Averages for Majorca in April

Weather lowdown

The weather continues to brighten and improve in April in Majorca, Balearic Islands, when the spring season is underway. At the start of the month, the average temperature begins at around 12-13°C and slowly rises as the month advances until it climbs up to 15-16°C in the final few days.

Throughout April, daily highs build up from 18°C in the first week up to 21°C in the final week, only exceeding 24°C or dropping below 15°C one day in te...

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  • Temperature Temperature 14°C 56°F
  • High Temperature Holiday Weather 19°C 67°F
  • Low Temperature Holiday Weather 12°C 53°F
  • Sunshine Hours Sunshine Hours 10 hrs
  • Rainfall Rainfall 39 mm
  • Rainfall days Rainfall days 5 days
  • Sea Temperature Sea Temperature 16°C 61°F

Daily averages for Majorca

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Day 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30
°C 14 14 14 16 15 14 13 13 14 15 16 15 18 15 15 15 14 15 16 17 16 16 16 15 16 16 17 17 15 17
°F 57 57 57 61 59 57 55 55 57 59 61 59 64 59 59 59 57 59 61 63 61 61 61 59 61 61 63 63 59 63

Weather lowdown

The weather continues to brighten and improve in April in Majorca, Balearic Islands, when the spring season is underway. At the start of the month, the average temperature begins at around 12-13°C and slowly rises as the month advances until it climbs up to 15-16°C in the final few days.

Throughout April, daily highs build up from 18°C in the first week up to 21°C in the final week, only exceeding 24°C or dropping below 15°C one day in ten. Daily low temperatures extend from 7°C at the start of April to 10°C by the end of the month, only exceeding 14°C or falling below 3°C one day in every ten.

Since the temperatures increase as the month goes on, the coolest days of the month are found toward the beginning – 1st to the 3rd – and the hottest days are always located at the end of the month – 28th to 30th – as you'd expect.

The highest temperature that has ever been recorded for April in Majorca is 29°C, with the lowest ever temperature being -1°C. When compared to the average monthly temperature of 13°C, it's clear to see these temperatures are extreme and not the norm.

With around 42mm of rainfall spread across nine days throughout the month, there's a small chance you'll experience some precipitation during your holiday. Moderate rain is the most highly anticipated type of rainfall for April, followed by light rain, thunderstorms and drizzle. Heavy rain and snow is exceptionally unlikely to occur in Majorca during this month, although it's almost certain you'll experience cloudy spells during your holiday. The average cloud coverage on any day throughout the month is 42% and gradually decreases as the month progresses.

Although April is generally considered as a popular time to visit Majorca when the weather is pleasant, it was the cloudiest month of the year in 2013, with 13% of days being more cloudy than clear.

The probability of precipitation drops from 32% at the start of the month down to 31% by the end. Moderate rain is most likely around April 12th, light rain on April 18th, thunderstorms on April 27th and drizzle around April 12th.

At 16°C, the average sea temperature in Majorca in April is quite cool, despite the intense humidity. Throughout the month, the humidity varies only slightly from mild to very, with April 5th being the most humid day and April 26th being the least.

There is an average of ten hours of sunshine each day in Majorca in April, which is dependent on the cloud density. Just as the daylight hours increase as the month advances, the amount of sunshine also develops as the month continues. Despite the daily sunshine, there are approximately four foggy days throughout April.

Sailing competitions Majorca

ISAF Sailing World Cup sailing competition, Majorca

Where to stay

Hotel Miramar in Puerto de Pollensa is perfect for couples and families looking for accommodation during their holiday in Majorca. This award-winning hotel offers a number of amenities, including swimming pool, spa, gym, WiFi, excursion booking, car hire, bars and restaurant. Also in Puerto de PollensaMar Calma Hotel is another popular choice and offers 17 twin rooms, two single rooms and one suite. Guests can dine at the snack bar for breakfast, lunch and dinner and can take advantage of the free WiFi, beautician services, car rental and laundry service.

If you're on a tight budget, the Sotavento Apartments in Magaluf  might be just what you're looking for. Here you'll find a selection of one- and two-bedroom apartments, as well as swimming pool, Jacuzzi, gym, supermarket, internet access, games room and free parking.

Vanity Suites Hotel & Spa in Cala Mesquida is ideal for couples seeking a romantic break. Just a short distance away from the beach, this hotel features landscaped gardens, swimming pools, Jacuzzi, bars, restaurants and a spa. Several golf packages are also available to guests.

When it comes to accommodation in MajorcaParaiso Aparthotel in Sa Coma is a popular three star hotel close to the beach. Facilities include a buffet restaurant, swimming pool, family entertainment, free WiFi and kids' club, as well as an all-inclusive option.

