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27 Nov
UK Time: 16:45 GMT
Local Time: 16:45 WET
24°C (75°F)
27mph (44kmh)
  • Sunrise 07:36
  • Sunset 18:10
Temp feels like: 25°C (77°F)
Length of Day: 10h 34m
Pressure: 30" (1020 hpa)
Visiblity: 10 miles (16 km)
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Historic Temperatures for 27th November in Golf del sur

Average High 22°C (72°F)
Record High 28°C (82°F) (2017)
Average Low 16°C (61°F)
Record Low 13°C (55°F) (2008)

Weather in Golf del Sur

Golf del Sur is a very popular holiday and golf-centric resort located in Tenerife, in the Canary Islands. Tenerife is the largest of the Canary Islands, and has the highest population. Golf Del Sur has picked up incredible popularity in recent years, and has evolved from being a small, residential village to now being one of the most tranquil and pristine vacation spots in Tenerife.

Being located just a few kilometers south of the Tenerife South Airport, and being adjacent to a popular golf course and marina, Golf Del Sur has evolved to become more relaxing and popular than some of its companion resort cities.

The atmosphere of the area is exceptionally laid back and friendly, especially compared to some of the busier cities nearby, such as Los Cristianos. The resort covers over 400 acres of land, and is designed to essentially be a relaxing village with a giant golf course running through it.

The surrounding areas offer much to do and see, with the Marina and fishing villages nearby offering the best in exceptional seafood and native cuisine. A number of excursions are also available to see the sprawling landscapes, exotic coastlines, or to hike inland a bit more and explore the diverse fauna and flora.

The climates of the Canary Islands are exceptionally diverse, and can differ greatly in just a few kilometres. The north and south sides of the island are significantly different. Golf del Sur is located on the south side of Tenerife, and you will find consistent weather all year long. The temperature stays moderate to warm, with no major highs or lows that one might expect in other climates. The temperature never drops below freezing, though travel to just a few short kilometers to one of the mountain peaks and you can encounter snow a few months out of the year.

Tenerife can be prone to some extreme weather conditions potential visitors should to be mindful of. Because of the number of micro-climates, as well as the location, the entire island can be prone to hazardous storms and hurricanes.

In February of 2010, the island of Tenerife was hit by torrential rainfall that devastated the region. Roads were closed; power was lost in many of the districts, with many of the services completely unavailable. Many tourists were stranded until the damage from the flooding had been cleared. The same hazard occurred just a few months earlier, in November of 2009. Extreme weather in the form of unrelenting downpours and rainstorms pounded the islands. In fact, officials of the islands called the rains in 2009 the worst rain in 40 years. Nearly 100 litres fell in some areas of the island, causing flooding, washing away road ways, and creating chaos and power loss throughout the island.

Hurricanes are also an issue for the islands during the appropriate season. In 2005, Hurricane Delta caused substantial damage to the Canary Islands. This caused severe damage to the islands, as tropical cyclones are rare for the islands in general. At the time, no tropical warning systems were in place. Boats were sunk, and damage to houses, hotels, stores, and other facilities was widespread. The storm even claimed the lives of a dozen or so residents. Power had been disrupted, and stayed unreliable for days afterwards.

If you are planning a visit, it is important to be mindful of weather advisories, hurricanes, and tropical cyclones that might be brewing in the area. While extreme weather is still rare for the Canary Islands, it's important to consider these factors into your vacation planning.

Golf del Sur

Golf del Sur, on the southern coast of Tenerife, in the Canary Islands, is blessed with one of the best climates in the world. Often called "The Island of Eternal Spring," it is actually closer to the northwest  coast of Africa than its home country of Spain.

Golf del Sur is best known for its many golf coursesine in the immediate area plus many more on the island: they have hosted several European PGA tournaments over the years The island boasts many activities from swimming in the warm, Atlantic waters, boating, scuba diving, hiking on the shores and in the mountains, plus site seeing and fine dining in one of the many authentic Spanish tapas bars.

Tenerife is the location of Mount Teide that, at 12,000 feet, is the third largest volcano in the world. It is still active and is the most visited natural wonder of Spain. Some of the beaches on the island are made from fine, dark sand, a result of the lava flows.

The trade winds provide warm summers and mild winters with the promise of eternal sunshine and a thermometer that never shows a reading below freezing; yet Mount Teide will be snow capped in the winter. The temperatures remain almost constant throughout the year as does the sea temperature. 

August is the hottest month, July has the most daily sunshine hours, the sea temperature, which, also, is constant throughout the year, is warmest in August, and December is the wettest month. The area has more days of sunshine and the least amount of rainith practically none in the summer and very little in the winter than most other resort destinations.

Despite almost perfect climate, Golf del Sur, can suffer from extreme weather. The island has many micro-climates and the same trade winds that bring the mild temperatures can also bring heavy rainfall, dangerous winds, and, although rare, an occasional hurricane.

Golf del Sur is surprisingly quiet for a major resort destination, thus providing a relaxing atmosphere. The area is really oriented for golfers to enjoy the many quality, well maintained courses. There are numerous good restaurants and bars on the beach, some owned by English ex-patriots who have relocated to this island southern shore to run various dining and drinking establishments. It is easily walkable to San Blas or Los Abrigos along the coast path, and there is an efficient and affordable bus service to various destinations on the island. From the hustle-and-bustle of the cities, to the back-in-time feel of a remote fishing village, Golf del Sur promises an idyllic adventure. 

Summer Weather in Golf Del Sur


Golf del Sur gives you the warmest temperatures of the year. Though it's similar to the winter season in many respects, due to the climate of the islands, you will experience slightly warmer temperatures. While summer is the warmest season, the overall temperatures rarely exceed 26C to 27C. This makes it a very popular visiting location, as few other climates can boast the hottest parts of the year to still be so temperate.

Average temperatures range from 16C to 26C in May, and peak around a high of 27C in July. Lows temperatures mainly at night, can drop as low as 16C at the beginning and end of the season.


Rain isn't extremely uncommon, but when it does rain, it generally rains in bursts. The southern area is known for its short, heavy downpours especially when the seasons are changing the weather throughout summer will be diverse, sunny, and if you do experience some cloud cover, it's usually over with in just an hour or two.

Winter Weather in Golf Del Sur


The weather is still relatively warm, with the lowest temperature you'll encounter on average being around 14C. The average temperature throughout this season is between 18C and 20C, with highs in the 21-22C range and lows in the 14C range.


Generally, the rain falls heavy, and fast and is over with quickly. Therefore, you shouldn't have to worry about rainy weather interfering with your plans. The average temperature throughout this season is between 18C and 20C, with highs in the 21-22C range and lows in the 14C range. Golf Del Sur and the surrounding area is not known for a lot of rain however, when it does rain, it's usually during the winter season, at night. 

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