Averages for Crete in August

Weather lowdown

August is a great month to visit Crete on holiday. The month is almost as hot as July while boasting the warmest sea temperatures of the year across the whole Greek archipelago.

During August, average daytime temperature is similar to July’s and stays at around 26 degrees Celsius. Daytime high peaks typically reach up to 29 degrees with lows rarely going below 21 degrees. Seawater temperature rises up to a perfect 25 degrees, the wa...

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Averages for Crete in August

  Temperature 26°C


Low Temperature 21°C


  High Temperature 29°C


  Sunshine Hours 12 hrs
  Chance of Sunny Day 95 %
  Rainfall 1mm
  Rainfall days 1 days
  Chance of Rain 1 %
  Sea Temperature 25°C


Chance of Windy Day 45 %
Daily averages for August

Daily averages for August

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°F 79 81 81 79 81 79 81 79 79 81 81 81 79 81 81 81 81 81 79 79 81 81 79 79 79 79 79 79 77 79 79

Averages for Crete in August

Weather lowdown

August is a great month to visit Crete on holiday. The month is almost as hot as July while boasting the warmest sea temperatures of the year across the whole Greek archipelago.

During August, average daytime temperature is similar to July’s and stays at around 26 degrees Celsius. Daytime high peaks typically reach up to 29 degrees with lows rarely going below 21 degrees. Seawater temperature rises up to a perfect 25 degrees, the warmed it gets during the year. The sun shines practically for 12 hours each day, while clouds are a rare sight.

There is virtually no rainfall across the whole island of Crete during August, with total monthly precipitation barely registering 1 mm and rain expected only once through the course of the month. The Sirocco wind that blows from the Sahara desert can bring about uncharacteristically high temperatures during the day, and can even carry dust storm particles all the way to Crete. These sandy winds are mostly an inconvenience and don’t pose too much of a risk to tourists (unless you have breathing issues, in which case remain indoors until the storms have passed). Another wind that passes over the island but signals pleasant rather than unpleasant conditions is the north-western wind known as meltemi, which is cool and refreshing.  

Where to stay

Grecotel Amirandes is an exquisite 5-star luxurious resort that is often praised as being one of the best hotels in Crete. The Amirandes features beautiful bungalows, suites, guestrooms and lavish villas to suit a wide range of tastes. The hotel has ten bars and restaurants and a fully equipped, world-class spa along with dozens of pools. You’ll probably never leave…

The Mike Hotel & Apartments in the coastal village of Maleme is a complex consisting of several buildings that cater to budget-savvy tourists. All rooms and self-catering apartments include dark wood furniture and elegant design. The hotel also has a 174 square metres pool with a children’s section and an overarching pool bridge – pooh sticks anyone?

Corali Studios & Portobello Apartments are two uniquely intertwined resorts in the popular village of Elounda. The Corali is comprised of 20 self-catering studios that overlook Elounda’s beach. These fully furnished studios are budget priced and offer an ideal base for exploring Elounda. The Portobello features 15 apartments with large balconies and a definite focus on luxury. These apartments have separate kitchen, toilet and bathroom facilities.

Hotel Esplanade is a mini-resort and boutique hotel that exemplifies warm Cretan hospitality. The hotel has clear view over the sea and boasts large, sun-bathed rooms. Everything is painted white and blue to represent the Cretan sea and sky. The hotel has a large swimming pool and a fun-filled lounge where guests can enjoy traditional board games.

Grecotel Amirandes, Crete

Grecotel Amirandes, Crete

Dates for the diary

After Easter, the next most popular annual religious holiday is the Assumption of the Virgin Mary into Heaven, known locally as the Day of the Panagia or dekapentaugustos. Celebrated each year on the 15th of August, the Dekapentaugustos (literally meaning 15th of August) involves tons of folk celebrations, fireworks, public feasts and lots of dancing in the streets.

