-marathon event which is held annually, usually early in the month. The marathon lasts for approximately 5 hours and runs along the coast, starting at the Aphrodite's rock, and the half-marathon lasts for approximately 3 hours. There is also a fun run and a selection of music and dances.

On the 25th of March each year, the Classical Games celebrations are held at Pafiako Athletic Centre in Paphos and commemorate many ancient Olympic games, and feature music and fireworks near the end of the celebrations.

March events in Paphos


Cyprus Marathon

4th March 2018

The Cyprus Marathon consists of three different races: the marathon, half marathon and a 10km run. The course starts at the legendary birthplace of Aphrodite, Petra Tou Romiou and finishes at Paphos Mediaeval Fort Square.




Green Monday

14th March 2018

March 14th marks the beginning of Lent. As meat is forbidden during this period, many tourists get to enjoy the huge variety of locally produced vegetarian fare, especially the pastries kolokopitta and spanokopitta. During this time, there are festivals, kite-flying competitions, singing and dancing.


St. Patrick's Day

17th March 2018

Every year, the Irish community in Paphos hosts an annual St. Patrick's Day celebration, under the auspices of the Irish Ambassador. The celebration includes music, food, drink and camaraderie. Venue will be at Kamares Club.

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