Averages for Crete in January

From the thousands of islands that can be explored in the Greek archipelago, Crete is the largest and most diverse.  Spanning 260 km from east to west and is 60 km to its widest point, Crete has been the centre for cultural developments, scientific breakthroughs, strategic ploys and political struggles since prehistory.

The earliest reco...

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  • Temperature Temperature 11°C 52°F
  • High Temperature Holiday Weather 16°C 61°F
  • Low Temperature Holiday Weather 8°C 46°F
  • Sunshine Hours Sunshine Hours 3 hrs
  • Rainfall Rainfall 78 mm
  • Rainfall days Rainfall days 14 days
  • Sea Temperature Sea Temperature 16°C 61°F

Daily averages for Crete

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°C 11 11 12 13 13 12 12 11 11 12 14 14 13 13 13 13 12 12 12 14 16 14 14 13 13 11 11 11 12 12 13
°F 52 52 54 55 55 54 54 52 52 54 57 57 55 55 55 55 54 54 54 57 61 57 57 55 55 52 52 52 54 54 55

From the thousands of islands that can be explored in the Greek archipelago, Crete is the largest and most diverse.  Spanning 260 km from east to west and is 60 km to its widest point, Crete has been the centre for cultural developments, scientific breakthroughs, strategic ploys and political struggles since prehistory.

The earliest recorded civilisation in Europe flourished there since the 3rd millennia BC, the Minoan civilisation has left its mark on the island with breath-taking palaces and sophisticated constructs that boggle the mind.

The island is virtually comprised only from mountains and coastlines, creating a unique climate with stunning environments. The island is Greece’s prime tourist destination, with as many as 15 per cent of all tourists coming to Greece visiting Crete each year. Crete represents the best Greece has to offer in terms of culture, beauty and – of course, the famous sunshine.

What's the weather like in Crete in January

Crete experiences a multitude of climatic changes throughout the year, depending on which part of the island you are visiting; mountainous areas tend to be colder. In January, the island is still in its winter season, which lasts until mid-March. During this period, the sun can often be blocked by cloud cover, and temperatures tend to fall sharply due to cold winds.

Regardless, it almost never snows and only the island’s mountain peaks see temperatures close to zero degrees. During January, average daytime temperature in the island of Crete is 11 degrees Celsius, with high peaks reaching up to 16 and temperature going as low as 8 degrees. This makes January the coldest month of the year in Crete. However, during all winter months, the sea is constantly warmer than the air outside, remaining at 16 degrees Celsius in January. Due to the frequent cloud cover, the island experiences only 3 hours of daily sunshine on average. Rainfall is frequent during January but it doesn’t rain as much as in December. Monthly total precipitation reaches 78 mm while 14 of the month’s days are expected to see at least some form of rainfall. Historically, there have been certain occasions where Crete received hailstorms during January. However, these hailstorms are brief.

Crete Hotels in January

Situated between the famous resorts of Malia and Hersonisos, Knossos Studios are a family run complex of 15 bright and airy studios in the heart of Stalis, close to Crete’s main airport. The Knossos sports sizable apartments that are located at walking distance from the marvellous 4km long beach of Stalis.

Hotel & Apts Villa Bellevue is another family-owned hotel that has an excellent reputation in the area of Agia Pelagia. This charming and friendly hotel boasts rooms as well as apartments and its quiet environment makes it ideal for families and more mature tourists.

Nikos Apartments offer affordable self-catering accommodation in Stalis. Nikos offers a lot of extra benefits and bonuses for guests. For instance, on Sundays, the hotel hosts a barbeque with every guest is welcome, and throughout the week, impromptu parties are not uncommon.

Ikaros Beach Resort & Spa offers luxurious accommodation with lavish spa services in the area of Malia. Located near the airport and offering a host of attractive features, Ikaros is the place to go for privacy, romance and sheer pampering.

Villa Marie Kelly has 30 apartments that have been recently renovated to provide guests with an authentic Greek experience without breaking the bank. All rooms include refrigerators, toasters, showers, air conditioning, safes, televisions, telephones and hair dryers. Each room has great view over the sea, the hotel’s pool or the charming garden.

Crete Beaches for January

Blue Sea Beach at the Stalis area overlooks the tiny islet of Agia Varvara (St. Barbara) and is a popular bathing destination for families. The beach is accessible, comfortable and just beautiful, sporting fine white sand and turquoise waters. The close proximity of the Blue Sea Resort means that tourists have all kinds of amenities at their disposal.

Located 25 kms from the island’s capital Heraklion, the Ligaria Beach at the city Aghia Pelagia is located in beautiful and secluded bay. The beach sports golden-coloured sand and a few pebbles. The view is magnificent but to reach the beach you have to hike up and down a hill, so it is better rent a car or a scooter if you plan to visit the Ligaria regularly.

Rich vegetation and palm trees surround the stunning lagoon at the mouth of the Megas Potamos river, flowing into the Mediterranean sea. Unsurprisingly, Preveli Beach is one of the most beautiful in Crete. Well organised with sun beds and parasols, visitors can also rent paddle boats for an unforgettable experience upstream the Kourtaliotikos gorge river.

Bars and Restaurants

Situated on the beautiful beach of Agia Pelagia, Zorbas Restaurant is a premier Greek eatery. This family-run taverna serves Greek and Cypriot dishes with meticulous attention to detail.

Anemomylos is a well-known Greek BBQ restaurant in Elounda. It serves traditional Greek meat dishes including the delicious ‘kleftiko’ (literally thief’s food) in a casual, child-friendly atmosphere. The restaurant is large and caters to tourist groups.

Mylos is a popular nightclub in Chania. It specialises in Greek pop and attracts locals and tourists alike. There are several events going on during each week.

Located in Platanias town, Splendid is perhaps the No.1 choice for international pop music clubbers partying in the city of Chania. The club attracts a mixed crowd and throws full-on parties that last until the next day.

Things to do in Crete in January

 Six Senses Spa in Porto Elounda has been voted time and again the ‘World’s Best Spa’ and attracts people who wish to get pampered like stars. The spa features lavish indoor and breath-taking outdoors areas with commanding view over the Aegean Sea. Its spa facilities include everything from steam rooms and saunas to exotic hammam scrubs and yoga meditation rooms. Pampering doesn’t get better than this!

Science and history buffs shouldn’t miss the Historical Museum of Crete. Located in a historic building at the island’s capital, Heraklion, the museum may not be large but is jam-packed with unique historical exhibits about Crete’s rich past.

Dates for the diary

Every New Year’s day, locals across Crete celebrate the annual feast of Saint Basil, which is widely observed among orthodox Christians with tourists welcome to join in. During the event, the traditional New Year Cake “Vasilopitas” are divided equally and whoever finds a coin baked into their piece will have good luck for the New Year!

A few days later, at January 6th the Epiphany is celebrated in every town and village in Crete. Here, crosses are thrown into every major beach. Swimmers and divers jump in the water to retrieve it. Whoever finds a submerged cross is though to be blessed for the year.


January events in Crete


Feast of Agios Vasilios (St. Basil)

1st January 2018

This event takes place on new years day every year. The Greek Santa Claus who is called Agios Vasilis takes gifts to all the children on this day. A firework display is set up in the evening to celebrate this day.

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