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Local time: 24th Nov 07:44

Weather Averages for Copenhagen in November

image Temperature 41°F


image Low Temperature 37°F


image High Temperature 45°F


image Sunshine Hours 5 hrs
image Rainfall 60mm
Rainfall days 19 days
image Sea Temperature 0°F


Averages for Copenhagen in November

Music, dance and good times will be prevalent in Copenhagen during November. The Irish Festival happens every November and is celebrated by dancing to Gaelic music and having parties with a lot of food and whiskey. There will also be poetry readings, lectures, art exhibitions and showing of Irish films.

Dansescenen is a thrilling event because in early November dancers from Scandinavian countries descend to Copenhagen to perform their dances. Different styles in modern dances will be performed and made subject of dance workshops.  The interaction between the people of these countries results to a greater understanding and appreciation for each other’s cultures. 

Expect some rain or snow to fall in November as winter approaches. The days are shorter at only 5 hours of sunshine per day. Skies will be overcast with heavy clouds while the daily temperature has dropped to a very cold 50 C. Copenhagen is entering its phase of winter slumber as some of the parks and tourist sites will be starting to prepare for closing on December. However, for a country with a chilly climate its people clearly know how to disregard the weather and just have a good time. A month never goes by without celebrating something, be it through music, arts, fashion or food.

There was a time when the internet, email and text messages were not part of our daily lives. Check out the Post and Tele Museum and see for yourself what people used to communicate in the olden days when the equipment was not yet so modern. It is an interesting way to remind ourselves how communication and technology has evolved.

The Omena Hotel Copenhagen is a beautiful three star hotel right in the center of Copenhagen. It provides guests with a panoramic view of the city and comes at an affordable price of £43 if you book online.

Omena Hotel Copenhagen double bed

Omena Hotel Copenhagen double bed.

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