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23 Sep
UK Time: 19:27 BST
Local Time: 19:27 WEST
Partly Sunny
27°C (81°F)
19mph (30kmh)
  • Sunrise 07:56
  • Sunset 20:03
Temp feels like: 30°C (86°F)
Length of Day: 12h 7m
Pressure: 30" (1016 hpa)
Visiblity: 6 miles (10 km)
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Historic Temperatures for 23rd September in Playa de las Americas

Average High 26°C (79°F)
Record High 31°C (88°F) (2010)
Average Low 20°C (68°F)
Record Low 19°C (66°F) (2014)

Weather overview for Playa de Las Americas , Tenerife 

Playa de Las Americas is amongst the resorts in south Tenerife most popular with holidaymakers. It is located on the western coast of Tenerife. Famous for their pleasing sub-tropical climate the Canary Islands provide sun and warm weather throughout the year. The temperatures are so consistently mild that Tenerife has actually been given the nickname of The Island of Eternal Spring.

Playa de Las Americas is known as a year-round holiday resort thanks to its hot summers and mild winters. With little alteration in the weather through the course of the year, the main difference between seasons is to be seen in the amount of rainfall experienced, rather than a great shift in either sunshine or temperature.

Spring Weather in Playa De Las Americas 

Springtime in Playa de Las Americas is characterised by warm weather and plenty of sunshine, with average temperatures ranging around the early 20s between March and May. During this time, daily highs fluctuate between 22°C and 23°C, whilst daily lows vary between 14°C and 16°C. The average sea temperature stays consistently warm throughout the year, with March seeing the coolest temperatures at 19°C, but this shouldn't prevent anyone from taking a dip.

The spring season sees more rainfall in comparison to the drier summer months, with an average of 27mm of precipitation falling across four rainy days each March. This falls to 11mm of rainfall divided between three rainy days in April and subsides to a mere 5mm of rainfall which usually falls over two rainy days in May.

Whilst the daily sunshine varies slightly from six hours in winter to nine hours in summer, the spring months in Playa de Las Americas enjoy a pleasant 7-8 hours of sunshine each day, giving you plenty of opportunities to explore the island and soak up some rays at the beach.

Just like anywhere in Europe, the weather during spring in Playa de Las Americas is never 100% predictable, so it's advisable to bring a warm coat in case temperatures drop significantly, as well as plenty of light and airy clothing in case temperatures are higher than expected during this season.

March, April and May are the ideal months of the year to visit Playa de Las Americas if you want to enjoy pleasantly mild temperatures without bracing the scorching heat of summer, when a dramatic spike in temperatures can make some holidaymakers feel uncomfortable. Spring is also low season in Playa de Las Americas, which means that hotels, bars, restaurants and attractions will be fairly quiet, resulting in generally lower prices throughout the resort.

Summer Weather in Playa De Las Americas 

Summer in Playa de Las Americas means loads of hot and sunny weather. Between the months of June and September, temperatures steadily rise and rainfall becomes practically non-existent. The average temperature creeps up from 23°C in June up to 25°C by September, with daily highs and lows following a similar pattern, rising from 25°C to 28°C and from 18°C to 20°C, respectively. The hottest day ever recorded in Playa de Las Americas is August 17th 1988, when temperatures as high as 44.3°C were recorded.

Summer is the driest time of the year for Playa de Las Americas, when the resort is subject to an average of between 0-6mm of rainfall. Clear blue skies, sunshine and high temperatures are pretty much guaranteed during this season, which sees daylight hours rising up to 9 each day that's the highest of the year.

As you'd expect for the summer season in a holiday resort, June, July and August are usually the busiest months of the year in Playa de Las Americas, when all sorts of tourists flock to the resort to soak up the sun on the beaches and take advantage of the heady nightlife which attracts swarms of the 18-30 crowd. If you're not a fan of high temperatures and crowds, you're best off avoiding the resort during summer and opting for one of the other seasons instead.

