Summer holiday breeze under the sun

If you’re booking your summer holiday, you will be well aware of the incredibly warm weather in 2019. So while you probably want a resort with warm weather, a nice breezy holiday destination to keep cool from the heat wave could be ideal.

Europe is brutally hot right now. Spain, France, Italy and Greece have all been hit with heat waves in July 2019, and August 2019 looks no different. This is due to the warm air that’s travelling from Africa and can make some locations unbearable.

The best way to ensure your holiday destination isn’t like an oven, is to pick a resort that provides a lovely breeze to enjoy. Here are a few suggestions:


Agios Nikolaos in Crete at night.
Agios Nikolaos, Crete. A stunning town, supported by three hills.

Crete is a beautiful resort location that is always popular with British holidaymakers. Temperatures regularly hit the mid 30s here, but there’s a constant breeze if you’re staying in the north-west. As such, it can feel a lot cooler and more pleasant. 

Chania, Kolymbari, Kissamos, Platania, Aghia Marina and Maleme are all along the coastline. As such, they benefit from the Meltemi winds. This pleasant breeze originates in the Balkans and Turkey

Crete is blessed with many stunning sunbathing spots, including Ammoudara Beach.
The cool breeze of Crete.

It hits most of the beach resorts and can also provide great weather for surfing. The main benefit is that it will keep the location cooler, even when the temperature hits the mid-30s. 

Lake Garda 

Scaliger castle in Malcesine, Lake Garda, even hosts weddings.
The old castle on the rock on Lake Garda

Lake Garda is the largest lake in Italy and is another popular spot for tourists through the summer months.

The sun goes down on Limone sul Garda, Lake Garda.
One of the many jewels in Italy’s tourism crown.

Poets in ancient times wrote beautiful prose about ‘Lacus Benacus’, due to the pleasant climate that benefited from the winds. Ora del Garda is the wind that offers fantastic benefits to visitors during summer. The winds are a result of the contrast between the temperatures of the lower and higher altitudes. Breezes tend to come down from the mountains and fly over the plains in the morning. By the afternoon, they have returned to their original point. 


Enjoy the beautiful breezes on Barbados beaches.
A popular spot for holidaymakers from all over the world – Barbados.

Barbados offers a number of compelling reasons to visit its sandy shores. From beautiful beaches to stunning scenery, it’s hard not to be drawn to this tropical paradise. Heat and humidity can soar through the summer months, with temperatures regularly reaching 31°C.

However, similar to other locations on this list, the high temperatures in Barbados aren’t unbearable. This is due to the northeast trade winds.

Hot sun and a cool breeze are always guaranteed in Barbados.
There is nowhere better for sunkissed beaches and palm trees.

Another big benefit is that while there is a chance of rain, this usually comes in the form of short-lived showers.

The winds are particularly significant at the southern tip, so it’s a perfect breezy holiday destination. This provides brilliant swells that ensure it’s a great spot for kitesurfing.  


Papagayo Beach is an untouched beauty in Lanzarote.
The turquoise waters at Papagayo Beach are a must-see.

It’s true to say that without the trade winds in Lanzarote, the temperatures on the island would be significantly higher. Indeed, many experts have suggested that the winds stop the island from becoming a replica of the nearby Sahara. Although the Canary Current has a cooling effect on these Canary Islands.

Lanzarote is located north of the equator, perfectly positioned where the wind is blowing regularly from the north-east. 

Lanzarote Golf Course is well worth a round as the sun sets, but be sure to allow for the breeze, especially on the longer holes.
A gentle, cool breeze is sure to help your game at Lanzarote Golf.

The winds blow throughout the year, keeping the island cool. The Canary Current is also connected to this effect and ensures that oceans around the island remain at around 18 to 24 degrees.

Lanzarote is another great place for sailing and, on occasion, will be hit with a hot Sirocco wind. This causes dusty and dry conditions but is quite rare. 


Bratan Lake is a hugely popular Bali tourist spot.
Bratan Lake, Bali, has a tranquil, almost ethereal feel.

Bali is a beautiful spot, ideal for relaxing on the beach and also surfing. Bali has earned its reputation as a surfing hotspot due to the winds. Through April to October, there is an offshore wind on the west coast. 

Breathtaking beauty of Bali, which is stunning during the day or night.
Bali’s beauty as the sun sets.

Trade winds also blow offshore around Kuta Beach, making it a fantastic place to enjoy the sands and keep cool. The winds are the reason Bali has a low of 22°C through the summer and a high of 27°C

San Francisco 

Welcome to stunning San Francisco with the Golden Gate Bridge.
Perhaps one of the most iconic images on the planet – the Golden Gate Bridge.

Finally, you might want to consider visiting San Francisco through the summer. July and August remain quite cool in this city, while temperatures tend to rise to the highest point through October. This is particularly true during the middle of the day. 

The reason for this is rising hot air through the California interior valleys. This triggers low pressure areas and brings in winds along the North Pacific High (a semi-permanent, subtropical area) directly through the Golden Gate. As well as causing the gentle winds, this creates the fog that the city is well known for.


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