The Chania Rock Festival takes place each August at the beautiful city of Chania. The festival caters to hard and punk rock fans, with bands and tribute bands coming to the island to perform during the month. The festival is not continuous, as bands come and go between intervals, and can last for weeks, with a dozen or more bands (including some well-known names such as Grave Digger and Lucky Funeral) come to perform at Chania.

Things to do

Parasailing is available at most lively beaches and proves popular with people who want to dip their toe into the water sports pool as opposed to diving right in. In Crete, parasailing is often done with the help of a strong winch boat and the sail typically carries two and sometimes even three people.

Water skiing refers to a diverse range of water sports including jet skiing, wakeboarding, barefoot skiing, banana boats and more. Every type of water skiing (including the local favourite “crazy sofas”) is available in Crete.

Hit the beach

Located in the untouched Chrissi Island across a secluded bay in Crete, Hatzivolakas is a pristine beach that is wonderfully secluded and perfect for snorkelling. The beach has shallow water and incredible visibility. It is also fairly off the beaten track, so naturists flock here during peak season.

On the other side of the spectrum, Makrigialos beach is a popular beach that offers all kinds of amenities. The beach is child-friendly and good for people with disabilities, with special facilities and comprehensive lifeguard services. Despite the busy nature of the beach, Makrigialos boasts a blue flag and is considered one of the cleanest in eastern Crete.

Crete snorkelling at Chrissi Island Crete

Chrissi Island, perfect for snorkelling Crete

Where to eat & drink

Babel is a popular bar restaurant at Elounda. Overlooking the harbour and always busy, the Babel is a firm favourite with tourists and locals alike.

Boasting numerous awards, Porto Rino is one of the most famous restaurants on the island. The restaurant has gained widespread fame for its traditional Mediterranean dishes such as homemade pizzas and excellent seafood dishes. Porto Rino is always busy, so book ahead.

The Conor Pass is a traditional Irish pub offering great music, a friendly atmosphere and a good range of drinks. Situated inside Chania’s old town, the pub has a medieval setting is the perfect place for a laid back beer.

The Hemingway is a lively cocktail and live music bar in the scenic village of Sissi. Run by Alan and Irene, two expats, the Hemingway overlooks Sissi’s beautiful bay and has a warm and welcoming atmosphere. The drinks are inexpensive and the music is always spot-on. As night falls, the bar often features live music performances.

August events in Crete

Culture Festival


1st August 2015 to 31st August 2015

This aquarium is situated in Gournes, Heraklion and give you the chance to come face to face with a range of different sea creatures. The general fee is 6 euros and free to 0-4 year olds.



Timbaki Cultural Events

10th August 2015 to 25th August 2015

This festival takes place in Timbaki and includes music, dancing, plays, speeches and films. Another main part of this event is the “fishing-night" when locals and visitors (if they want) go out in the night to catch fish.




Paleohora Music Festival

1st August 2015 to 10th August 2015

This festival takes place in the town of Paleohora where many music related events take place. These events include a range of live music, song contests and art exhibitions. Like all the festivals in Greece traditional Greek food and drink to enjoy over the course of this festival.



Fishermen's Festival

20th August 2015

This event is celebrated in Rethymnon in the old Venetian Port every year. Locals and visitors can expect a free dinner of bread, wine and grilled fish. There will also be traditional Cretan dances and music.



Crete Sultana Festival

23rd August 2015 to 30th August 2015

This Festival takes place in Tzermiadoand lasts for a week. It celebrates the local sultanas but also celebrates the original grapes and the wine that the grapes are used for.




Blessing of the fruit

2nd August 2015

This event takes place at the church of Archangel Michael in the village Episkopi that's in Kisamos. Many locals that harvest offer there fruits of their labour to the blessing.



Honey Festival

16th August 2015

This festival takes place in Afrata. It gives everyone the chance to taste some locally grown honey and like all festivals in Crete listen to some traditional Greek music and dance.



Wine Festival

Archanes Wine Festival

15th August 2015

This five day festival is located in the village of Archanes where visitors and locals travel to every year for this event. This is a great way to taste the wide range of the villages home made wines.



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