Autumn Weather in Playa De Las Americas 

There's not much in the way of autumn in Playa de Las Americas, as the temperatures stay consistently high in October and November. Following on from the blistering summer months, the temperatures decrease slightly in autumn down to an average of 22°C-24°C. Daily highs fall down from 26°C to 24°C whilst daily lows also decrease from 19°C to 17°C as the winter season edges closer.

As well as the decrease in temperature, the amount of rainfall also starts to increase in autumn in Playa de Las Americas. Whilst the summer months receive minimal rainfall, October is subject to 20mm divided between four rainy days and November sees around 39mm spread out between five rainy days.

November 1983 broke a couple of records when it comes to rainfall in Playa de Las Americas. With 212.8 l/m2, this month saw the highest amount of rainfall ever to hit the south of Tenerife since records began. November 19th of the same year received 136 l/m2 of rainfall within one single day, making it the day to receive the highest amount of rainfall ever in the resort.

Just like in springtime, the weather can be fairly unpredictable in autumn, too. If you don't want to risk the chance of unusual weather spoiling your holiday, you should take a warm coat with you in case the temperatures drop considerably, as well as plenty of light and airy clothing in case they're higher than normal.

Winter Weather in Playa De Las Americas 

Winters in the Canary Islands are usually very mild and December to February in Playa de Las Americas is no exception. During this time of year, temperatures remain consistently warm, with an average temperature ranging between 20°C in December and 19°C in January and February. Daily highs follow a similar pattern, dropping from 22°C to 21°C as the season develops, whilst the lows hold steady at around 14°C. The coldest day ever recorded in Playa de Las Americas is January 16th 1988 when temperatures as low as 9°C were registered in the resort.

With an average ranging between five hours and seven hours each day, the winter season sees the least amount of sunshine of the year in Playa de Las Americas. Despite the dramatic decrease in sunshine hours, you'll still have plenty of time to work on your tan on the resort's many beaches at this time of the year.

Following on from the damp autumn season, the winter in Playa de Las Americas sees an increase in rainfall, rising up from 43mm spread across six rainy days in December, to 29mm divided between five rainy days in January and 27mm spread out between five rainy days in February. December 2001 saw 14 rainy days within a single month, making it the wettest month ever, in terms of the maximum number of rainy days.

Despite being the coolest and wettest time of the year for Playa de Las Americas, winter is still considerably warmer and drier than the UK, making it a definite option if you're in search of some winter sun. Although the nightclubs never close for an entire season in Playa de Las Americas, they're much quieter during winter, with less of the 18-30s crowd about and more of the older, laid-back tourists on the island.

Weather Hazards

Despite being known for their warm and pleasant climates, the Canary Islands are subject to certain weather hazards throughout the year. To save yourself from any nasty surprises during your holiday, it's best to be aware of these weather conditions before you book, so you can avoid certain times of the year if necessary.

Tenerife is located off the western coast of Africa and since Playa de Las Americas is located on the coast of Tenerife, it can sometimes be subject to dust storms. These sand storms known locally as calimas are caused when strong winds blow across the Sahara and over the Atlantic. They can occur at any time of the year and whilst they don't pose any real threat during winter, they can become very dangerous during the summer months.

Calimas are known for their high temperatures sometimes up to 20°C above the average and low visibility caused by sand in the air. Although they can be predicted well in advance, it's often difficult to determine how long they will last some will only go on for a few hours whereas others can last for up to ten days.

Winds from the Sahara can sometimes cause spikes in temperature during the summer months, especially around August. The temperatures will feel much hotter during these spikes due to the winds causing dusty plumes of air to infiltrate the area. The abrupt and sudden peaks will cool again, along with the weather, when the wind shifts, but make sure your accommodation has air conditioning to keep you comfortable if you're staying in Playa de Las Americas at this time of the year.

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