Mar Calma Hotel

Mar Calma Hotel, Majorca. Photo courtesy of H10 Hotels

Dates for the Diary

On the first weekend of the month – April 5th and 6th 2014 – the Agricultural Fair is held in Andratx. This annual fair is one of the most highly anticipated events of the year and includes arts and crafts stalls, livestock exhibitions, music concerts, children's activities, pony rides and a costume show.

Sports fans won't want to miss the chance to experience the Balearic triathlon in Porto Colom. This event usually takes place on the first Sunday of the month – April 6th in 2014 – and is made up of 1,000 participants, all eager to get their hands on a first place medal. As any triathlon, the Tristar Mallorca incorporates a swimming event, cycling event and running event, each of which features in the two races – the TriStar111 and TriStar55.5.

The Mallorca 312 is another fantastic event sports lovers won't want to miss out on. Held on April 26th 2014, the fifth edition of this cycling event covers 312km and has a staggering altitude gain of 4,300. The race starts and ends in Port d'Alcudia and takes around 14 hours to complete, making it suitable for only the strongest and most dedicated cyclers.

As if that wasn't enough, the ISAF Sailing World Cup is also held this month, providing a wealth of interesting activities for those who love outdoor sports. In 2014, the event will be in its 45th edition and is expected to take place between

Majorca is a fairly religious island and celebrates Easter in a big way. The biggest parades take place in Palma on the day before Good Friday – Thursday, April 17th in 2014. On Good Friday itself – April 18th in 2014 – many churches hold services, when local children and adults re-enact scenes from the bible. More services are held on Easter Sunday – April 20th in 2014 – followed by pilgrimages to shrines and group picnics held on the following days all over the island.

April 18th and 19th 2014 are the dates for the next Ultra Mallorca. This tough event includes a 105km race from Andratx through to the mountains in Pollenca. The fastest and most skilled athletes are expected to finish the race in around 14 hours. If you're not quite up for the challenge, there is a shorter 62km race which begins in Valldemossa.

The annual Cuttlefish and Nautical Fair in Alcudia is a must-visit for seafood lovers and foodies. This popular fair is a great opportunity to try the local cuttlefish which is available from a number of different stalls, each of which serves the dish in a different way. Live music, children's activities, a parade, craft market, boat show and exhibition will also form part of the event. The fair usually takes place on the third weekend of April, making the next event April 19th and 20th 2014. 

The first Sunday after Easter is always dedicated to the Fair of Sant Francesc in Muro. The next event will take place on April 27th 2014 and is great fun for the whole family to enjoy. With arts and crafts exhibitions, artisan stalls, music concerts, local bands, car displays and plenty of locally-grown produce, there is plenty to see and do here.

April 26th and 27th 2014 are the dates for the annual Pollensa Wine Fair. This popular wine tasting event is held in the Claustre del Convent de Santo Domingo and is a wonderful opportunity to get to know the local wines. Many of the wines chosen for this event have won international awards, testament of their quality. There is a small entry fee to try the samples available and all the wines are also for sale.

Things to do

Serra de Tramuntana is one of the most popular attractions in Majorca and is a must for nature lovers. This mountain range is a UNESCO world heritage site on the northwest coast of the island and can be explored by car or on foot. During the winter months there is a chance that the roads and pathways will be covered in snow, but you shouldn't have to worry about this in April. Instead, you'll get to see plants and flowers blooming and may even get to see goats grazing on the land.

History buffs won't want to miss the chance to visit Pollentia – a collection of ancient Roman ruins in Alcudia. Make sure you climb the Calvari Steps to see the amazing panoramic views from the top – don't forget your camera. As well as the ruins, there is also a small church to see and a few cafes in the area. The village itself is very hilly with lots of steps, so make sure you're wearing sturdy footwear and be prepared for plenty of walking.

Serra de Tramuntana

Serra de Tramuntana, Majorca

Hit the beach

Cala d'Or beach is a fantastic place to spend a day if the weather is warm and sunny. This Blue Flag bay is ideal for swimming and snorkelling, thanks to its gentle, clear waters. You'll find a small selection of facilities available here, including sun beds, parasols and some water sports. This beach gets very busy during the summer months, making April one of the best times to visit.

If you want to have a go at diving, visit El Toro beach where you'll find the Mar Balear dive centre at Port Adriano. The Marine Reserves here are full of marine life and sea grass, making them a top location for diving. If you'd rather soak up the sun on the beach, you'll be pleased to hear that the warm soft sand is perfect for lounging on and there is a great choice of supermarkets, shops and restaurants nearby.

