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The weather in Sa Coma is now 8°C (46°F) and is rain. The rest of this morning the temperature will rise to 14°C (57°F). This afternoon’s weather in Sa Coma will be rain with temperatures betweeen 11°C (52°F) and 13°C (55°F). This evening’s weather in Sa Coma will be rain with temperatures falling to 9°C (48°F) and the sun will set at 7:02 pm. Check the forecast page for further information.

Sa Coma
Friday 24 March 00:00 CET | 23:00 UTC+1h
Fri24 Mar
Sat25 Mar
Sun26 Mar
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Thu30 Mar
UK TIME:05:51
Average for March:17 °C
Temp feels like:10 °C
Length of Day:12 hours
Pressure:1013 hPa

Wind Speed:15 MPH WNW
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Weather overview for Sa Coma

Those looking for a wonderful spot to go on holiday with family and friends will enjoy a trip to Sa Coma, Spain. Located along the eastern coast on the island of Majorca, the city is reliant on tourism. Therefore, there is plenty to do and staff at hotels and restaurants are always eager to please. The area is very popular with those from other European countries and is very family oriented. Summer is the best and most popular time to visit with dry and warm conditions, but spring and autumn can also bring beautiful weather and good deals.


The coolest months of the year in the region are experienced in January and February with an average daytime temperature of just 9°C (48°F). While temperatures will stay above freezing throughout the winter, the average overnight lows are between 4-5°C (39-41°F). Visitors will need to bring a heavier winter coat in order to fight against the chill. The average afternoon temperatures over the winter months reach between 14-15°C (57-59°F). A coat will be needed in the afternoon as well especially on rainy and windy days to keep out the chill.

Those on holiday from December through February in the area unfortunately won’t be able to spend any time in the nearby ocean. Temperatures during this time of the year are far too cold to safely enjoy any of the water activities that are available. The average water temperature over the winter is a cool 15-17°C (59-63°F). While the average amount of sunshine of 6-8 hours a day may be plenty to enjoy the beach, the water remains off-limits.

Winter is also the wettest time of the year for the region. The wettest month of the year is December with an average of 44mm of precipitation. January and February are slightly drier, but still see an average of 37mm and 35mm of rain, respectively.


Spring is a wonderful time to visit the region as temperatures are warmer and conditions are slightly drier. As a result, now is a great time to see what the area has to offer without dealing with the summer crowds.

After a very wet few months, March, April and May are slightly drier. Of the three months, March and April are the wettest with between 36 and 39mm of precipitation. May is the driest of the spring months with an average of 30mm of rain expected over an average of just 9 days that month.

Temperatures are also warming up with average afternoon highs climbing to between 17°C (63°F) in March to 23°C (73°F) by May. Average overnight lows will also rise significantly over the spring months. By the end of the three-month period, visitors can leave their heavy winter jackets at home. Temperatures first thing in the morning will average between 5-12°C (41-54°F).

While temperatures might be warming on land, it is still too cold to enjoy the nearby ocean waters. Temperatures will climb much faster on land than they will in water and the result is a lag for warmer sea surface temperatures. Throughout the spring, water temperatures will climb from 15-18° (59-64°F). It will be June until visitors can enjoy the water sports that the region offers.


Summer consists of June, July, and August and is the most popular time of the year to visit. However, this also means crowds and slightly higher prices in terms of flights and hotel rooms.

Throughout the previous months, temperatures have been steadily climbing toward the warmest conditions of the year. As a result, the average daily temperature for these three months is between 22-25°C (72-77°F). The average afternoon temperatures are very warm during this time of the year, climbing from 27°C (81°F) in June to 30°C (86°F) in August. Visitors will need to bring plenty of clothing that can keep them cool while on holiday. However, a nice sea breeze will keep temperatures manageable and cooler than in other parts of Spain over the same time period. Average overnight lows are also warm with temperatures only falling to between 16-19°C (61-66°F). With temperatures this warm throughout the day, it is important to make sure your chosen accommodation has air conditioning.

The summer months are also very dry with little rainfall expected. August is the wettest of the three months with 20mm of precipitation expected. July is the driest with only 9mm of precipitation over a 4-day period. June is in between with 14mm of precipitation.

Summer is also an ideal time to hit the beach with sea surface temperatures having finally warmed up enough for visitors to enjoy the water. Average sea temperatures are between 21-26°C (70-79°F). With numbers like these, all manner of water sports are available. Additionally, the region will see between 12-13 hours of sunshine per day allowing plenty of time to enjoy the beach.


Much like spring, autumn can be a wonderful time to visit the region. The summer crowds begin to go home and deals are there for the taking. Additionally, with water temperatures staying warm for a few more months, there is still plenty of time to take advantage of the beach and sun.

Temperatures are cooling off during this time of the year, but remain pleasant throughout the early part of the season. Average afternoon temperatures in September are still a warm 26°C (79°F) before cooling to 18°C (64°F) by November. Average overnight lows will cool from 16°C (61°F) in the early part of autumn to 8°C (46°F) towards the end. As a result, visitors should check an extended forecast to make sure they have packed correctly before leaving home.

Rain chances will also be on the increase with a lot of precipitation expected over the season. Rain amounts will reach 50mm in September, 63mm in October and 47mm in November.

Temperatures in the sea are also cooling off and too cold for visitors to enjoy by the end of the three-month period. The average water temperature is between 25°C (77°F) in September and 19°C (66°F) in November. If going to the beach is important, it is good to do so early in the autumn season before temperatures cool too much.

All in all, Sa Coma is a wonderful place to visit throughout the year. Visitors will find a region that caters to families and is more centered on resort entertainment than clubs and bars. However, with a small island, there is plenty of nightlife just a short drive away. With great weather and beautiful sites, this is one region that should be on everyone’s list to see.

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Historical temperatures for 24th March in Sa Coma

Average High17°C
Record High19°C (2013)
Average Low9°C
Record Low6°C (2016)