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Sharm El Sheikh: May Weather Averages

Daily averages for May
  Temperature 84°F


Low Temperature 75°F


  High Temperature 93°F


  Sunshine Hours 13 hrs
  Chance of Sunny Day 58 %
  Rainfall 1mm
  Rainfall days 1 days
  Chance of Cloudy Day 13 %
  Sea Temperature 77°F


Chance of Windy Day 66 %

Daily averages for May

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°C 26 28 28 28 29 29 29 29 29 28 28 28 29 29 30
°F 79 82 82 82 84 84 84 84 84 82 82 82 84 84 86
16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31
29 30 30 30 30 30 30 31 30 30 30 30 31 32 31 31
84 86 86 86 86 86 86 88 86 86 86 86 88 90 88 88

Averages for Sharm El Sheikh in May

Weather lowdown

Temperatures continue to climb during May in Sharm el-Sheikh, and the daytime temperatures rise to an average high of 34°C, which may be too hot for many, but the nights are rather cooler with an average minimum temperature of 24°C. Humidity levels are generally low which detracts from the intensity of the heat. Temperatures also rarely deviate from the long-term average values by more than a few degrees, and thus these values are typical of what you can expect for most of a May holiday in Sharm el-Sheikh.

Most Mays are completely free from rain, with an average of well under 1mm of rain per May, and no days with measurable rainfall. Sunshine totals are high at this time of year with an average of just over 340 hours of bright sunshine, approximately 11 hours per day, and many days feature largely unbroken sunshine. The average sea temperature creeps up to 25°C during May, which provides excellent scope to engage in underwater activities and get some relief from the daytime heat.

The khamsin wind, a hot, dry and dusty wind associated with the track of depressions over north Africa and the Mediterranean Sea, typically peaks during April and then becomes increasingly infrequent during May. Sand and dust-storms are possible during May in association with this wind, particularly early in the month, but are increasingly rare during the latter part of the month.

Things to do

With the weather tending to be hot, but not as excessively so as in the summer months, May is quite a good time of year to pay a visit to Mount Sinai, which lies to the north-west of Sharm el-Sheikh. The climb to the top of the mountain is quite long, with approximately 750 steps, so you will need to be fit to make it, but due to the increasing altitude during the ascent, temperatures should not be especially hot.

Sharm Excursions offer day-trips to Mount Sinai, in which you will be picked up from your choice of hotel and then driven at night to the summit of Mount Sinai, which is approximately 2285 metres above sea level, and given the opportunity to watch the sunrise from the top of the mountain. Breakfast is provided on the way to a visit to St Catherine’s Monastery, which is an impressive fortification and has been faithfully preserved, and also features the biblical Burning Bush, where the Bible (Exodus 24) claims that Moses spent forty days and forty nights before hearing the Ten Commandments.

Sharm el Sheikh Mount sinai Sharm Excursions

Sharm Excursions to Mount Sinai, Egypt.

DesertEcoTours provide day-tours to the top of Mount Sinai and St Catherine’s Monastery, which include the option to take a jeep ride into the heart of the Sinai desert, and the option of ascending Mount Sinai in time for sunset, rather than sunrise. There are also some comparatively expensive options for two-day tours to the Mount Sinai and St Catherine’s Monastery area.

The Ocean College Dive Centre is a good port of call for those interested in exploring the dive sites in the area. It is based at the Hilton Waterfalls Hotel at Naama Bay and has been one of the leading dive operators in the region for many years, having been established since 1998. For novice divers or visitors who want to learn how to dive effectively, there are various courses available for novices including Discover Scuba Diving, PADI Scuba Diver and Open Water Diver. There are also numerous courses available for experienced divers, including PADI Adventure Diver and PADI Specialities. There are also numerous organised dive and snorkel trips. Dive equipment is not provided by default as part of the dive packs, but can be booked in advance. The centre has been recommended by most reviewers on TripAdvisor.

Time to celebrate

The 1st May (Labour Day) is a public holiday in Egypt, so many shops and organisations will be closed for the day. The National Fishing Day is held at Sharm el-Sheikh during May, celebrating the fact that the town used to be a small fishing village, and numerous fishermen from around the country compete against each other.

