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Tunis: April Weather Averages

Daily averages for April
  Temperature 60°F


Low Temperature 55°F


  High Temperature 72°F


  Sunshine Hours 7.5 hrs
  Chance of Sunny Day 28 %
  Rainfall 38mm
  Rainfall days 6 days
  Chance of Rain 34 %
  Chance of Cloudy Day 5 %
Chance of Windy Day 28 %

Daily averages for April

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Day 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15
°C 16 17 16 17 16 16 17 17 18 18 18 18 17 17 18
°F 61 63 61 63 61 61 63 63 64 64 64 64 63 63 64
Day 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30
°C 18 17 17 18 18 18 17 19 19 20 19 19 19 20 20
°F 64 63 63 64 64 64 63 66 66 68 66 66 66 68 68

Averages for Tunis in April

Weather lowdown

April sees temperatures in Tunis begin to rise as spring comes to North Africa. This a great time of year to visit as it is quite warm without being as stiflingly hot as it can during the summer months.

The average temperature stays around 16 degrees Celsius during the month of April. The low temperature drops down to 10 degrees Celsius, often at night, and the high temperature can rise up to 21 degrees Celsius. The average amount of sunshine on any given day rises up to 10 hours. While April showers may be bearing down on northern Europe, Tunis only sees 40 millimetres of rainfall throughout the month. This precipitation is generally concentrated over ten days.

Dates for the diary

There are numerous festivals and holidays that go on during the month of April in Tunisia. Some of these occur in Tunis but if you’re willing to travel, you can enjoy a wide range of cultural events throughout the country. The only Tunisian public holiday during April is Martyrs Day. On April 9th, the country recognises Tunisians that were killed in a 1938 struggle against colonist France and those who died in the revolution in 2011.

All across the country, there are fantastic cultural festivals. In Tunis, there is an acapella International Music Festival. This festival fluctuates on what days it falls on each year but it celebrates only Capella music with performances from international artists. In theatres and venues all across the city, artists perform all types of genres at beyond fair prices.

oriental architecture design and style at beautifu tunis

Oriental architecture design and style in Tunis.

Things to do

The Roman Theatre of Carthage is a fine example of ancient architecture. The amphitheatre is located outside the city of Tunis so you will need to have a mode of transportation out to it. However, once there, the amphitheatre has been recreated in some areas as it had degraded over the centuries. This is one of the largest theatres still in existence.

The Zitouna Mosque has been under remodelling for several years and continues to be to update its medieval building. Quite difficult to navigate to, this mosque does not allow non-Muslims insides its doors. So you can enjoy the architecture from the outside at least but only practitioners may enter its grounds.

Zitouna Mosque

Inside Zitouna Mosque, Tunis. Photo courtesy of Ashkan Photography.

Roughly an hour away from Tunis lays Raf Raf Beach. This long stretch of beach is one of Tunisia’s most beautiful shores. It’s very popular with locals – always a good sign. You can ride along this beach as well as enjoy windsurfing, sailing and snorkelling.  

To really relax and unwind, consider making a trip to the El-Methihra Hammam in Tunis. This hammam or traditional Islamic spa is the oldest in the area. The services here include bathing and sauna rooms in a particular order. In order to maintain modesty, people here bathe in underwear or shorts. However, each chamber is small and private so there won’t be excessive exposure to strangers.

Where to eat & drink

Considered the finest restaurant in Tunis, Dar El Jeld is popular with couples and business travellers. The intimate yet friendly atmosphere is perfect for dates, meeting with friends old and new or arranging business matters. Dar El Jeld is located near the city centre and has traditional Tunisian cuisine and a few fusion dishes to spice things up.

La Salle a Manger has a menu of French classics. Opened in 2008, this restaurant is relatively new on the culinary scene but is growing in popularity with tourists in particular. The French menu items are rotated with the seasonality of local ingredients and paired with wines that come from across the Mediterranean. The staff has been trained in fine dining etiquette to match the exquisite ambiance.

Dar El Jeld restaurant door Tunis

The Dar El Jeld restaurant, Tunis city centre.

Where to stay

Another average hotel for a Tunisian holiday is the Hotel Majestic. This beautiful hotel has traditional décor in both the western and Tunisian styles. The Hotel Majestic has large, spacious rooms, which is not something commonplace in Tunis. The hotel is located near the city centre so there can be the tourist threats of pickpockets outside.

Located in the business centre of Tunis, the Sheraton Tunis Hotel is a trusted name. This large hotel has a sizable amount of rooms so there will be vacancy at almost any time of year. There are three hotels and two bars within the restaurant so you may not even need to leave the grounds. There is also a modern spa, fitness room, pool and sauna among other services.

The Dar El Medina is a boutique hotel room in the traditional Tunisian style. This trendy hotel only has 12 rooms. Each room is intimate and cosy so it will feel like a home away from home. There is an internal courtyard and some rooms overlook this courtyard, others, look out onto the city streets. Dar El Medina has free Wi-Fi for each guest.

The Hotel Nova Park is an affordable hotel in the same resort town of La Marsa. This hotel is affordable in a region that is rife with top end options. The Hotel Nova Park has swimming pools, a nightclub, free parking, bar and a large restaurant for guests to enjoy.

La Marsa

The Hotel Nova Park is in the resort town of La Marsa. Photo courtesy of Wael Goldenboy.

April events in Tunis


Martyrs' Day

9th April 2015

The whole country commemorates Martyr's Day as the day that started Tunisia on the road to independence. While last year's celebration was described as 'modest' by Tunisian standards, owing to an unresolved assasination in 2013 and major conflicts among political parties, it led to some agreements including the passage of a new constitution. Hence, this 2015 celebration at the martyrs’ monument in Sijoumi (10 minutes away from Tunis) is expected to be more vibrant. Visitors still regard Martyr's Day in Tunisia as an event to watch.


Trade Show

Pack Print Tunisia

12th April 2015 to 16th April 2015

Pack Print Tunisia is something for the packaging and printing industries. The exhibits will display packaging machines and appliances, printing machinery and their accessories, and other packaging production services. Featured also are machinery and services for book-binding, print finishing, and paper converting. The exhibition's target market are professionals in the industries concerned - manufacturers of electronics, consumer goods, those who are in machinery importing, commercial printing, newspaper printing; also invited are advertisers, designers, graphic artists, and others who deal with printing. The Foires Internationales De Tunis is the organizer. The Parc des expositions du Kram in Tunis is the venue.


Plastic Expo

12th April 2015 to 16th April 2015

This is the exhibit for both manufacturing and processing industries alike - all the best and the latest trends in platic materials, and rubber. Visitors will meet the leading manufacturers and suppliers of plastic and rubber materials and suppliers of raw materials. Invited are CEOs, professionals in plastic engineering, manufacturing, processing, and packaging; likewise, are training and purchasing managers, the hotel and restaurant business, and other businesses that use plastics significantly. Organized by the Foires Internationales De Tunis.


International Books Exhibition/Tunis International Books Fa

29th April 2015 to 1st May 2015

This interesting fair shows off books, periodicals, newspapers, and journals from within and out of India. Some of the publications are from international educational and teaching institutions. The event calls together all printers and publishers, paper manufacturers, IT professionals, and the general public to come to the Parc des expositions du Kram in Tunis for this yearly event. Organizers of the event: The Foires Internationales De Tunis.


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