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Amadores Live Weather, Canary Islands, Spain



25° 77°

Your Time: Time in Amadores: 10:43

10:00 AM, Sat 13th Jul

  • Temp feels like
  • Length of day
    13h 45m
  • Pressure
    29" (1014 hpa)
  • Visibility
    10 km (6miles)
  • Wind speed
    5 km/h

Sunrise 07:16

Sunset 21:01
  • Temp feels like:

    26ºC (78 ºF)

  • Length of day:

    13h 45m

  • Pressure:

    29" (1014 hpa)

  • Visibility:

    6 miles (10 km)

  • Wind speed:

    5 km/h

Weather in Amadores

Amadores is man-made tourist resort on the south west coast of Gran Canaria, one of the ever-popular Canary Islands belonging to Spain. The beautiful holiday resort is nestled between the resorts of Puerto Rico and Puerto Mogán and is located around 20km along the coast from the larger town of Maspalomas.

Despite Spain's ownership of these year-around holiday islands, they actually sit closer to the west coast of northern Africa, just off Morocco and the Western Sahara, which is what ensures fantastic weather no matter what the month of the year. Amadores, like the rest of the Canary resorts has a typically Mediterranean climate with warm and mild weather most of the time. In fact, people often refer to the Canaries as the Islands of Eternal Spring, as the weather is always spring-like and pleasant.

The warm, incredibly dry climate does a lot to help tourism in Amadores, with a small chance of rain and very little variation in temperature regardless of summer or winter status. This means tourists come here all year round to soak up the sunshine, relax on the resort's beautiful beaches and swim in the crystal clear blue sea. The resort is built around the main beach, Playa de Amadores, a large and protected bay with an 800 metre stretch of golden sand.

Small in size, Amadores is particularly popular with those who want peace and quiet, a laid-back holiday resort, and for families seeking a base away from the hustle and bustle of many other run of the mill holiday resorts. You won't find a huge nightlife scene here; instead, you'll find a relaxed atmosphere and a range of family-friendly hotels, cafés and restaurants. It's also a favourite choice for couples looking for a romantic break.

Because there is so little change in weather, Amadores really only has a summer or a winter, with no transitional spring or autumn period as with many other countries. The only downside is that due to the proximity of the Canary Islands to Africa, they can sometimes be in line to receive what is called 'sirocco'. This hot and humid wind carries sand from the Sahara and can cause some changes in the weather. When it occurs, you may experience a spike in temperatures, which can push up into the 20°Cs in winter, and the 30°Cs in summer. As you would expect, these winds also increase humidity levels in the area.

Summer Weather in Amadores

Summer in Amadores, and indeed the whole of Gran Canaria, is classed as from May to November, when temperatures are beautifully warm and the sun shines in abundance. The great thing about this time of year is that despite the warmth, the heat never gets to be too much, due to the cool north-easterly trade winds which help the island to stay comfortable. These winds also mean that fans of sports such as windsurfing and sailing flock to the island during the summer months to take advantage of the windy weather.


Temperatures peak in August in Amadores, hitting an average of around 26°C, with lows reaching the mid-teens at the beginning of May and end of November. Despite this, temperatures don't generally fall below an average of 20°C during the main summer months of June to September.


If you're looking for rain during this time then you will be disappointed, as May to September experiences very little rain indeed. July and August are the driest months of the year with hardly any rainfall to be seen.

Average Sunshine Hours

You may expect a few short, sharp showers in September, but these are fast to pass and leave behind blue skies. Instead, you can expect plentiful sun, with a fantastic average of 10 hours per day in July, falling to 6 hours per day in November still more than enough compared to other places at this time.

Average Sea Temperature

No matter what the time of year, you can expect a warm sea that never falls below 20°C and is great for swimming. However, September and October are the warmest months in terms of sea temperature, with an average of 23°C.

Winter Weather in Amadores


Just like the rest of the Canary Islands, the months of December through to April are classed as winter, but you could be fooled into thinking it was still summer. The weather is still very warm indeed, making Amadores the perfect winter sun destination, with great weather and a truly laid-back atmosphere at this time. You can expect the coolest temperatures of the year during the months of January and February, but even then you will see average highs of 18°C, which is certainly not cold! Compared to other European countries which are freezing at this time, it will feel very pleasant.


You may expect to see some rain during the 'winter' months in Amadores, especially December and January (the wettest months) so visitors should pack with this in mind. However, these bursts of rain are short and sharp, and don't cause too much of a problem. Any showers that occur should pass quickly, making way for clear and dry weather.

Average Sunshine Hours

On the other hand, the sun certainly shines in winter in Amadores, with 6 hours of brilliant, bright sunshine, increasing as the summer draws closer and winter leaves the region. This means visitors can spend much of their day at the beach or by the pool, even in winter. Perfect for a mid-winter escape.

Average Sea Temperature

The sea is still warm enough for swimming during this time too, so holiday makers can take a dip if they wish. Sea temperatures never fall below 19°C throughout the cooler, winter months, which is more than comfortable enough for swimming.

As you can see, Amadores is a perfect holiday destination, regardless of the month. Unlike other summer resorts, the weather is great all year round and there isn't much in terms of seasonal variation or extremes. Depending on how hot you like your temperatures, you can enjoy an excellent holiday in this resort at any time of the year. To find out more, check out the weather forecast for Amadores here