There are many good restaurants around in Sharm el-Sheikh. Those who fancy a British-style restaurant can try the Tavern Bar at Naama Bay, which is highly rated by customers and contains a downstairs bar which offers plenty of entertainment, including a DJ who performs seven days a week, and has 7 screens and a big screen projection system to facilitate watching sporting events including Premier League football matches and Formula One. There are also numerous foreign restaurants, and the Fairuz Restaurant at the King of Bahrain Street, Naama Centre, offers high quality Lebanese cuisine, and is situated within a shopping centre, making it a suitable spot to have lunch or dinner as part of a shopping trip.

For entertainment and nightlife, the Camel Bar & Roof, as well as being highly-regarded as a restaurant, doubles up as a bar and source of nightlife entertainment. Sporting events are regularly shown on TV screens in the bar, the bar serves a range of bar meals, and resident DJs provide music. For those after a nightclub, Monty’s Bar in Hussain Salam Street, turns into a nightclub overnight, and offers a lot of musical entertainment, particularly for fans of hip-hop and rhythm and blues.

Sharm el sheikh shopping centre

Naama Centre, shopping and dining for the ladies and sports bar's for the men in Sharm el Sheikh.

Hit the beach

There are numerous beach resorts around Sharm el-Sheikh. For those after musical entertainment, who don’t mind a fair amount of noise while they are around the beach, Terrazzina Beach is situated at the west end of Sharm el-Sheikh, off El Khazan Street. It is suitable for sunbathing but not one of the better spots around Sharm el-Sheikh for diving and snorkelling. There is plenty of dance-themed entertainment and also a restaurant at the resort. For a quieter resort, Ras um Sid is worth visiting, which contains numerous spectacular diving and snorkelling sites where spectacular coral reefs, fish and shipwrecks can be surveyed, while it is also good for relaxing and sunbathing.

Where to stay

Accommodation options are numerous around Sharm el-Sheikh, but be sure to choose a reliable venue, as the quality of the hotels varies considerably and many holidays in Sharm el-Sheikh have been spoilt through choosing one of the worse options. The Sultana Gardens Resort at Shark’s Bay is a good bet for those hoping to make use of the attractions at Shark’s Bay and stay in accommodation close by. An expensive option for the romantically inclined is the Stella Di Mare Beach Hotel & Spa, while another high-end option is the Iberotel Palace, at El Maya Bay, which offers diving and snorkelling opportunities off the coastline.

Those on a tight budget can consider the Sunshine Divers Club at Shark’s Bay, offers cheap and good B&B accommodation, as well as diving facilities and training on-site, and also scuba diving training and trips. An Egyptian Place in the Sun (located at the Delta Sharm holiday village) is among the many good options for those who prefer self-catered accommodation.

Sharm el Sheikh luxury resort

Stella Di Mare Beach Hotel and Spa, for the romantically inclined. Sharm el Sheikh.





May events in Sharm El Sheikh

Public Hoilday

Labour Day

1st May 2015

The 1st May (Labour Day) is a public holiday in Egypt, so many shops and organisations will be closed for the day.



Tuesdays Cherry Drops

5th May 2015

Every Tuesday Pacha hosts 'Cherry Drops' with DJ Twist and DJ Momo, winners of the Sharm Got Talent DJ Competition. Expect to hear a mix of commercial and uplifting house records.



ITF Tennis Pro Circuit

5th May 2015 to 11th May 2015

The ITF Tennis Pro Circuit is an annual tennis tournament held in Sharm El Sheikh. The prestigious event brings together over 150 international professional women tennis players from 25 countries including China, Spain, Russia and Ukraine. The event is free to spectate!


The Pharaons International Cross Country Rally

18th May 2015 to 25th May 2015

The Pharaons International Cross Country Rally is a week-long race that starts from the Pyramids of Giza and passes through the desert sands around Cairo. Overall the rally takes a week to complete and attracts professional motorcyclists and rally car drivers from around the world. This is defintely one of the most exciting sporting events of the year in Egypt and is free to spectate. Dates tend to vary every year, but the race is expected to go ahead at the end of September and last into October.


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