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Monte Gordo Live Weather, Aveiro, Portugal

Monte Gordo


29° 84°

Your Time: Time in Monte Gordo: 14:17

2:00 PM, Tue 16th Jul

  • Temp feels like
  • Length of day
    14h 27m
  • Pressure
    30" (1017 hpa)
  • Visibility
    10 km (6miles)
  • Wind speed
    17 km/h

Sunrise 06:22

Sunset 20:49
  • Temp feels like:

    28ºC (82 ºF)

  • Length of day:

    14h 27m

  • Pressure:

    30" (1017 hpa)

  • Visibility:

    6 miles (10 km)

  • Wind speed:

    17 km/h

Monte Gordo is located in eastern Algarve in southern Portugal, and it is three kilometres to the west of the Municipality of Vila Real de Santo Antonio. Once a thriving fishermanâs town, Monte Gordo relies on its revenue generated through the many tourists who frequent its long, sandy beaches. Over the years, Monte Gordo went from being a small fishing town to a common holiday destination for local Portuguese, and many foreign visitors as well.

Monte Gordo Bay boasts the largest beaches and the warmest waters in the Algarve region, and the beachfront at Monte Gordo is wide, flat and lined along a backdrop of high rise buildings, hotels and casinos.

Monte Gordo experiences a typical Portugal weather pattern. The summers tend to be dry and hot while the winters are a little cooler and rainy. Normal Portugal summer temperatures, including Monte Gordo, average around 26C to 30C, and average temperatures in the winter rarely fall below 15C.

Monte Gordo is part of Algarve, which enjoys some of the most stable weather climates in the world with its moderate temperatures. These temperatures are influenced by both the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea, and Algarveâs proximity to North Africa. However, in Monte Gordo, the temperatures throughout the year remain a little higher than most of Portugal because of its location.

The water lining Monte Gordoâs beaches is kept warm because of its Mediterranean climate, which is favoured by its geographical location near the mouth of the River Guadiana and surrounded by sand dunes instead of cliffs. Many of the surrounding area's beaches are backed by a steady line of cliffs and mountain edges, but Monte Gordoâs beaches and waterline are kept a constant temperature by the sand dunes.



Monte Gordo begins its warming trend of temperatures as early as late April for its visiting or returning tourists, although the season runs from June to September. The beginning of the season is marked by a gradual increase in temperatures. In the months of July and August, the temperatures range between 24C and 30C. This season is also met with a decrease in an already low rainfall amount, which comes down from a high in February of 12 days of rain throughout the month to only 1 day of rainfall in the month of August. Monte Gordo is also a place for tourists to enjoy because of its relatively low humidity levels, which run from 50% to a summer time high of only 75%. Average temperatures during this season for the daytime hours are from 21C to 30C, and at night, run from 12C to 18C. Though it can become quite hot in the summer at Monte Gordo, relief from the heat flies in on a cool summer breeze, which is another part of a typical Algarve weather pattern.

During this season, visitors can enjoy an average of ten hours of sunlight each day, especially between July and August.


The typical autumn season most people are familiar with, marked by leaves changing colour and a steady decline in temperature, doesnât exist here in Monte Gordo. There is a slight downward trend in the temperature of about 15C, and the only trees in the area are the palm trees that line the edge of the promenade. As such, the temperature from October to November rarely falls below 16C during the day and 8C throughout the night. Another familiar mark of the season is Monte Gordoâs drastic decrease in the amount of hours of sunlight, and this is the reason for the much cooler temperatures at night. While the rainfall in the summer is almost non-existent, in the autumn season, the rainfall amounts do increase, but there still isnât much rain when compared to other areas of Portugal.


Monte Gordo gives its holiday visitors an almost non-existent season of winter. The temperature never drops below 16C, and in its long history, Monte Gordo has not experienced snow, unlike some of the northern parts of Portugal in the mountains that experience snow every winter. Rain is normal in the winter; however, it will only last a short while, and there wonât be many days of rain. The rainfall Monte Gordo receives during the winter will fall in the form of either a short-lived shower or a passing thunderstorm. Night-time during the season does become chilly, with temperatures dipping into the single digits, and there could be some frost. Though snow is rare, it can happen. The last snowfall in this area was in 2006, when a light blanket of snow covered the sandy beaches of Monte Gordo.


The spring season begins in March and ends in May, and it is marked by slightly warmer temperatures and a decrease in rainfall. Between March and April, the temperature rises from an average high in March of 18C to 21C in April. As the temperatures begin to rise, the sunshine remains a little longer each month in anticipation of the upcoming summer season. During spring, both the night-time and ocean temperatures are much cooler, and will take a little longer to increase even as the spring progresses. The northern areas of Portugal experience increased northern winds that keep the cool temperatures around longer than in Monte Gordo. Monte Gordo is shielded from the northern winds by the mountain ranges that separate the area from the north. The lack of high winds keeps the temperatures in Monte Gordo mild throughout the season.

The overall temperature average for Monte Gordo stays between 17C and 30C. With its constant warm temperatures, the summertime tourist season lasts much longer than in most places, beginning in late April and fading away toward the end of October. The extended summertime weather makes Monte Gordo a favourite holiday destination among Portuguese and many foreign visitors. The warm Mediterranean climate, and its great location, keeps Monte Gordo warm year-round, and allows visitors a chance to enjoy between 10 to 14 hours of sunlight each day, depending on the season in which they choose to come visit.