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31 Mar
UK Time: 10:19 BST
Local Time: 11:19 CEST
Mostly Cloudy
22°C (72°F)
19mph (31kmh)
  • Sunrise 08:07
  • Sunset 20:38
Temp feels like: 21°C (70°F)
Length of Day: 12h 31m
Pressure: 30" (1023 hpa)
Visiblity: 10 miles (16 km)
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Historic Temperatures for 31st March in Benalmadena

Average High 19°C (66°F)
Record High 28°C (82°F) (2015)
Average Low 10°C (50°F)
Record Low 6°C (43°F) (1999)

Benalmadena is one of Europe's most popular holiday destinations for Brits, located 12km south of Malaga along the Costa del Sol on the southern coast of Spain. Since it's a purpose-built holiday resort, the majority of Benalmadena is comprised of hotels, apartment complexes, bars, restaurants and shopping malls.

This resort is also home to a marina which was twice awarded the title of "Best Marina in the World" with two aquariums, a casino, amusement park, many beaches and the biggest Buddhist stupa in Europe.

Benalmadena enjoys a typical Mediterranean climate with dry hot summers and mild wet winters. Over the whole year, the temperature usually varies between 8°C and 31°C, rarely dipping below 4°C or rising above 35°C.

The sun shines for more than 3,000 hours a year and the annual rainfall is just 478mm annually.

Spring Weather in Benalmadena 

Spring April and May is a popular time for golfers to visit Benalmadena, as well as holidaymakers who enjoy mild temperatures and fewer crowds. During this season, the average temperature reads as 17°C, created by average highs of 23°C-27°C during the hottest part of the daytime and average lows of 9°C-13°C after nightfall.

This huge difference in temperature means that although you'll be comfortable in beachwear during the day, you'll need warm clothing, for example jeans and coats, to ensure you stay comfortable in the evening.

After the average rainfall drops throughout the winter season, it spikes back up in April, making the saying "April showers" ring true. In April, 58mm of rain falls over the course of ten wet days, whilst in May, 34mm of rain falls over the course of nine days. Despite the relatively small amount of rainfall, compared to the much wetter winter months, precipitation falls on an average of 1/3 of days during this season. This means there is a good chance you'll get at least one wet day on your spring holiday in Benalmadena. The most common type of precipitation you'll get in Benalmadena in spring is moderate rain, which usually falls in short, heavy showers.

As the summer season gets ever closer, the daily average sunshine hours increase in spring, starting at ten hours each day in April and rising up to 12 hours each day in May. With such a high number of sunshine hours and only a few cloudy spells, you'll have plenty of time to work on your tan during your holiday. However, at a cool 17°C-18°C, the sea will likely be too cold for swimming, so you're best off sticking to hotel swimming pools, instead of the beach.

Summer Weather in Benalmadena 

Summer JuneJulyAugust and September is very popular for tourists to visit Benalmadena, when the temperatures are most high and the weather is sunniest. During this season, the resort enjoys a high average temperature of 23°C, with July and August being the hottest months in the year when the average temperature is 24°C.

There is a huge difference between the daytime temperatures and night time temperatures in Benalmadena during this season. Average highs during the warmest part of the day range from a hot 32°C up to a scorching 36°C, whilst average lows during the coolest part of the night drop dramatically down to 16°C-19°C. Daytime temperatures this hot can often feel stifling and unbearable after a few days, so the large decrease in temperature after sunset is often regarded as a welcome relief. Thanks to the low humidity and the sea breezes which blow inland, temperatures often feel a few degrees' chiller than they actually are.

The highest temperature ever recorded at Malaga Airport the closest weather station to Benalmadena is 44.2°C, which was registered on July 18th 1978.

Calimas - a strong wind blowing sand - are occasional occurrences here. In addition to calimas, Benalmadena is subject to another strange weather condition in summer. Each morning, a fog-like mist gradually comes in from the sea and works its way inland. Although its duration can vary, it's usually entirely cleared up by 11am, so there's no need to cancel a day of sunbathing if you see it. Generally, the further inland you stay, the less likely you are to be affected by this sea mist, which usually sticks to the coastal areas.

As well as being the hottest, summer is also the sunniest season of the year, when the sun shines for an average of 12.5 hours each day. July is the sunniest month of the year, when the sun shines for a staggering 14 hours each day. Combine loads of sunshine with a warm average sea temperature of 22.5°C and you've got the ideal conditions for a day at the beach.

As you'd expect for Spain in summer, Benalmadena is almost entirely dry at this time of year. July and August both see an average of 1mm of precipitation which falls on an average of one rainy day, whilst June sees 7mm of rain over two wet days.

