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The weather in Half Moon Cay is now 24°C (75°F) and is slightly cloudy. The rest of this afternoon the temperature will rise to 25°C (77°F). This evening’s weather in Half Moon Cay will be slightly cloudy with temperatures falling to 23°C (73°F) and the sun will set at 7:16 pm. Tomorrow morning’s weather in Half Moon Cay will be slightly cloudy with temperatures betweeen 22°C (72°F) and 24°C (75°F). Check the forecast page for further information.

Half Moon Cay
Thursday 23 March 00:00 EDT | 04:00 UTC-4h
Thu23 Mar
Fri24 Mar
Sat25 Mar
Sun26 Mar
Mon27 Mar
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Wed29 Mar
UK TIME:16:21
Average for March:26 °C
Temp feels like:24 °C
Length of Day:12 hours
Pressure:1023 hPa

Wind Speed:7 MPH NE

Weather overview for Half Moon Cay

A Beautiful island located about a hundred miles south of Nassau, in the Bahamas; Half Moon Cay enjoys a tropical climate nearly all-year round.

With an average rainfall of 2500mm a year, unlike other areas of the Caribbean, water is rarely an issue. The tropical rains also make a payment to the natural lushness of the area.

Half Moon Cay has an average of around 320 days of sunshine each year. With this much sun, temperatures stay warm all year and the crystal clear turquoise sea never falls below 23°C. The average high temperature will generally occur in August when the climate hits 31°C.

Half Moon Cay is characterised by its higher and average temperatures which annually range from 15°C to 16°C in winter and 25°C to 27°C in summer.

A dry season regarded as by strong easterly winds that run from January to February and also again from May to June. Brawny winter storms occur throughout October until February, frequently as the northeast fronts bring cool temperatures, heavy rains, strong winds and rough seas.

Factors such as the Gulf Stream and the constant trade winds help keep the weather constant throughout the bay, with the island being just a little cooler due to its proximity to North America. December to May is the high season, with temperatures between 25°C and 27°C during the day and 18°C to 24°C at night. The stable breeze helps keep the temperature at a relaxing and soothing climate.

The rainy season in the Half Moon Cay is from May to November. Although even in September, the wettest month, there is still a customary of seven hours of sun each day.

Like all countries located in the Caribbean, Half Moon Cay can be disturbed by harsh hurricanes. Hurricane season is late summer and autumn, and although the island can be affected every three years or so, direct hits tend to occur less than once a decade. Thanks to the year round sun many travellers visit in the spring or early summer, and with satellite forecasts now days giving ample warning for the whereabouts of the storms, June to November can also be predominantly pleasant with plenty of sunshine and fewer people.

The waters of Half Moon Cay are virtually free of pollution, making them among the clearest and most colourful to be found anywhere; one of the most beautiful waters on earth. The depth of the water, coral heads and sunlight are ultimately responsible for its radiant colours.

Half Moon Cay is situated in a protective bay making conditions ideal for swimming in the calm waters at any time of the year. This eye-catching island has plenty of unspoilt beaches that await tourists whether it’s spring, autumn or summer. The weather is perfect for beach holidays and water sports, yet it is not so hot that it discourages visitors from discovering the many sights that this stunning island has to offer.

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