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The weather in Saint Tropez is now 15°C (59°F) and is cloudy. The rest of this afternoon the temperature will rise to 16°C (61°F). This evening’s weather in Saint Tropez will be cloudy with temperatures falling to 11°C (52°F) and the sun will set at 6:49 pm. Tomorrow morning’s weather in Saint Tropez will be cloudy with temperatures rising to 14°C (57°F). Check the forecast page for further information.

Saint Tropez
Thursday 23 March 00:00 CET | 23:00 UTC+1h
Thu23 Mar
Fri24 Mar
Sat25 Mar
Sun26 Mar
Mon27 Mar
Tue28 Mar
Wed29 Mar
UK TIME:15:51
Average for March:15 °C
Temp feels like:18 °C
Length of Day:12 hours
Pressure:1014 hPa

Wind Speed:11 MPH ESE
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Weather overview for Saint Tropez

The glamour, class and fame of St Tropez is accompanied by a glorious typical Mediterranean climate of warm summers and mild winters. The scorching hot summer days are broken up by the evening sea breezes which waft over the resort and provide a cool break from the heat and create an ideal atmosphere to enjoy what this alluring picturesque town has to offer.


Though not as hot as the summer, spring is still a lovely time of the year to visit Saint Tropez. The Mediterranean climate ensures that the weather stays warm and pleasant throughout the season. There can be more rain seen at this time of the year than in the summer, but this tends to remain low. There is still plenty of sunny weather to be enjoyed by anyone visiting Saint Tropez at this time of the year. Mediterranean springs ae famously changeable, though, so while some days may well welcome in summer like heat, it is also possible for drops in the temperature reminiscent of the winter months. That being said, temperatures rarely dip too low and packing light layers with a warmer jacket or coat for the evening should leave you in good stead for any weather in Saint Tropez. It is decidedly better than any weather seen in the UK at any time of the year!


If you are not bothered by hordes of tourists, then summer is an ideal time to visit St Tropez. Temperatures can reach highs of 30ºC but generally sit in the mid twenties. July and August, along with being peak season, see St Tropez at its hottest and are the ideal months for soaking up the sand and surf of the south of France. Skies tend to remain clear and blue throughout this season, making it the ideal time to enjoy the beach, water sports and any other outside activities. It's wise to stay out of the sun, either in the shade or inside, during the hottest hours of the day- around noon- when the sun is directly overhead and at its strongest, in order to avoid sun burn. It's also important to stay hydrated in the Saint Tropez heat, so carry a bottle of water around with you. Summer evenings are pleasant and inviting. With temperatures staying high in the evenings, it's the perfect time of the year to make the most of the night life, enjoy a late night stroll along the beach or simply eat your evening meal outside. May and June weather conditions see average maximums of 21 ºC and 24 ºC respectively, before moving into July and August which see maximums of 27 ºC and average minimums of 18 ºC. The temperature stays relatively warm through into November when they begin to cool down for the start of the winter months. October and November experience the greatest rainfall, however this too is still fairly mild.


The temperatures drop after the summer months and the weather in the autumn can be considerably cooler. There is also an increased chance of rainfall at this time of the year. As with the spring, the weather in Saint Tropez in the autumn can be changeable. Some days can be as warm as the summer months, especially towards the beginning of October. However, as the month and the season continues, it can get considerably cooler and winter like weather can be experienced in the autumn. Evenings in particular can get much cooler, so a warmer jacket or coat may come in handy for evenings out. However, even bearing these factors in mind, Saint Tropez's Mediterranean climate remains pleasant and welcoming at this time of the year and is considerably better than the UK's autumnal climate. For the most part, the weather should be mild and pleasant, even with the increased rainfall.

saint Tropez France

View from accommodation in Saint Tropez, France.


The official St Tropez tourism board has promoted winter as ‘St Tropez, out of season, the magic goes on.’ If you prefer a quieter ambience and fewer tourists then winter is certainly a magical time to visit the region. Temperatures stay mild, rainfall is minimal and it is argued that the countryside and French provincial markets are at their best in the wintertime. Like many French towns that are overrun with tourists throughout the summer months, the benefit of visiting in the off season is that you will find your self gaining a much more ‘authentic’ experience. The local people are not overworked by tourism demands, and the whole resort will have a much more genuine feel about it. Visiting in the winter means you will see a real provincial village minus the excesses of tourism.Tourists are becomingly increasingly drawn to Saint Tropez as a location for their Christmas vacations. January to May sees temperatures sitting at about 12 ºC, with January and February experiencing the coolest weather, experiencing average minimums of 4 ºC and 5 ºC respectively before moving into March where the mercury rises slightly and the average maximum sits at 15 ºC, the minimum at 7 ºC.

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Historical temperatures for 23rd March in Saint Tropez

Average High16°C
Record High18°C (2016)
Average Low5°C
Record Low3°C (2015)