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24 Nov

Local Time: 15:26 CET UK Time: 14:26 GMT
South 2mph
  • Sunrise 07:00
  • Sunset 16:38
  • Moonrise 08:36
  • Moonset 18:42
Temp feels like: 68°F (20°C)
Length of Day: 9h 17m
Humidity: 64 %
Dew Point: 57°F (14°C)
Pressure: 30.18 " (1022 hpa)
Visiblity: 6 miles (10 km)

Average for November: 55°F (13°C)

  • Flag of ItalyNaples 68°F (20°C) 0 miles 0 km
  • Flag of ItalyNapoli 66°F (19°C) 0 miles 0 km
  • Flag of ItalyMarano di Napoli 64°F (18°C) 7 miles 11 km
  • Flag of ItalyPompeii 68°F (20°C) 12 miles 19 km
  • Flag of ItalySorrento 66°F (19°C) 16 miles 26 km
  • Flag of ItalyPositano 66°F (19°C) 18 miles 29 km
  • Flag of ItalyIschia 66°F (19°C) 20 miles 32 km
  • Flag of ItalyCapri 66°F (19°C) 21 miles 34 km
  • Flag of ItalyRavello 64°F (18°C) 22 miles 35 km
  • Flag of ItalyAmalfi 64°F (18°C) 22 miles 35 km
  • Flag of ItalyTeano 64°F (18°C) 30 miles 49 km
  • Flag of ItalyMontefalcione 52°F (11°C) 32 miles 51 km
  • Flag of ItalyTaurasi 64°F (18°C) 35 miles 57 km
  • Flag of ItalySan Erasmo 66°F (19°C) 45 miles 72 km
  • Flag of ItalyToro 63°F (17°C) 55 miles 89 km
  • Flag of ItalyPanni 63°F (17°C) 56 miles 91 km
  • Flag of ItalyPattano 64°F (18°C) 65 miles 104 km
  • Flag of ItalyPonza 64°F (18°C) 70 miles 112 km
  • Flag of ItalyBomba 59°F (15°C) 82 miles 131 km
  • Flag of ItalyPiglio 61°F (16°C) 90 miles 145 km
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Weather Overview for Naples


Naples, sitting in the Bay of Naples in the south of Italy, enjoys a typical Mediterranean climate. Long, hot and dry summers are followed by mild, wet winters.

Naples Italy Mountains curved bay

Naples curved bay mountain side.

Summer, from June till September, gets blisteringly hot under the blazing sunshine. Low humidity and an almost constant sea breeze help to keep the temperature in check, but in the peak months of July and August the average high is around 30°C, which some may find uncomfortable. It is advisable to have a mini siesta in the middle of the day to avoid the worst of the heat and the strongest, burning rays of the sunshine. Some find June and September preferable to the middle of the season as their 26°C average high is more comfortable. Night times usually cool off, on average getting under 20°C, but a fan or air-conditioning is still a must for a pleasant night’s sleep. September sees a slight increase in rainfall, often in the form of thunderstorms, but the whole season is generally very dry.


Autumn, in October and November, begins pleasantly but is decidedly a lead-up to winter. Conditions worsen as the season progresses; the beginning of October is still incredibly pleasant; from mid May conditions are pretty dismal. Sunshine levels reduce quite dramatically to six hours per day in October and four hours per day in November. This means it is often overcast and changeable. Rainfall levels steadily increase throughout the season with November being the wettest month of the year. The sea manages to stay above 20°C for most of the season.


Winter, from December till February, is not cold at all by northern hemisphere standards but it is quite cool and visitors at this time of year should not expect a sun, sea and sand holiday. The average high temperature drops to 14°C in December and 12°C in January before it creeps back up to 13°C in February. The average low temperature hovers around 4°C and frosts are not unknown as it can get down to freezing. Rainfall lessens but the sky remains overcast, sunshine dwindling to three hours a day in darkest December, fog sometimes develops coming in off the bay and conditions are generally unpredictable. The sea is too cold for swimming for the whole of the season.


Spring, from March till May, gradually warms up through March and April then leaps into summer-like conditions in May. The average high temperature climbs to 15°C in March, a pleasant 18°C in April and a gorgeously hot 23°C in May. The sun starts to come out for longer but the sea, and the nights, remain cool. Rainfall lessens and the weather seems to settle down as it approaches summer.


Naples can thank the Mediterranean Sea, the protective curve of its bay and Italy’s many mountains for its mild climate. Although the city receives all four seasons with distinctly different attributes, there is no bad time to visit. While the impressive view of Mount Vesuvius across the bay is best on clear sunny days, the architecture is always impressive, the art always stunning and the pizza always delicious.

Naples Italy coloured buildings on the mountain

Naples on the Mediterranean Sea.

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