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Murcia: March Weather Averages

Daily averages for March
  Temperature 57°F


Low Temperature 46°F


  High Temperature 68°F


  Sunshine Hours 3 hrs
  Chance of Sunny Day 52 %
  Rainfall 30mm
  Rainfall days 6 days
  Chance of Rain 18 %
  Chance of Cloudy Day 18 %
Chance of Windy Day 18 %

Daily averages for March

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Day 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15
°C 9 15 17 15 12 13 13 11 10 11 10 11 11 13 17
°F 48 59 63 59 54 55 55 52 50 52 50 52 52 55 63
16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31
16 16 16 14 15 16 18 13 13 20 12 14 12 14 12 14
61 61 61 57 59 61 64 55 55 68 54 57 54 57 54 57

Averages for Murcia in March

Murcia is the capital of the Murcia region and the area’s most populated city. It’s location in southeast Spain makes it both accessible from many other cities yet lightly visited by tourists.

Each month in Murcia seems to have its own special and extremely popular festivals and celebrations. In nearby Valencia, the annual Las Fallas de San Jose is held at this time of year. It is a must-see to experience this spectacular that costs around $1.5 (€1.2) million to set up.

Anywhere between the 12th and the 19th of the month, spectators can see traditional Spanish bullfights, hear daily and nightly concerts and watch amazing fireworks. Renting a car will be your best option to get there.

The mild climate of March allows plenty of sightseeing opportunities.

One of the attractions of the region is its long list of golf courses. It might be worth the tourist’s time to look into joining the Club Murcia if he or she is planning for an extended stay or for frequent visits to the area. Membership provides access to many of the local golf courses. With near-perfect weather all year long, any time is the perfect time for golf.

Click here for a 14 day forecast of Murcia’s weather.

March events in Murcia


Fiesta de la Vendimia

7th March 2015 to 9th March 2015

This is one of the most important festivals in the Jumilla province of Murcia, attracting large numbers of tourists, which includes a wine fountain to celebrate the wine harvest.


Public Hoilday

Saint Joseph

19th March 2015

Murcia celebrates St. Joseph's Day as a regional Holiday. Saint Joseph was the husband of the Blessed Virgin Mary and the foster father of Jesus.


Annual Event

Father's Day

19th March 2015

Father's Day is a celebration that honours the role of fathers and forefathers. In Murcia, Father's Day is celebrated on 19 March, which is the Feast of St. Joseph who is the patron saint of fathers.



Tamborada in Moratalla

27th March 2015 to 5th April 2015

Easter is synonymous with drum Moratalla. One of the most striking things is that here the drummer plays with his face covered with a hood and wears robes of the most varied colors and combinations.


Semana Santa in Yecla

27th March 2015 to 5th April 2015

Yecla the province of Murcia celebrates Holy Week from the sixteenth century. During this week the town will ordain several processions, for example on Palm Sunday and Holy Thursday.


Semana Santa in Cieza

27th March 2015 to 5th April 2015

Cieza province of Murcia is an eminently pasionario and procesionista village with demonstrations Nazarene dating back to the late fifteenth century. Since its inception, the Easter ciezana has evolved to offer values ​​and nuances that make it unique.


Semana Santa in Alhma de Murcia

27th March 2015 to 5th April 2015

Three confraternities take charge of the parades on the Friday before Easter, Holy Tuesday, Holy Thursday, and Good Friday morning and night. Expect an amazing parade which uses thousands upon thousands of flowers to create spectacular floral arrangements.


Night of the drums

27th March 2015 to 5th April 2015

The 'Night of the Drums', a traditional festival where anyone who owns a drum and a black tunic can take part.


Semana Santa in Lorca

27th March 2015 to 5th April 2015

Lorca's Holy Week lies in the succession of traditional processions, with their carved images and penitents, together with a Passion procession in which passages from the Old Testament are enacted.


Semana Santa in Jumilla

27th March 2015 to 5th April 2015

The Easter week celebrations in Jumilla, Murcia, are almost 600 years old. This is the most important fiesta on the town calendar. It is outstanding for its colour, artistic wealth and for the enthusiasm of the local people.


Semana Santa in Cartagena

27th March 2015 to 5th April 2015

In Cartagena, Province of Murcia, celebrates Easter Week and it is one of the most spectacular and emotional festivals in these parts. Religious devotion, art, colour and music combine in the acts to commemorate the death of Jesus Christ: the processions. Members of the religious brotherhoods, dressed in their typical robes, parade through the streets carrying the floats known as 'pasos' bearing religious images and accompanied by the beat of drums and music, creating scenes of solemn beauty.


Baroque Holy Week

27th March 2015 to 5th April 2015

This Holy Week is characterised by the Nazarenes in their tunics of many colours and their giant 'bellies', which are actually a large bag attached with a tight rope, filled with candies, biscuits, hard-boiled eggs and even beans, which are passed out to friends and family along the procession route.


Semana Santa in Totana

27th March 2015 to 5th April 2015

Totana Region of Murcia is one of the greatest hallmarks of this town. Totana takes part in the events of Holy Week, but has a distinction from the rest of Spain, by being one of the events which has greater depth and meaning embedded within its celebrations.



DST Start

27th March 2015 to 25th October 2015

Clock changes in Murcia. Sunrise and sunset will be 1 hour later on 29 March 2015 than the day before.


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