Cala d'Or beach Majorca

Cala d'Or beach, Majorca via Otd 7 Photography

Where to eat & drink

When it comes to modern European dining, it doesn't get much better than Miti Di Palma Restaurant & Lounge Bar in Playa de Palma. Here you'll find an extensive menu packed with traditional dishes, each with a modern twist. There is also a comprehensive wine menu available, with something to suit each meal perfectly.

Restaurante Café de la Mar is Sa Coma is another popular place for dining in Majorca. Just a short walk away from the beach, this eatery offers a fantastic selection of fresh seafood, grilled meats and daily specials. Everything is cooked to order, so there may be a short wait for your meal, although everyone is offered a complimentary appetiser of bread and olives after ordering.

Tim's Bar in Port d'Andratx is a popular bar located on the harbour front. Here you'll find a great selection of beers, wines, spirits and cocktails, as well as complimentary WiFi. Each Saturday, the chill out bar adopts a nightclub atmosphere and plays dance music until the early morning.

Restaurante Cafe de la Mar Majorca

Restaurante Cafe de la Mar via Gaspa Serrano

April events in Majorca


Easter Sunday

9th April 2018 to 19th April 2018

Easter Sunday is celebrated throughout Spain and the Balaeric Islands, with Majorca being no exception. Churches throughout Majorca hold several services throughout the day. On subsequent days, pilgrimages to some of the island's shrines take place, followed by large communal picnics. This event is known as 'Los Pancaritats'. In Palma city, the Sunday after Easter Sunday, there is a festive day called Angel Sunday held at the Bellver Castle. Be sure to enjoy typical Easter treats such as "panades" (meat pies), "robiols" and "crespells" (sweet pastries).



Good Friday

9th April 2018 to 27th April 2018

Good Friday is celebrated with a special mass in all churches across Majorca. Many churches hold special services where local children and youth groups come together to re-enact scenes from the bible to commemorate the death and birth of Jesus Christ. Good Friday also marks the impressive "Davallament" held at the Calvari of Pollença. This procession centred around a depiction of dead Jesus descends Calvari hill down 365 stone steps. The "Davallament" events in the Sant Salvador enclosure of Artà and in Felanitx, plus the procession in Sineu and the celebrations which take place at the Lluc Sanctuary, are also well worth catching if you can.



Semana Santa Holy Week

10th April 2018 to 26th April 2018

Semana Santa Holy Week celebrates the arrival of Jesus into Jerusalem and is acknowledged across the island. Blessings take place on Palm Sunday, and a procession leaves the church of La Sang (Iglesia de Sant Crist de la Sang) in Palma on Maundy Thursday. If you're near the town of Felanitx, look out for "Davallament", or Deposition - this popular religious ceremony takes place on Good Friday in the Sanctuary of Sant Salvador.




The International Boat Show

9th April 2018 to 25th April 2018

The International Boat Show is a must-visit for boat and yacht enthusiasts. This event sees a fantastic number of luxury vessels sail into the capital’s harbour for the public to enjoy. In addition to admiring the boats, there are plenty of other things to see and do, including a seafood exhibition, mini film festival, taster sessions, presentations, sporting events and music concerts.




Spring Fairs

10th April 2018 to 26th April 2018

Towards the end of the month, the rural towns of Majorca celebrate the coming of Spring with agricultural fairs featuring livestock, family entertainment and art and crafts. The Sunday is the traditional 'Fira', the traditional Mallorcan country fair. Previous years' highlights include the Wine Fair in Pollenca and Sepia Fair in Alcudia, a sea and food festival devoted to sepia (cuttlefish). A parade of majorcan 'giants' also takes place around Easter across the island, as well as 'Firo' day in Santa Maria del Cami, which highlights the importance of protecting the environment.



Sports Events

ISAF Sailing World Cup

10th April 2018 to 26th April 2018

The ISAF Sailing World Cup Palma brings together some of the world’s best Olympic and Paralympic class competitors, this event is a must for boating enthusiasts and includes men and women’s one- and two-person dinghies, keelboating and windsurfing. Competitors from over 50 countries travel to Majorca to take part in the event with the aim of achieving first place and getting their hands on the prestigious trophy. Dates to be confirmed, check the official website for dates.




Majorca Smooth Jazz Festival

15th April 2018 to 27th April 2018

Music lovers won’t want to miss the chance to experience the Majorca Smooth Jazz Festival in Sa Coma, on the island's beautiful east coast. This popular music event is the only smooth Jazz festival that takes place in the Mediterranean and showcases some of the biggest and most successful artists on the scene. The dates tend to vary every year, so make sure to check before you go.



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