When travelling back to the UK from your trip or holiday you are required to complete a Passenger Locator Form within 48 hours of your departure back to the UK.

This is a straightforward form, however where you have to complete your valid PCR Test booking Reference on the form, it has to be letters and numbers. If you have a PCR Test Reference number which is say all digits or different from the above requirement it will NOT allow you to complete the form. It is the 2-day test PCR booking reference for the test that you will take within 2 days of your arrival back in the UK that you need to add to this form

This test is for the 2 day PCR test you need to take after you return .

So book this test before you come back with a UK provider in order that you have the correct reference

If you cannot complete the form because your reference is incorrect of this, you will NOT be allowed onto the plane at the point of departure back to the UK.

Refer to all government-approved Test centers and Labs that do the tests and ensure your use of those, here is another link to help you from UK Gov.

There are test providers charging between £60 and £250 for the same test and some unscrupulous operators out there, be careful.

Traveling out and back within 72 hours ( 3 days)

If you are going on a short trip flying out and returning with 72 hours then you can take a test in the UK before you depart and use that for when you arrive back. And also make sure you still have a 2-day test booked for after you come back.

Arriving at your destination

You will have to have a valid passport, vaccination certificate ( last jab 14 days ago), and Passenger locator form for the country that you are entering. And sometimes a negative PCR test, this varies from country to country. Check here for further information.

Plus Point traveling now

  • Airports are quiet
  • Security is quick
  • Plane takes off and returns on time
  • Baggage and arrivals is quick as less busy
  • Mainly locals at your destination
  • Some cheap deals due to lack of demand

Another good resource from Gov.UK

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