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07 Feb
UK Time: 04:36 GMT
Local Time: 04:36 WET
7°C (45°F)
4mph (7kmh)
  • Sunrise 07:33
  • Sunset 18:04
Temp feels like: 8°C (46°F)
Length of Day: 10h 31m
Pressure: 30" (1017 hpa)
Visiblity: 10 miles (16 km)
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Historic Temperatures for 7th February in Alvor

Average High 16°C (61°F)
Record High 20°C (68°F) (2000)
Average Low 8°C (46°F)
Record Low 3°C (37°F) (2015)

What's the weather like in Alvor?

Resort Overview

The famous Algarve region unfolds in the southern part of Portugal, with Alvor as one of its biggest attractions a gem of a coastal resort town, just to the west of Portimao and about 60km west of Faro. Its superb climate and mild weather conditions have turned it into one of Europe's most popular tourist destinations, a decision further complemented by its superb beaches, its rural charm and closeness to nature.

Sunshine Hours and Rain

With an annual average of 3,000 sunshine hours, Alvor sits in one of the sunniest spots of Europe. With a little over 500mm of average rainfall per year, this lovely resort can't be considered to be a wet place at all, but you should definitely expect some precipitation in late autumn and winter. Although it has built its reputation as a summer destination, spring and autumn are also be excellent times to visit Alvor. For a 14-day forecast, have a look here.

Spring weather in Alvor


From March until May, spring in Alvor is mild, sunny and warm, with rainfall hovering around 40mm on average, dropping to just 15mm per month by the end of the season.


Temperatures are more comfortable than in the hot summer, ranging between 14°C and 17°C on average, with highs roughly hitting 20°C by April. March still gets some chills in the early morning and late evening, but low temperatures remain above 10°C.

Sea Temperature

The sea temperature can hit 17°C on the higher average, and the winds are bold but generally warm so water-sports are possible. other than that it's Overall, spring is a great time for a holiday in Alvor, as the days get longer and it's consistently pleasant and bright with up to 12 hours of sunshine in May.

Summer weather in Alvor


Summer in Alvor lasts from June well into September, with gloriously hot temperatures ranging between 20°-23°C on average, expected to well exceed that mark in midsummer. The higher averages will still be mild though, known to stay constant at 26°C.

Rain and Temperature

 July and August are the driest months of the year, and overall summer barely sees 20mm of rainfall most of it in September. They're also the hottest months, with daily highs soaring up to 28°C, and never going below 18°C at night. The beautiful sea reaches 22°C on average, with warmer currents from the south. The coastal location of Alvor actually helps it benefit from cool marine breezes coming off the Atlantic.


Humidity is barely a few units over 60% on average, making summer extremely comfortable with non-oppressive dew points and a fresh, breathable air. For these reasons, this season is the most popular time to visit with most tourists, resulting in higher prices and busier crowds.

Autumn weather in Alvor


October and November represent autumn in Alvor. October still has intense summer influences, with daily high averages peaking at 23°C. November though is in fact the wettest month of the year, reaching an average rainfall volume of 85mm, particularly in the last couple of weeks, before winter comes to town.

Sunshine Hours

With 8 hours of sunshine per day, autumn is still sunny and warm enough to merit holiday planning. Ultimately, unlike other coastal regions of Portugal, Algarve sees a reduced amount of precipitation over the year, making months like October and November perfectly acceptable for vacations on the Atlantic coast.

Winter weather in Alvor


Winter is very mild in Alvor, stretching from December through to February. This is mostly due to the southern positioning, as well as the Gulf Stream that brings warm currents from across the Atlantic Ocean to the Portuguese Coast. January is the coldest month of the year, with an average of 12°C, but even then the chances of temperatures falling into single figures are quite reduced. At night the average low will be 9-10°C, but rarely lower, making winter nights here chilly, but more than bearable. The daily highs can often exceed 16°C on average, sometimes even hitting the 20°C mark particularly in February, making Alvor a fun little escapade spot even in winter.


However it's also the wettest time of the year, with December recording up to 78mm of rainfall on average, spread over a total of 20 days pretty much two thirds of the month will require an umbrella. Atlantic storms can sometimes hit Alvor and the surrounding regions, bringing about consecutive days of rain and strong winds. Although unpleasant while they last, the clouds rarely linger after a storm, and so you can expect the sun to pop back out and warm things up a little bit, even in mid-January. There are still instances where the weather might seem extreme although it rarely happens, it is worth mentioning that cold snap back in January 2006, which saw freezing temperature and snow falling on the beaches of Alvor.

Resort Information


This quaint little area once started out as a fishing village on the estuary of the River Alvor. An earthquake wiped out most of the Moorish features back in 1755, but you can still see bits of Alvor's old history in places like the Igreja Martiz, with its splendid Maneline architecture dating back from the 16th century. Tourism dawned here in the 1960s, when the Portuguese and Europeans alike discovered the wonderful potential that Alvor had as a coastal resort. Despite steady developments on the east side, the city's old charm remains imprinted onto the low-rise buildings and the narrow cobblestone street leading down to the harbour overlooking the beautiful lagoon.

Things to do in Alvor

The riverfront underwent a major makeover over the past few years, and is now lined with a smooth pavement and rows of palm trees, making it a popular walking area for tourists, as it offers splendid views of both the river and the town itself.

You'll easily be charmed by the idyllic atmosphere and the fishing boats coming and going, and you'll certainly enjoy all the little restaurants spilling out from the lifeboat station onwards. The beaches are all smooth and long stretches of fine sand dunes, flanked by the deep blue ocean on one side, and fishermen's smart huts and sumptuous hotels on the other side.


Alvor is surrounded by varied relief forms, including rocky clusters along some of the beaches, and a multitude of natural habitats for birds and other local species of flora and fauna that are endemic to the region. Many of them are protected or endangered wildlife, making Alvor an important point on the worldwide map of natural preservation. It's also a very friendly and fun place to be, offering a multitude of marine and dry land activities, from boat rides and scuba diving adventures to hiking trips and touring the city from the side car of a rowdy motorcycle.

Local Cuisine

The cuisine here is mainly fish-oriented, as expected from what is basically still a fishing village, but the multitude of restaurants will wow you with a variety of traditional Portuguese and international dishes as well. And as the night falls, you will find a surprisingly large number of places to stop for a drink and a dance and chances are you'll be listening to a lot of fado while lounging on any of the beaches, or sipping on cold lemonade at one of the riverfront terraces.

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