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    The weather is hot and sunny brilliant for sun worshipers, and on the coast you get the nice sea breeze.

    Paul Gennaio
  • My Holiday in Puglia

    It was hot and very sunny.

    Pat and Haydn Williams
  • Brindisi- San Vito De Normanni- Puglia

    The wetaher was superb in June- highs of between 35 and 40 degress c daily! Bare in mind I was...


Historic Temperatures for 26th September in Puglia

Average High 22°C (72°F)
Record High 35°C (95°F) (1999)
Average Low 13°C (55°F)
Record Low 12°C (54°F) (2004)

Puglia, called Apulia in English, is a region in the far southeast of Italy, occupying the narrow peninsula that is sometimes referred to as the "heel" in Italy's "boot" and also a coastal area to the north. The Apulian peninsula separates the Ionian Sea from the Adriatic Sea. Puglia enjoys a comfortable Mediterranean climate with hot sunny summers and mild winters. There is an average of 300 sunny days in Puglia every year, and even during the wetter months of winter the rainfall is relatively low.

Puglia enjoys the benefits of a long sandy coastline along the sheltered Adriatic Sea, which protects it from much of the worst of the weather in the Mediterranean. Its relatively dry climate ensures that there are plenty of sunny days to enjoy even after the heat of summer has passed.

Puglia has a climate similar to Greece, just across the Adriatic, and the long coast on that side is home to numerous sheltered sand beaches. Inland, the typical rolling hills and fertile plains are warm and dry, while the climate gets cooler toward the Apennines in the north of the region. Surprisingly enough, as stunning as it is, this region is much less visited than other coastal regions in Italyegions such as Cinque TerreTuscany and the Amalfi Coast, are more traditionally popular, for example.

Many attractions and highlights are found in this gorgeous southeastern Italian region. They range from the unique and remarkable trulli in Alberobello and magnificent Castel del Monte in Andriaoth UNESCO World Heritage Siteso the crystal-clear waters around the Tremiti Islands and the outdoor adventures that await in Murgia National Park. The region is soaked in tradition and folklore, while its restaurants serve the most mouth-watering regional specialties. If you're looking for an alternative to the major tourist-flooded destinations in Italy, Puglia is the place you want to go to.

If you are indeed planning to travel to Puglia in the near future, you can check out our detailed and up-to-date weather forecast.

Summer Weather In Puglia


Summer lasts from June through September and is hot and sunny with rainfall increasing after June, to a peak in September and October. The average summer temperature is not too hot and ranges between 21°C in September and 24°C in July and August, which are the hottest months of the year. During those peak months, the afternoons can get very hot with high temperatures averaging 28°C; the evenings remain quite warm at an average low of no lower than 19°C. The beaches along the Adriatic coast benefit from being sheltered and the average water temperature of between 23°C and 26°C makes it comfortable for bathers during the entire summer season.

Because of Puglia's southern position on the Italian peninsula, it has long summer days with as many as 10 hours of sunshine per day at the height of summer. Generally the summer weather in Puglia is similar to the east coast of Spain, except that the temperatures are slightly lower and thus more bearable.


June is the driest month of the whole year in this regiont has only 4 days with rainfall and receives no more than 14mm. The rest of the summer months are quite dry as well, but do see the amount of rainfall slowly increase.

Autumn Weather In Puglia

Autumn in Puglia is in October and November with average temperatures remaining relatively high until the end of November, when the rainfall generally begins to increase as well.


October days can still be warm enough, up to 21°C on average, to make the beach enticing while night-time temperatures can get cool, around 13°C. Overall, however, Puglia has very moderate weather in autumn. The sea temperature remains comfortable well into October.


November is the wettest month of the year, but with Puglia's moderate rainfall, the totals are still very low. The total amount of precipitation during November is 99mm, which is spread out over 13 days with rainfall.

Sunshine Hours

Sunshine hours per day decrease greatly in the course of autumnovember has 4 hours of sunshine per day left. Generally speaking, autumn, particularly October, is a nice time of year to visit this southern region, especially for people who want to take part in outdoor activities which would be uncomfortable in the heat of summer.

Winter Weather In Puglia


Winter in Puglia lasts from December through March and is the low tourist season. The average temperature stays down around 9°C to 11°C. January and February are the two coolest months of the year, although it never gets really cold in these parts. The lowest temperature of the year is about 5°Chat's in the middle of the night during the coldest time of year.


The winter months are the wettest with an average of 50mm to more than 90mm per month. That being said; those totals are low enough so that there are still plenty of sunny days. While winter is not a particularly recommended time to hit Puglia's beaches, the moderate temperatures and relatively low rainfall make it a great place to escape the harsh winters of northern Europe. The agricultural landscapes and beautiful natural scenery of the region makes winter an excellent time to tour Puglia's countryside.

Spring Weather In Puglia


Spring in Puglia is characterised by the quick return of warmer and sunnier weather. The average temperatures in April and May are 14°C going up to a comfortable 18°C by the beginning of June. At the same time, the already low rainfall in the region declines to almost half of the highs in October, ensuring plenty of sunny days and a bit of early beach weatherwimming might be possible as early as late May.

Sunshine Hours

By the beginning of May, the long sunny days have returned to Puglia with an average of over 8 hours of sunshine every day. Every weather characteristic improves during the spring time, from the temperatures to the amount of precipitation and the number of daily sunshine hours. Particularly late spring is a fantastic time of year to visit this stunning region.

Weather Hazards

Puglia has a mild and dry climate, which means it manages to avoid most of the flooding that is more common in neighbouring regions of Italy. Like all parts of the Italian peninsula, Puglia is susceptible to earthquakes, although they do tend to happen farther north more often. Besides that, visitors to Puglia have nothing to worry about. In summer, however, it is advised to stay out of the beating sun in mid-afternoon and drink plenty of water. If you do decide to get out into the sun, make sure to regularly apply a new protective layer of sun cream.

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