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The weather in Estepona is now 6°C (43°F) and is slightly cloudy. The rest of this morning the temperature will rise to 11°C (52°F). This afternoon’s weather in Estepona will be slightly cloudy with temperatures rising to 14°C (57°F). This evening’s weather in Estepona will be slightly cloudy with temperatures falling to 9°C (48°F) and the sun will set at 7:36 pm. Check the forecast page for further information.

Partly Cloudy
Friday 24 March 00:00 CET | 23:00 UTC+1h
Fri24 Mar
Sat25 Mar
Sun26 Mar
Mon27 Mar
Tue28 Mar
Wed29 Mar
Thu30 Mar
UK TIME:07:51
Average for March:17 °C
Temp feels like:7 °C
Length of Day:12 hours
Pressure:1014 hPa

Wind Speed:11 MPH SSW
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Weather overview for Estepona

Part of the splendid Costa del Sol region of southern Spain, the town of Estepona is home to about 60,000 people and some of Europe’s most beautiful beaches and seascapes. With over 21km of enviable coastline, Costa del Sol has long been a favourite holiday destination for tens of thousands of tourists every year – its name alone describes it best: “the coast of the Sun”, always blessed with bold sunshine and excellent temperatures throughout an extended summer season. The good climate means the weather here is particularly lovely and the waters are wonderful to both Spanish and international travellers alike.

Estepona lies in a peculiar spot, right before the Sierra Bermeja Mountains and overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. Its position between two major relief forms makes it subject to a favourable microclimate which generates up to 325 days of sunshine per year. The weather here is much like the rest of Costa del Sol and the fresh air of the mountain peaks whisk across this charming white walled town, and meet the crisp sea breeze as it touches down on many of its superb beaches. This is a very healthy and enjoyable environment, split into four mild and moderate seasons, of which summer represents the majority. The average temperature ranges between 13⁰C and 23⁰C over the year, with August as the hottest month at an average high of 26⁰C, and January as the coldest month at an average low of 11⁰C. These are very reliable and mild conditions throughout the year.

June is usually the driest month, while November sees record rainfall of over 110mm. As expected, June to August is the best period to enjoy a sunny holiday in Estepona, with July experiencing up to 14 hours of sunshine per day, and August offering the warmest sea, at 23⁰C on average. Humidity in this region is constant at 75% on average, making the nights comfortable even during the peak summer season, as well as during the wet autumn season. For a 14-day comprehensive forecast, click here.


Usually lasting from March until May, spring in Estepona is a surprising twist of sunshine and abundant showers throughout its three months. March is the wettest of the season, with expected averages of 70mm of rainfall, swiftly followed by April at 60mm. May is hotter and a good opener for summer, with its higher end expected at 20⁰C. Humidity is higher during this time of the year, at 75% on average, but well balanced by the cool mountain winds that reach an average of 2.5m/s. This is a gentle season of blooming flowers, apple blossoms and surprisingly hot afternoons, often sought out by tourists from the northern countries of Europe who prefer a less crowded experience than will be found in the peak summer season.


Spreading from June all the way into September, summer brings average temperatures of 22-23⁰C, with the mercury rising well over 25⁰C throughout the hotter months of July and especially August. Relief is often brought by the coastal breeze blowing off the Mediterranean Sea though, so don’t expect any oppressive heat to spoil your holiday. The evenings are comfortably cool, thanks to the mountain barrier, and the higher averages of July and August are known to hang between 25⁰C and 26⁰C, while June and September stay slightly cooler at around 24⁰C. The air is quite dry, with humidity hitting a record low at 65% on average, and winds surprisingly mellow at 1.7m/s, making summer the peak season of tourism in Estepona. The hotels open their doors to hundreds of tourists looking for gorgeous weather conditions, especially with the warm Mediterranean waters which average at 23⁰C at this time of year.

This beautiful town opens up to an impressive number of gorgeous stretches of sand – in fact, two of its beaches have earned the coveted Blue Flag for their cleanliness and safety levels. Filled with marvellous tapas bars, restaurants and a bustling and vibrant marina, Estepona is an excellent summer getaway spot. Its nightlife is not as buzzing as other resorts along the Costa del Sol, but it certainly does compensate through its tranquillity and its overall relaxing atmosphere.


Capturing only October and November as part of the autumn season of Estepona, the weather is actually quite mild, experiencing moderate average temperatures of 16⁰C-18C, and consistent rainfall. October is the gentle month, with just 60mm of precipitation and warmer days at an average high of 21⁰C, while November offers crisp nights at 14⁰C as the common low average and peak rainfall over 100mm. Autumn in Estepona is the typical moderate Mediterranean kind, with both plenty of sunshine – 9 hours a day – and some rain.


During December, January and a milder February, winter is mostly chilly and damp – a standard characteristic of the Mediterranean climate. December tends to be the wettest of the three months of winter, recording averages of up to 100mm of rainfall spread over 20 days. The average temperature wriggles between 13⁰C and 14⁰C on average, which is still enjoyable for this part of the European continent. While you may not be able to enjoy the beaches given the abundance of rain and low sea temperatures (17⁰C on average), you will definitely like the quiet, the peace and the large number of culinary and cultural activities which keep both locals and tourists very entertained throughout the winter. Not to mention, high temperatures of 16°C and 6 hours of sunshine per day means winter in Estepona is far better than across northern Europe.

Resort Information

Estepona is part of the Malaga province, and it unfolds beautifully over 137 square kilometres of fertile valley crossed by small streams at the lowest point, shielded by tall mountains, of which the highest elevation is at 1,449m at the peak of Los Reales. Given its magnificent climate and geography, Estepona was initially chosen as Walt Disney’s location for its Euro Disney project in the early ‘90s – however Paris was later awarded the honour of this installation.

Mostly home to farmers and fishermen in the early 20th century, after having gained its own charter away from the administration of Marbella, Estepona saw a steady but healthy growth over the following decades and is now one of the many top holiday destinations for Spanish and European travellers alike. Rich with fashionable boutiques, farmers markets and an impressive gastronomical culture, this little corner of Spanish paradise overlooks the azure Mediterranean Sea and offers what is considered to be one of the best continental climates in the world.

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Latest Estepona Holiday Reviews


The sights, the nightlife, the beach and all the places we visited (*see above ) have been amazing and i would 100% recommend each one!!!

my break in Estepona

Estepona was a lovely mix of real Spain with enough facilities for the average holiday maker. Not too large or small, on the coast, near everything. Perfect.


Phenomonal! World class! Sanguine! Brilliant! Totally scrumptious! Delicious! It was so thoroughly enjoyable. Class!

Historical temperatures for 24th March in Estepona

Average High17°C
Record High20°C (2014)
Average Low8°C
Record Low4°C (2014)