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The weather in Thassos is now 17°C (63°F) and is sunny. The rest of this afternoon the temperature will rise to 17°C (63°F). This evening’s weather in Thassos will be clear with temperatures falling to 12°C (54°F) and the sun will set at 7:39 pm. Tomorrow morning’s weather in Thassos will be sunny with temperatures betweeen 8°C (46°F) and 12°C (54°F). Check the forecast page for further information.

Partly Cloudy
Sunday 26 March 00:00 EET | 22:00 UTC+2h
Sun26 Mar
Mon27 Mar
Tue28 Mar
Wed29 Mar
Thu30 Mar
Fri31 Mar
Sat1 Apr
UK TIME:10:51
Average for March:12 °C
Temp feels like:18 °C
Length of Day:12 hours
Pressure:1011 hPa

Wind Speed:11 MPH SSE
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Weather overview for Thassos

Thassos is a Greek Island located in the North Aegean Sea and is probably the furthest north as far as Greek holiday destinations go. Due to its position in the North East of Greece, it experiences a climate much cooler than the other more popular Greek Islands such as Mykonos, Ios and Santorini. The summer months from June to August see average temperatures ranging from 24.5 in June, 27 ºC in July and 26.5 in August, cooling back down to 25 ºC bySeptember.

Thassos, it is argued, has much more to offer than just beaches, sunsets and parties. It is a ‘geographical gem’ as far as landscapes goes. The beaches, as well as being equipped with white sand and crystal clear water, are lined by greenery and large trees which grow right to the edge of the beach. If holidaying in Thassos it is best to split time up between the picturesque mountain villages and the relaxed waterfront resorts.

Thassos is largely unaffected by the masses of tourism that have slightly ruined the authenticity of other Greek Islands. When holidaying in Thassos you will quickly fall in to the delightfully relaxed slow pace of the locals. While Thassos is growing in popularity, your experience will be inclusive of a more traditional Greek atmosphere and culture than if you are to holiday in the more popular regions of Greece.


Thassos is sheltered by mainland Greece from the prevailing winds that affect other Greek Islands, so this means that when the temperatures rise so too can the level of discomfort as the days' heat is not broken up by a cooling wind. Thassos, however, does not reach the scorching temperature highs that the other islands do- so temperature discomfort is minimal.

The summer months from June to August see average temperatures ranging from 24.5 in June, 27 ºC in July and 26.5 in August, cooling back down to 25 ºC by September.

During this time the average sea temperature hovers around the mid 20’s, which makes for a very enjoyable swimming experience! On the whole, Thassos holidays offer excellent conditions for swimming and watersports.

Summers in Thassos have a tendency to be quite humid, this is not helped by the lack of prevailing winds. July and August see average maximums of 28 ºC with rainfall at a minimum.


Winters in Thassos are moderate, and were once described in the scripts of Hippocrates when he wrote ‘Generally winter resembles spring’ in Thassos. Though the temperature does cool down to an average of 5 to 6 ºC come winter time, the sun continues to shine and the weather stays pleasant and enjoyable.

The winter afternoons are often visited by heavy downpours, these are usually short-lived and the sky soon returns to its clear and crisp norm. Throughout the winter months air temperatures will reach about 12 to 13 ºC during the day and the island will enjoy around 4 hours of sunshine. Outside the colder months and particularly during September to November, Thassos weather is perfect for both sunbathing and outdoor activities.

The Spring months are generally considered the ideal time to visit Thassos. During this period the island enjoys warm sunshine, little prolonged rainfall. There is also unique luscious and green vegetation. September sees an average maximum of 24 ºC and an average minimum of 14 ºC before falling to an average maximum of 14 ºC and a minimum of 6 ºC by November.

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Stayed at the Hotel Galaxy. Wonderful hosts. Best breakfast we have ever had in Greece. Rooms recently refurbished- very modern and spotlessly clean. Going back at the end of this week. Can't wait.

My wonderful holiday in Thassos

My holiday was fantastic: it was sunny and warm; the beaches were great; and overall experience was unbelievable. The nature is truly amazing- it is the best thing about Thassos.


As always, wonderful

Just back from Thassos Town (Limenas)

Thassos Town is the capital of the island, but is really rather a small place. There is very little to do, especially after you have eaten at night, as there are no bars that I found that provide any…

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fantastic been to Thassos several times some twice in the same year it is truly a very beautiful island and, as it's the most northerly island in Greece, it is not dry and baron. Found people ver…

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Golden Beach and its neighbouring resort of Skala Potamis are ideal for couples wanting a relaxing holiday. A very laid back area with just a few low key bars and not many shops. A good selection …

Not the island that it once was

Sadly Thassos is not the island we first visited in 2000. Now it has the tourist feel to it instead of the quiet little Greek island that it once was. At night,it is nigh impossible to eat a meal in…

Thassos - The green Island - the perfect holiday

VERY RELAXING VERY INTERESTING. I was travelling around all of the island and I saw very nice places, everything around is green and this make the difference compared with the other islands

Lovely Thassos

Very relaxing and laid back. Went round the Island once and really loved the views and the beaches. Panagia is a pretty village as is Kazaviti near Prinos

Historical temperatures for 26th March in Thassos

Average High14°C
Record High16°C (2013)
Average Low8°C
Record Low2°C (2016)