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Historic Temperatures for 21st October in Kyrenia

Average High 25°C (77°F)
Record High 30°C (86°F) (2007)
Average Low 13°C (55°F)
Record Low 8°C (46°F) (2005)

What's the weather like in Kyrenia?


Kyrenia, as well as the majority of the island of Cyprus, enjoys a typical Mediterranean climate with extensive, warm and rain-free summers that last roughly from June through September and mild, but rainy winters from December through February. The short shoulder seasons of autumn and spring feature milder weather and are excellent for outdoor pursuits. This year-round inviting weather is the main reason this resort is such a popular beach destination for people from all over Europe.


With unspoiled beaches and hidden bays, assured sun and calm sea breezes, Kyrenia is perfect for beach holidays and water sports. Together with its neighbouring coastal resorts such as Alsancak and Kayalar and the bigger Cypriot cities like Famagusta and Ayia Napa, Kyrenia is located in one of the warmest parts of the Mediterranean in mid-summer, with the coastal region being it's hottest. Sightseers and those who want to take part in activities other than water sports, such as cycling or hiking, might like to consider the spring or autumn when it is less humid and there is still plenty of sunshine.


The year-round enjoyable weather in Kyrenia means regardless of when you travel you're guaranteed a pleasing and dry stay, with the choice of a hot and sunny climate in the peak summer months or cooler more mild temperatures in the winter season.

If you're looking for a weather forecast for Kyrenia, you are encouraged to pay a visit to this page.

Spring weather in Kyrenia


During spring, the temperatures start to increase in Kyrenia. In March, the average temperature is 13°C, but it increases rapidly to 16°C by April and ends the season at 21°C in May. These comfortable temperatures as well as regular rain showers result in a burst of colours in the mountains that surround the resort, as the mountainsides become blanketed by beautiful wildflowers this season. This natural spectacle, combined with the year-round stunning scenery, makes Kyrenia an attractive location for a walking holiday.

Afternoon temperatures range between 18°C in March and 28°C in May, which is ideal to explore the surrounding landscapes and countryside. At night, the mercury drops to average lows of 7°C in the beginning of the season but stays at 14°C by the end.


Precipitation is never exceptionally high in the resort. Winter is the wettest season and in spring, you will see the amounts of precipitation decrease as the weather moves toward summer. March receives 53mm of rainfall over 10 days; by May, there is only 20mm throughout the month and merely 4 days with rainfall.

While rainfall drops, sunshine hours increase in the course of spring. March is relatively "dark" with 7 hours of sunshine per day on average, April is a typical shoulder month with 9 hours per day, and May is very sunny with 10 daily sunshine hours.

Summer weather in Kyrenia

Summer in Kyrenia is a filled with searing weather, clear skies and high temperatures. Luckily, the much-welcomed sea breeze makes the city a much more enjoyable place to stay than the inland regions of Cyprus, which lack any cooling winds.


During the hottest months, July and August, the temperature crawls to the mid-30s and sometimes even to 40°C. The climate in many locations of Cyprus can be in excess of 40°C, but the characteristic weather in Kyrenia is a more comfortable 30°C due to the cooling sea breezes.

July is the absolute hottest month of the year, featuring an afternoon average high of no less than 36°C and a nighttime average low of 21°C. The other summer monthsa href="//">June, August and Septemberre only slightly cooler so you may wish to bring sun-lotion and a hat and ensure your accommodation has air-conditioning!

Sea Temperature

The Mediterranean Sea that laps against the island's shores rarely sees temperatures below 18°C as it is, and throughout the peak of summer, the sea temperature reaches highs of up to 27°C and 28°C, which is extremely comfortable for swimmingt doesn't get more pleasant than that really.


When it comes to precipitation, it can hardly get much drier than it is in Kyrenia in summer. In the entire course of summer, no more than 18mm of rainfall hits the resort's beaches and there are virtually no days with precipitation at all. It is an incredibly sunny time of year. From June through August, there are 12 glorious hours of sunshine per day on average. September is slightly less sunny with 10 hours per day.

Autumn weather in Kyrenia


Once autumn arrives, Kyrenia is a great place to visit, too, as the majority of holiday-makers have left and the town takes on a much more relaxing atmosphere. Kyrenia's weather at this time is still sunny and serene through October, which means the temperatures during the day are slightly easier to tolerate. October is characterised by an overall average temperature of 20°C and average highs and lows of 26°C and 14°C respectively. November, with its high of 21°C and low of 10°C is already noticeably cooler, yet definitely not too cold.


Precipitation levels increase significantly throughout autumn, as is the case in most other places in Europe as well. October gets 33mm of rainfall in total, while November receives 48mm. These are not huge numbers in any case, but it's enough to break up spells of sunshine with a brief rain shower. Daily sunshine hours in autumn range between 7 and 8 hours.

Winter weather in Kyrenia

Winters are gentle and placid with a little rain and merely occasional quick-melting falls of snow on the Kyrenia Mountain range. Winter is the wettest season in Kyrenia, but it never rains enough to put off the eager golfers who adore the great golf courses on offer in North Cyprus.


A great deal of the rain descends from the mountains surrounding Kyrenia so regularly that the weather in Kyrenia is much better than elsewhere on the island. December is Kyrenia's wettest month, receiving 92mm over the course of 13 days with rainfall.


Without a doubt, winters in Northern Cyprus can still be exceptionally pleasant with temperatures that are still a mild 15°C in the afternoons. January and February are the coldest of all months, both with an average temperature of 10°C.

Sunshine Hours

Winter is also the season with the least sunshine. December and January have "only" 5 hours of sunshine per day on average, which is the annual minimum. Although this may seem like a rather low number, it is always good to remember that western European winters are much, much cloudier than this!

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