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  • happy holidays

    Excellent weather. We have been there many times and never been dissapointed, even in may.

    Antonio Iantosca
  • My break in calella


  • Calella, try it

    Weather was fantastic. 28/30 degrees every day, no complaints it was glorious! Sometimes you get scattered clouds but they are...

  • my holiday in calella

    We went in June and also in November,  June was scorching, too hot in 30s even walking back to hotel...


Historic Temperatures for 28th February in Calella

Average High 14°C (57°F)
Record High 20°C (68°F) (2002)
Average Low 2°C (36°F)
Record Low -1°C (30°F) (2005)

Spain is a popular holiday destination regardless of which region you choose to visit. Whether you go for city life in Madrid, Malaga, or Barcelona, or you head to one of the many summer holiday resorts, such as Benidorm, Benalmadena, Murcia, or Fuengirola, there is a destination for everyone.

One destination which is extremely popular, not least because of its fantastically mild year-around weather, is Calella, situated just below the border with France, not far away from many other popular destinations too.

The beauty of this particular resort lies in its position, at just under one hour from the huge and vibrant city of Barcelona, as well as being in close proximity to Lloret de Mar, another popular coastal resort. The transport links are very well developed and easy to use, which makes exploration quick and simple; getting around is a must do, and especially easy during the cooler months.

Of course, there is plenty to enjoy in the resort itself, and it is best known for its wide, white sand beach, as well as the myriad of outdoor activities available no matter what the month. Whilst many resorts close during the off season between October and April, Calella still has plenty to keep visitors occupied, with mild weather to enjoy no matter what the month, thanks to that typical Mediterranean climate.


Summer is the typical time for visitors to arrive in resort, and this is when you will see the most in the way of crowds, and the higher temperatures. The peak months of July and August can see heat in abundance, with endless sun, however May and June are equally fantastic times to visit, with slightly cooler conditions for those who want to avoid the peak months. Holiday prices are typically higher during the two peak months, however bargains can be found especially during May.

May sees an average temperature of around 17°C, which rises to its peak in July, when the average reaches around 23°C. During heatwaves, which can occasionally happen at this time of year, the mercury can rise into the low 30s, so it's always wise to practice sun safety, and keep an eye on forecasts at all times.

Despite that, the sun shines in abundance during the summer months, and rainfall is thankfully low from June onwards. May is the rainiest month of the year, and in this month you can expect an average of around 87mm across the month, which falls to a near non-existent 38mm during July the driest month of the year. Any rain during the summer months tends to be as a result of a thunderstorm, usually in the afternoon, which disappears as quickly as it arrived, and brings fresher conditions afterwards many people are often relieved to gain some cooler conditions after a downpour!

As we reach August, the average temperature of the glittering Mediterranean Sea is at its highest level, with an average water temperature of 26°C, which isn't too far away from the air temperature itself! During these months you will see that the beach is packed, and there are many water-sports and swimming opportunities to enjoy. On top of this, boat trips are a fantastic way to enjoy the summer conditions, and view the resort from a different point.


The shoulder months of autumn see mild temperatures, but still plentiful sunshine. Rain is slightly increased from the previous couple of peak summer months, however it certainly isn't at its peak level, and this is a great time for those who don't like the extreme heat of July and August, but who still want to enjoy a typical summer holiday.

October experiences an average high temperature of around 22°C, which is certainly mild enough for a t-shirt and shorts, and sunbathing on those warmer days. The sea retains its heat right into November, so swimming and beach time are still very possible. The sun also shines in abundance, with an average of 8 hours of sunshine per day across October and November, before the rainfall level increases just slightly into November itself.

You can certainly grab a cheap last minute deal during the month of October, which could be a good way for families to enjoy a cheaper holiday, in the school summer break, away from the peak summer months.


The resort certainly sees a season of winter, but conditions aren't really what you would associate with typically winter weather. Basically, sunshine hours are a little less, although still quite impressive, with around 7 hours of sunshine per day in December and January.

January is the coldest month of the year, with an average temperature of around 8°C, which can drop to a very chilly 2°C during the evening as an average low. Despite that, frosts are very rare, and winter storms are equally as rare too, thanks to the mountains which keep the high winds trapped behind them. Despite that, the influence of the mountains also brings the cooler winter weather too.

The difference between the typical winter conditions here, compared to other resorts, is that rainfall isn't at its highest in winter, so a spot of winter sun is quite possible, with many outdoor activities to enjoy, as well as getting out and about into the countryside.


The months of March and April make up the typical spring season in the resort, which are basically the months when temperatures slowly creep up, including the water temperature, and the amount of hours of sunshine on average increases. Evening temperatures slowly becoming milder, although rainfall increases just slightly, especially in April, as we approach the wettest month of the year in May.

April in particular is a good time to visit and grab a cheap deal, because although many hotels are still closed, there are equally as many which are just starting to open up, and this is a good time to explore the region and the resort in relative peace and quiet.

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