September is considerably wetter although still drier by comparison to much of northern Europe when 34mm of rain falls over the course of five wet days. During summer, the most common type of rainfall you can expect to experience are thunderstorms, which are usually short and heavy.

Surprisingly, the highest amount of rainfall ever recorded at Malaga Airport was in summer. On September 27th1957, 313mm of rainfall was recorded in a single month, making it the wettest month the resort has ever known.

Autumn Weather in Benalmadena 

Autumn October and November is a popular time for golfers to visit Benalmadena, when the resort is warm and sunny, but not as hot or crowded as it is in summer. At this time of year, the average temperature starts off at a warm 18°C in October and falls to a milder 14°C by November.

Just as it is in summer, the difference between the daytime and evening temperature is huge in autumn. During this season, average highs during the daytime are 26°C-20°C, whilst average reported lows in the coldest part of the night are 14°C-9°C. Although you'll easily get away with light beach clothing during the daytime, you'll need a coat or jacket to make sure you keep warm on an evening. Remember that the low humidity and cool sea breezes can usually make temperatures seem slightly lower than they actually are, so best play it safe and be prepared.

Following on from a bone dry summer, autumn in Benalmadena is extremely wet in fact it's the wettest month of the year. October sees 67mm of rain which falls over ten days, whilst November sees 72mm of rain which falls over nine days. Moderate rain is the most common type of precipitation you can expect to experience at this time of year, although thunderstorms also frequently happen. With precipitation occurring on an average of 1/3 of days during this season, there's a good chance you'll see a bit of rain during your holiday, prepare yourself and pack an umbrella or some waterproof clothing.

To coincide with the increased rainfall, the cloud coverage also increases in Benalmadena in autumn. At this time of year, daily sunshine hours drop down to nine hours across October and eight hours across November. These figures translate into a mixture of overcast and sunny spells during this season full days of overcast, cloudy skies are remarkably unlikely to occur.

In October, Benalmadena still holds onto a lot of the heat from summer, so the average sea temperature at this time of year is a warm 21°C. However, by November, the sea temperature decreases to a considerably cooler 18°C, which some visitors might find too cold for swimming in. If the sea is a bit chilly, you'll be glad to know that many hotels provide indoor swimming pools or heat their outdoor pools in the cooler months, so you'll still be able to take a dip, regardless of how cold the sea is.

Winter Weather in Benalmadena

Winter DecemberJanuaryFebruary and March in Benalmadena is cold compared to the rest of the year in the resort, but very mild compared to northern Europe. During this season, the average temperature is 12°C, and then a cool 11°C in January the coldest month of the year. Although temperatures in the daytime are relatively mild average highs range between 16°C and 21°C evenings are very cold average low temperatures range between 4°C and 8°C. With such a huge variety in temperatures, you'll need to bring a vast assortment of beach-type clothing and winter warmers to make sure you stay comfortable whatever the weather.

The coldest temperature which was ever been recorded at Malaga Airport is -3.8°C, which was registered on February 4th 1954.

On average, December is the rainiest month for Benalmadena, when an average of 76mm of rain falls over 11 wet days. Moderate rain is the most common type of precipitation you can expect to experience at this time of year, closely followed by light rain.

As the season progresses, the rainfall amount gradually decreases. But with precipitation occurring on an average of ¼ of days in this season, there is a fair chance you'll get the odd rainy day during your winter holiday in Benalmadena, so be prepared and take an umbrella or some waterproof clothing with you.

Between December and February, the average number of sunshine hours remains a constant seven each day, rapidly jumping up to nine hours each day by March. Seven to nine hours of sunshine is a considerable amount especially for winter in Europe so you'll have plenty of time to sunbathe and work on your tan.

Although you'll have the chance to sunbathe during your winter holiday in Benalmadena, it's unlikely you'll get to venture into the sea. At this time of year, the average sea temperature is 16°C-17°c, which is widely regarded as too cold for swimming.

Weather Hazards

Although calimas can affect Benalmadena at any time of year, they're especially harsh when they occur during summer. A calima is a weather phenomenon in which winds blow over the sea from the Sahara Desert in North Africa, bringing with them hot temperatures up to 10°C higher than normal and a high concentration of airborne sand which causes reduced visibility. When a calima occurs, there is nothing you can do except wait it out. Thankfully, conditions are least severe along the coast, where the sea breeze helps lower the temperature and keep the air clear, so you'll be in one of the best possible locations in Spain if a calima hits.

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