Majorca October weather still stunning

If you’re thinking of a late-season holiday, the October Majorca weather forecast, especially during half-term, should inspire you to get on a plane. Check out our October Majorca weather averages .

It may be off-season, but autumn temperatures are still high in Majorca come October-time. With the kids breaking up for the half-term school holiday on Friday 21 October 2021 and back to school on Monday 1 November 2021, there are so many reasons to consider Majorca in the stunning Balearic Islands.

Sun shining for half-term break

  • October 2021 weather forecast in Majorca: check out our exclusive Majorca weather prediction here. As you can see, there is still an average temperature of 20°C (68F) this month, with highs of around 24°C (75F).
  • The lowest temperatures at night are still a mild 17°C (62F), with a projected eight hours of sunshine.
  • Admittedly it does get colder as the month progresses, but there is still lovely beach weather in the final weeks of October in Majorca as average sea temperature is 22C .

Sa Coma beach is perfect for dolphin sightings. And with the Majorca October weather still good, you can get up close and personal.
Check out Sa Coma Beach, Majorca, for dolphin watching.

Half-term Majorca perfect for families and kids

  • Majorca is renowned for its family-friendly recreational activities. The National Park of Cabrera Island is hugely popular, with fantastic views and incredible wildlife.
  • Stand-up paddleboarding can be enjoyed at most resorts and is perfect for youngsters older than six. And don’t forget the dolphins near Sa Coma Beach. For more great ideas, check out this guide.
  • Crowds are falling away. Most holidaymakers travel to Majorca in the summer months, so October is the ideal time for a Majorca holiday.
  • Accommodation prices will also drop significantly and there are numerous holiday and family packages on offer.

Gorgeous October Majorca weather allows the H10 Punta Negra Hotel to offer family scuba-diving.
See the underwater beauty of Majorca with the H10 Punta Negra Hotel.

Saving money on an autumn Spanish getaway

  • Bargain flights to Majorca. There are incredibly good flight deals to be had for Majorca in October. Some prices even start at around £29. Click here for more great packages and departure times.
  • It’s probably your last chance to get some sun, before the cruel northern hemisphere months of winter bring heavy rain, snowfall and freezing temperatures.

October Majorca weather is always good

We have exclusive access to forecasts for Majorca October weather in recent years. They make fantastic reading in terms of sunshine and high temperatures.

In October 2016, Majorca had just one day of rainfall (Oct 18) and three days of noticeable cloud cover. Every other day had sunshine and average temperatures ranging from 19°C (66F) to 23°C (73F).   

October 2017 saw an even better Majorca forecast, with absolutely no days of rainfall and hardly any cloud cover. The highest average temperature was 21°C (70F), with a daytime high a few degrees higher.

October 2018 there was a bit more cloud cover (around seven days near the end of the month) but absolutely no rainfall. Average temperatures were again in the early 20s, although this did drop in the final week of October 2018.

October 2019 was a bit cooler areound Half term time , around 18 or 19 degrees .

October 2020 again was cooler still 16 or 17 degrees on average but warmer during the day in the early 20s . Not that you could travel due to Coronavirus restrictions .

Lets hope 2021 is better and that travel is unrestricted .

Breathtaking sunsets are commonplace thanks to October Majorca weather. This is Playa de Muro Beach.
Playa de Muro Beach, Majorca.

October Events and Things To Do in Majorca


On the first Sunday of the month the Fiesta Torrada d’es Borifarro is held in Sant Joan, a small town located at the heart of the island. A must for keen foodies, this festival is dedicated to traditional Majorcan delicacies, with a special focus on the local black pudding.


October 12 is Día de la Hispanidad in Majorca – an island-wide public holiday. On this day of the year almost all banks, supermarkets and shops will be shut as locals commemorate the day Christopher Columbus discovered the New World in 1492.


This festival in Palma October 21 sees locals and tourists come together to celebrate with plenty of cake, music concerts, traditional dancing, parades children’s activities.

Traditionally, maidens are serenaded in every town and village across Majorca, with singers being offered buñuelos (the local variety of profiteroles) and muscatel wine for their trouble.

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