On July 8, 2021, the government has announced that travel is allowed to Amber countries without quarantine or self-isolation on return from holiday

UPDATE 16 July : FRANCE has become kind of Amber PLUS : i.e : you have to self isolate at home for 10 days upon return even if you have been double jabbed or quarantine in a hotel . You can take a PCR test on Day 5 after your return and if this is negative then you no longer need to self isolate or quarantine

Makes sense to say return on a thursday and then take that the 2 day test on the saturday and then five days later on the Tuesday , that way you don’t miss too much work

Covid-19 travel requirements for July 2021 (based on a two week holiday)

Covid-19 travel requirements for July 2021 (based on a two week holiday)

Amber countries include France, Spain, Italy, Cyprus, Greece, Mexico, and Portugal among others.

Requirments now for traveling back to the UK after your holiday

  • Book a PCR test before you depart for the UK within 72 hours of your return .
  • Book a PCR test within 2 days of having returned to the UK (crucial this test reference is on your Passenger Locator Form ) see link to blog on this
  • Vaccination Certficate (showing 2 doses -last jab 14 days after you are departing) either printed with QR code or show on your NHS APP
  • UK Pasenger Locator Form completed within 48 hours of departure back to the UK .
  • Children aged 10 to 18 just need a 2 day PCR test after they return and the PCR test within 72 hours of return to the UK .
  • Children aged 5 to 10 just need to take the 2 day PCR test after they return
  • Children under 5 need to take no test or have no isolation .

Requirements for arrival at your Destination Country

This will vary from country to country but most of the above will be required. Each country will have a Passenger locator form or APP, require proof of double vaccination, and /or a PCR Test before you depart. And this will be checked on arrival at your destination.

Crucial that you view the Gov website before you travel to see what the requirements are for wherever you are traveling to.

Spain for example requires a completed Spain Passenger Locator Form and proof of double vaccination or 1 PCR test taken within 72 hours of departure. See link here.

Other Amber countries you can travel to see the list here

Travel Insurance

Make sure you buy travel insurance before your holiday. But double-check with the provider what you are covered for .

What you are likely to be covered for

  • Cancellation cover if you contract Coronavirus 19 before you depart
  • Cancellation cover if one fo your family or who you are travelling with are infected with Coronavirus before you depart
  • Missed Departure due to not reciving PCR test in time ( even if its negative )
  • Curtailment if you test positive on arrival or at your destination .
  • Curtailment if close relative dies while you are away and you need to return while on holiday
  • Medical expenses inlcuding repatriation if you get Coronavirus while youa re away .

What you are likely NOT to be covered for

  • Travelling against FCDO advice
  • Changes to FCDO advice while you are away – this is a tough one as the Govt can change these advices at any time ( Portugal in recent times is a prime example )
  • Claimning just because your are scared of catching Covid . Check Policy wordings here : they often say No cover for Fear of a Pandemic .

Check out JS Insurance for Travel insurance Policies

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